Christmas is a beautiful time when Jesus was born. Therefore, people start to relate Christmas with happiness.

But we need to be aware that happiness is not only found in Christmas.
Christmas should be in all season, especially in SUMMER, when we experience the HEAT, challenges, and trials because happiness is a decision.

Deciding to be content and grateful in the midst of chaos is not an easy thing to do but it is the right way to state that GOD is BIGGER than my problems and that attracts the miracle. Miracles always happen when we’re in the situation that we are ready to have it. So, instead of waiting the miracle to be happened, be grateful first and believe He is able.

Also, having these LEADERS that are low maintenance and highly committed is another grateful thing that I treasure. Merry Early Christmas guys! 🎄

Ps: it’s a beautiful place, thanking Martzella and Yemimah for arranging this <3

’Tis the season to be C O Z Y
and dress like a chic teddy bear🧸 (right @elizabethrvilla?!)
The best way to do this? The super cute, fuzzy, on-trend, TEDDY COAT!
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Tis the season 🎄tap for outfit details

There’s a time for everything under heaven. Sometimes it’s a time for piece. At others it’s a time for #catfights. And it’s definitely a time for #FakeNews as the Guide proudly presents The Single Dad’s Guide to Fake News: Volume 22.

This week get cat fights from #natalieportman and #jessicasimpson, #elonmusk bowing to mice, and #jenniferaniston telling us she always was #crazy. And so much more. Catch it all here:
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Feeling very christmassy in tartan and my @koifootwear ❤️
Direct link in bio via @21buttons_uk .

We can’t payback God but we can pay forward His love to His people 🖤 Happy TGIF!

Love never fails because God never fails. 😊

It’s @songeslee

Dinner at Sandford’s in Astoria, Queens with my twin sister & Moms. I can’t even imagine what she is thinking sitting across her 33 years young twins at a classy dinner talking about life, laughing and creating another memory along the way! Best Mom Ever! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💁🏻‍♀️ #familyof5 #twins #blasians #mixedbabies #mixedkids #newyork #queens #momlife #unconditionallove ❄️ #lifetsyleblogger

Winter beach days in hopes to still get a tan... I don’t think it worked too well!

What's your breakfast this morning?
Protein is a great tool to use during your weight loss phase, not only does it have a higher satiety rate than other macronutrients, you can see increased thermogenesis and 'lower spontaneous energy intake' - Weigle et al. (2005). Aims for at least 0.8 g/kg although this is the guidelines we would recommend more!

Nothing sweet comes without sweat.

Wearing @songeslee and bag from from @veyfer_id 🍂

You can never stop exploring even if it’s just 30 minutes from your home! There’s always new places to go to and new things to see!

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