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Three chords and the truth. ✌️ Head Down, Purpose Anchored. 🔗 in bio. 📸: @dylanspitz 〰️
I navigated tomorrow in my head, knowing that I was having a record, reaping year. Ask and you shall receive. I sat in the weight of a health scare knowing that gratitude was all I was swimming in now. I swam through gratitude on my way to joy and let the sun hit me on my way to Asia. 〰️
I held worthlessness in my left hand and flicked it into the corner garbage can on my way to a tattoo, translation: worthy, all mine. I skipped down the path of self-discovery on my way to reminding myself of my purpose. I picked up self-discovery and it showed me truth in unknown numbers, favorite numbers, and new numbers. Adulthood, it’s not for everyone. 〰️
I learned guided purpose was different than blind ambition because one gave, the other stole. I wrote lists and left them to die. I wrote letters and left them to rot. I wrote passages and left them for a daughter. I thought of a daughter, the irony of my life would be one day only having boys. 〰️
I thought of The Lion King. Of Simba. Of symbolism. Of Lilo and Stitch. Of ‘ohana.’ Of the definition of family. Of how I wanted to define my own. Of how defining love, a relationship, family, is a deliberate choice. Of how I defined staying. Of how I defined boundaries. Of how I learned points of no return were great spaces for u-turns or jumping fences, laughing all the way up, all the way down. 〰️
I dreamt of fast cars, open roads, writing sessions with my favorite Nashville songwriters, writing sessions in my favorite New York cafes, writing sessions with a new guitar. Three chords and the truth.

Qual o tamanho do nosso ROTEIRO DAY BY DAY? Apesar de ser um guia pocket size, o conteúdo é tão DETALHADO e SOB MEDIDA para sua viagem que ele facilmente passa de 100, 200 páginas, dependendo da duração da viagem 🤓 Nossos best sellers ❤️ #ilovemyjob #magariVIP #magariblu #daybyday #roteiropersonalizado

Are you all about the relaxation or the adventure on a vacation? Healthy mix? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Perfect! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
That’s why Fogo Island & @fogoislandinn is a little slice of heaven. Be one with nature, kick back in a rooftop hot tub, spend your sweet time reengergizing? Its got it. Personally, I am wishing teleporting here right now was an option.
What type of vacation are you dreaming up right now?

Happy birthday! Nothing like a wonkey selfie to celebrate!

Hunz at Half Moon Bay 🌊🌙 💚💛 #pearses #ptid

Getting around #Accra is definitely an adventure and an undertaking of itself. Even with Uber or having a driver like we did today, it's definitely not a get up and go experience. Even in the short period of time I've been here, #Ghana is teaching me the patience I most always need and never seem to have.
Enough about that, though. Um check out my friend in the back! @kbrownac and I had just swung by a Seamstress' shop to have my measurements taken and popped out briefly to take a few photos outside. Little did I know this sweet girl had been in the background posing with me the whole time 😂

#soultravel #workhardtravelwell #travelista #travelisthenewclub #travellushes #letsgosomewhere #lifewelltraveled #worldtravel #travelista #traveljunkie #wanderlust #exploreeverything

When things don't go as planned...Woke up at 3am this morning to go hike the highest volcano in Nicaragua, San Cristobal, but once my boots on, my blisters from our previous hike were so bad I couldn't walk so I decided to not go and Al headed there by himself.
The hike is hard to begin with as the trail is mostly loose gravel, which means two steps forward one step back and very steep at a 35 degree angle! But everything was great until they reached half-way and the wind started picking up...it was so strong that it was raining rocks! They had to stop and protect themselves with their backpacks. Eventually they decided to go back down as it was getting crazier and crazier.
It's really too bad as we were both really looking forward to this unique and intense hike but it stills makes for a great story! [Swipe right for videos!]

Want a Fanta? 🍉🍋🍍🍊🍍

Almost too cute to eat....almost... 😏🍦💕

My happy place - among the trees.🌲💚

Pony tails and flannels for life.

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