🎶 Boyz-N-The-Hood: Eazy-E 🎶

Do you ever look at your schedule and just CHECK OUT? I’m really making an effort to choose how I spend my time wisely. Intentional living. No more survival mode. No more going through the motions. But things were piling up and yesterday I found myself quite overwhelmed by it all. Sooo, I moved everything from my day and just stayed home. Didn’t work on editing. Didn’t go grocery shopping. Didn’t work on the house projects. No outings at all. I played with kids, did some light cleaning (tackled half the laundry mountain for those of you wondering from my stories 😂), made a yummy dinner, and went to bed at a decent hour. Okay decent is relative, but I was in bed before 1am, and got nearly 7 hours of sleep... sooo those of you who know me, know that’s a huge WIN. Today, I’m looking at my planner and ALL THE THINGS. But I’m feeling refreshed, and you guys... I haven’t even had my coffee yet. 😱 Setting some blocks to finish editing a few special sessions. And I have two new sessions I’m really excited about later today. I can’t wait to share! P.S. this bodysuit is being sold again and I’m WAY too excited. It was our fave! 😍 #wednesdayramblings #selfcare #livewithintention


Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week y’all! ☀️🌾🌱

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