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I hope y’all had a great weekend!! This weekend was really fun for me, I got out and did some movements to be active. Movement is really important for the reason that it gives you energy and you can do anything! It is also really good to get outside. Yesterday, my husband and I went for a drive and it was fun because we used to do that all the time. •

It was such a pretty Sunday! Did y’all have a good Sunday/Fathers day? Y’all may not know this but, my dad unexpectedly passed away in December and this is the first Father’s Day without him. It was a tough day, but I kept busy and thought of things that he would have liked to do. •

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and there will be tough days and good days, but with anything that you do it is good to stay true to who you are and never to give up. •

Do you have any difficult goals that you are having a tough time with? •

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Here’s to finding your Spirit! •

Brittany Christie
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Striving for balance in this season of life. Grown kids ( is that an oxymoron?)coming and going all summer, a husband away for business and me returning to a job I never thought I wanted to do again. #lifethrowscurveballs #seasonsoflife #beingbushnell #thiscrazylife

I don’t think I’ve ever been this shook up before and I’m not even the one who’s injured. You’re such a tough bad ass, I know you’re going to recover sooner then you think. So happy you’re still cracking up jokes like your usual self. Stay strong ⚓️Love you Fal 💕

When your just having shit couple of months. Between trying to get roommate downstairs out the house so your brother can move down there and i can have my room back. From mother falling down the stairs into glass table and somehow surviving by some miracle. And to just being tired from working two jobs but happy cause it helps pay the bills lol #cantbehappyever #lifethrowscurveballs

Happy Thursday y’all!! You must first LOVE yourself before you can love others!! #loveyourself #youareworthit #nothingbutthebest #lifethrowscurveballs

Fiasco. Disaster. Flop. Keeping it real. Yesterday was an exercise in practicing non-attachment, kindness and equanimity. My own practice at Red Rocks ahead of teaching ended up being brief, rattled and ultimately thwarted by workers nearby clanging, banging and power washing the concrete....as well as me, my props and my phone! The workers are just to my right and above me here. The saving grace was my dear students who were ever so calm and flexible when they arrived and we scampered to find an alternative spot in the shade. Location is everything and oftentimes Red Rocks is wildly overpopulated because it’s such an amazing place to be. In hindsight, what was remarkable about the situation is how my students and I became absorbed in their practice while the world whirled around us. We were intensely in our present moment....and it was wonderful! 🙃#lifethrowscurveballs #vairagya #nonattachment #intenselypresent #ahimsa #equanimity #redrocksamphitheater

Super busy day !!
Training these ladies to take the @aquaphysicaldubai classes into Sharjah with a bang! Pit stop home to pick up the kids and cases and off to the UK for some planning !
#lifethrowscurveballs #iwillcatchit and #scoreatouchdown
#homeherewecome #lovemyjob❤️ #bestfollowme

Realized its been a minute since I posted anything. So here.

Just sitting here listening to music reflecting on how much life has changed in such a short time.

#lifethrowscurveballs #illbefineonmyown

...I fall, I rise, I make mistakes. I love, I learn. I’ve been hurt but I’m alive. I’m human and I’m not perfect, but I’m thankful. 🖤 #lifethrowscurveballs #notperfectbutreal #imalovernotafighter #bigheartedgirl ##imakemistakesimhuman #fightforwhatyoulove #iwillsucceed #kickass

😂😂😂 bahahahaha...it may be a long weekend in Victoria, & therefore tomorrow is a day off for most people, but for me I’m grateful I get to decide when and where I work every day. This is a choice. I chose to leave my full time job, start my side hustle & work it like a business so that I could have the flexibility to be around for my boys. It takes commitment & hard work, but it beats being accountable to anyone ten fold, and I’d way rather make money for me than someone else. Have you ever thought about a side hustle? Don’t be idle. There’s no time like the present, & you’ll never know when you might need that additional income. #lifethrowscurveballs #sidehustle #smartbusiness #presentmum #makingmoneyinmysleep #goals #forthem #mywhy #inandaroundlife #planb #beprepared

Some of you may not know but we have been taking care of my nephew for a year. This week we were told that he would be moving back with his dad my brother. I knew the day would come but it seemed so sudden and we were not prepared.
Yesterday was the day we had to give him back. It’s been hard. Emotions will wear you out emotionally and physically.
I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning and I sure didn’t want to press play on my workout but I did both.
Life is a roller coaster. You will have your ups and downs in life. This is why you have to have a big enough Why that will put fire in your belly that will make you get out of bed. That will keep you moving forward in the midst of the yuck.
Remember success doesn’t come from things you do occasionally. It’s going to come from things you do consistently.
#whatareyoufightingfor #makeyourwhybiggerthanyourexcuses #lifethrowscurveballs #dontgiveup #keepmovingforward #fitmom #momofboys #militarywife #godsgirl #healthandwellness #mindbodysoul

Found this on @instagram. I so badly want this... and cover either a birthmark on one of my ankles or another birthmark on one of my arms. The Phoenix resonates in ME. Meanwhile, my rather conservative husband vigorously shakes his head no to any tattoo “tarnishing my body.” I dunno. I drive him nuts with my crazy ideas and he still puts up with me. Maybe on my next birthday, my 43rd?!?!

#pinterestfind #pinterestinspired #thephoenixrises #phoenixtattoo #tatooidea #scorpiowoman #mybrainhastoomanytabsopen #iwantthissobad ##onedaymaybe #youneverknow #lifethrowscurveballs #happywifehappylife #wifelife #workingmomlife #mamabearlife #momlifeisgood

This morning before we went out on our adventures we had to clean out Eli’s room due to the fish tank having some issues. 😬🙄 I woke up and hit the ground running. Life is always an adventure and sometimes it’s just a way of culling out some of the “junk” that we no longer need. ☺️ Funny how that works. Plus we discussed a new set up for Eli’s room. Can’t wait to get it finished and shown. #adventures #lifethrowscurveballs #wekeephittingthemoutofthepark #lifeisgood #challengeshelpusgrow

I always find it somewhat amusing to come across old photos of myself, because I think back to the person I was and the person I am now and am always astounded by the growth that has taken place.
Coming from a rural area, going unwittingly into an abusive relationship and leaving literally overnight under Police guard to live six hours away in a city I wasn’t familiar with, to meeting someone who accepted me and all of my baggage, to now living in yet another city together as husband and wife. I’m more confident, accomplished and comfortable than I have ever been.
That smug look on my face in the picture on the left was a mask worn by a very battered, scared and insecure young girl.
The pic on the right is me now: happy, kicking goals and comfortable in my own skin. Life is crazy, but it’s definitely good crazy.
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A very strong one!! Seeing someone who you love hurting and suffering and nothing you can do about it is painful and one of the worst feelings 💔
Constant life battles, constant anxiety and constant praying that everything will get better.
Don’t judge me

#familyiseverything #togetherwearestronger #storm #neverjudge #battlingthrough #onedayatatime #lifethrowscurveballs

Today is a day that 7 years ago God forever etched in my mind. Most I’m sure think it is an unpleasant memory but quite the contrary. Ephesians 3:20 says it well... Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.
What man says is a horrible thing God uses to shape and refine. He in His work within us used it this day for our good and His glory.
#lifethrowscurveballs #amputeelife #lifeflight #adventureneverends #blessed #lifechangingnotlifelimiting #7yearanniversary #machinesdontsaysorry #lawnmoweraccident

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