Excited to be finishing up a VERY custom electric bass hard bag for a luthier client! This one is truly the culmination of 5+ years of gig bag designing and crafting!

#tbt to the most amazing trip of a lifetime.

I've really been enjoying making tshirts for the kids lately. I've been inspired by the cotton and steel fabrics and the dear stella fabrics. For the bear shirt for Natalie, I enlarged the bear head and traced it onto new fabric, put iron on stuff on it, cut it out, and sewed it into the shirt. The ones I made for David I cut out a piece of fabric and sewed it into the shirt and clipped the edges so they would fray. The snail shirt I made for the kids' friend who had a birthday party last week and his favorite animal is the snail. Apparently he has a colorful snail at home so I made a pattern based off of a Google search and sewed it right into a shirt. I love making personalized tshirts!
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At the end of the day your hair should be messy, your feet should be dirty and your eyes should be sparkling. ✨

Hubby snapped this at brekkie @babushkaportrush this morning as i’d apparently been gazing out at the surf without a word for quite some time... (it was pretty special 🌊) ..for me to be quiet for any length of time is not that common ..... I find nothing else more relaxing than watching the Waves ...totally hypnotic ... teamed with good coffee and great food.. 👌🏻.....it really is life’s simple pleasures that I love the very most #seatherapy

Watergate Street in Chester is looking super pretty today. Shame the boys dragged me through at the rate of knots to get to the park. I read somewhere that we should never hurry our children along and instead give them time to marvel at the ordinary things that we adults take for granted. Guess that doesn’t apply in reverse when I want to look in cool shop windows?!

ᴍᴀʏʙᴇ ᴛʜɪs ᴄᴀɢᴇ ʜᴀs ʙᴇᴇɴ ᴀ ᴄᴀᴄᴏᴏɴ ᴀʟʟ ᴀʟᴏɴɢ

That blackboard menu tho. Really ties it all together 👌🏾

We can’t express the amount of “joy” that came with Joy and the @groundlevelpackaging group this past week! We are so blessed to have gotten unplugged with y’all! Here are some shots from the EOS M3 we brought! Want to book an expedition? Hit us up! #WaheExperience #LifeUnplugged

One more from today. I imagine this would have been a blanket of wildflowers a few weeks ago.

You would be 71 today.

If you were still earth side, that is. (to me you’ll always be sixty six. just like to you, i was always your little girl. it’s kinda’ cute how our hearts keep us in certain safe places, isn’t it?!) I miss you, Daddy. I miss you so incredibly much that it physically hurts sometimes. It makes my belly ache. my breathing shallow. my heartbeat rapid.

I’ve come to learn that those are the symptoms of a broken heart. (along with trouble sleeping + all the highs + all the lows)

It’s funny, you know, how I came to first learn those symptoms. It was from not only experiencing them myself, but also from watching you experience them. Me + You (and the girls). All suffering from the same symptoms. Together. Simultaneously.

It was when we lost her.
Our mother; your wife.

It was at that moment I realized that a broken heart? Well, it is not a myth. Rather, it is palpable. observable. it’s such a force, it’s as if you can see the physical crack right down through the middle of the big, red heart (kinda’ like what a fifth grader draws when breaking up with their first crush). You can see it.

You can feel it.

I’ve learned how to live with a broken heart though, Daddy. Being left without parents to walk the world with you at the age of thirty two? One could allow that to eat you up, and make you bitter. Or one could allow it to help make you become one of the most grateful, thankful humans that there ever was. I chose the latter. (thanks for making me that kind of human, pops. you and mom? pat each other on the back for that, would you?) My greatest peace in this journey is knowing that your broken heart has been healed, Daddy. For she is at your side; never to leave again. You two really are the epitome of together forever. And that right there? Well, although it doesn’t heal my broken heart, it does good things to it anyway, you know?! It’s like beauty in brokenness. (slightly tempted to make this my life motto.) So while you two will celebrate your day together in the most exquisite of party locations, I’ll be here. Right here in this very place. (...continued in comments 👇)

There's still plenty of time for that summer road trip — even if it's only a short one. 🛣
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This week has been all about him! Parent orientation, open house, meet the teacher. I cannot believe this is his last year of preschool!
And yes, he briefly refused to go into the school because he realized he wasn't going to have his beloved Mrs. C., but quickly recovered once told it was because he was a big boy now.
He repeatedly told everyone who walked by that he was a big boy now in the big boy class. It made my heart happy to know how much he loves his teachers and bonus he still gets to spend time with Mrs. O.

To anyone who teaches preschool and the early years, God bless you!!

Wouldn’t mind taking this baby for a spin

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