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⚠️ (Long caption + deep shit) I'm stood here looking at her with pure love and admiration, sharing with her intimate parts of my soul but giving this kinda of love and raw openness that we share openly, we explore and try to redefine "relationship" is for us but this level of intimacy has always been the case... far from it...growing up in the cold north east England the model for being "a man" was one who didn't show emotions, showing your emotions was labelled "gay" or "weak, viewing women second class, lesser, so closed off, men repressed who they were and the repressed emotions would be expressed with hurt, physical/emotional violence, cheating, anything to avoid the feeling, the connection to self to other, all this seemed somewhat normal, the love, the connection longed wasn't there, I'd seen the women I loved in my life torn by this and even though I knew this wasn't right I'd watched it ...then I acted it out unconsciously followed the same path, becoming what I hated, I cheated, I put my fist through walls and windows and have the scars on my knuckles to remind me. I grew muscles bigger than most men to hide these emotions. I can tell you with 100% certainty that expressing emotions, showing how you feel, showing love and compassion is THE most manly thing to do.
I'd look any man in the eye who tells me differently, he could hit me, but never would he hurt me as I fear not man of physical flesh. I've looked within, I've looked at the darkness, I've drank the from the vines of plants that rip out your soul and put it back again and the only thing I fear is time I where I will sit again and look back at my life and I will get to see once more how I showed up. I won't stop here, I'm flawed, I'm human, I fuck up, however until I will continue to be more aware, my work in the inner gym will continue until die...in the name of love, for myself, for my family, my future children, for this women stood in front of me, I will re-define what it means to be a man in this world. This is what drives me.

Breakfast with a view @theseminyak_beachresortandspa 's infinity pool☀️💦

planned a spontaneous trip... and now I'm in Jeju 🏝

Rocking my @reebok Harmans with my favorite bag at the moment 💗 http://liketk.it/2rQ1E #liketkit @liketoknow.it

Live for sunsets like these 😍🌅
I sprinted outside the restaurant of the resort to capture this. Few seconds later the sun was 💨
#kandayaresort #lifewelltraveled #lilygoesphilippines

When you get tired, learn to rest not quit ✥
Beach Wrap// @virginiawolfnyc

After a few good days of rest, I'm happy to be traveling to my next opera destination! 😊 Another adventure is to be had in a beautiful location- Let's go discover 🍊 together 😄 ... {Let the instastories commence!} #dametraveler #theeverygirltravels #wander

Spot baru nih, Lur. Pintu Langit Dahromo. Salam #RabuSenyum ☺️
Location: Pintu Langit Dahromo, Dlingo
Kontribusi dari: @pintoelangit
Tag foto-fotomu yang diambil di sekitar wilayah Pleret, Dlingo, Imogiri, ke @pesonaimogiri dengan hashtag #pesonaimogiri ya, Lur, untuk kesempatan di repost. Ajak teman-temanmu jalan-jalan kesini ya 👍🏽

Good Morning World 🌎
What. A. Day 😍❤️
See You Again In A Few Hours⏳😀🎉 #Mykonos #OrnosBeach #MykonosBeaches


Enjoying an early morning in Niagara Falls, Canada.
Did you know that the word Niagara comes from the word "onguiaahra" which means "a thundering noise"?
Millions of people come to see this natural wonder each year. The best way to enjoy the grandness of Niagara Falls with little to no crowds is to get up early in the morning just before sunrise. You will have the falls all to yourself. It's a serene experience.
...⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#explorecanada #discoveron #niagarafalls

Question time. What's your favorite thing to photograph? I'm a huge sucker for light trails so I do that any time I can.

The early morning view from our suite at @laterrazzasulcamposiena was unbelievable.  If you want a room with a view in Siena, look no further.  #ig_siena

A whole lot of summer gloom 🌧and not enough ☀️ today in London. Also slowly realizing that I'm turning into a real Brit - talking about the weather all day every day and starting to prefer my tea with milk! ☕️ #brainwashed

Tag your loved one and caption this scene☺️💕
@theseminyak_beachresortandspa .

it's amazing the effect that the mountains have on me. they can make even the worst days feel better and put into perspective how small you really are, which is always a good reminder. they're the one place that always grounds me. 🏔

@hajdarevic.belma told me to smile for once 😂🇮🇹🍋🌞 #italy #ravello #travel

The breeze is back! So grab a friend and come out for a ride! #sailingbuddies

If Marilyn were Asian and had a beach moment, it would be this ✨🌴#ibiza

#Bulgaria is known to be one of the biggest producer of rose in the world. 🌹 Such an exquisite surprise seeing this torched, creamy, macaron-like, rose ice cream dessert at #CosmosRestaurant in #Sofia! 🥀

Is there a better view on earth? 😍

#Adventure is calling! Put those spare vacation days to use with this classic #RockwellJournal.

The #vegetabletannedleather keeps your passport protected, no matter how far you go.

#travelgoods #travelwithstyle #dryandco

... when you can see the ice on the grass and tent and literally everything, but the night in the tent was warm anyways you ask yourself: Are tents made from magic? Nah, they are just epic inventions and great brands bring them to the next level ;-) We were glad that @apusperu had proper and cozy #northface tents so we didn't freeze our asses off! Thanks guys ;-)
#apusperu #tent #camping #southamerica #peru #traveling #ausangate #twosundowners #adventureculture #getlost #ontheroadagain #adventureawaits #adventuretravel #adventureanywhere #travellingthroughtheworld #welivetoexplore #wanderlusting #choosemountains
#travelersnotebook #travelers #lifewelltraveled #stayandwander #wildernessquest #wildernessbabes #outsideculture #campinglife #landscape #sunrise

There is not elevator to success... you have to take the stairs 🙌🏽 #mykonos #fact #illshowyoutheworld #travelnow #SheIsNotLost #lifewelltraveled #liveyourlife #happiness

Picturesque is an understatement... ITALY Y U SO CUTE THO 🚙😍

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