This mama KILLED these maternity shots!! Who says pregnancy can’t bring the best out of you?? 🤰🏼Can you say Glamazon?? 😍 When I was pregnant with my first I felt huge and uncomfortable but then with my second I couldn’t keep anything down for eight of the nine months so I stayed small, I should’ve done photos like these with my second 😆
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Two banged pals, two occasions, one 24/7 donut shop

This is your friendly reminder to foam roll and stretch everyday. Happy Monday people! Make this week count and get after it. Start today. There are always tempting excuses that will present themselves each and everyday, so what is it going to take for you to be strong enough and to surpass those excuses. No one can do it for you, take the leap, and make it count. Ask for help if you need it, whatever it takes to get your health back on track!

O presente mais precioso de todos: a vida.

MIND :: On Monday’s it’s important to set the right mind set for the week. Treat yourself to your favorite morning beverage in your favorite cup and take a few moments to just appreciate it.
There are lists of things to do, planners full of appointments and rush hour traffic that drives us all bonkers. But it’s all going to be there no matter what, you can choose what attitude you’ll have towards it.
It’s gonna be a great week. Just remember to be present in it.

We only have a few family “traditions” and our Back to School Dinner is one of my favorites!

It’s a super low-key dinner that we do one night during the first week of school when Kingston gets to pick the menu. A Little Caesar’s Hot-N-Ready was the main course this year. (Only the finest cuisine is served in our home!) Dessert was madeleine cookies that we ate while drinking sparkling grape juice. It was a fancy night.

I decorated with stuff I had around the house, and Kingston LOVED it. You know why? Because we celebrated him! Did he do anything big and important? Nope. He just started school like every other kid, but that doesn’t matter. We’ll take any excuse to celebrate around here! #casalaalmeida

“Little boy, you remind me how so much depends on days made of now.” // Alison McGhee

Our little tub will be TWO this week and I can’t handle it! Look how small he was 😭😭😭🤧

[Werbung wegen namensnennung] #unbezahlte Werbung

Jeahh der neue Kalender vom PhillisVerlag mit "Girls & Guns" 2019 ist da 😍😎 ich bin so Happy mit dabei gewesen zu sein , es war wieder mal der Hammer🤩 ganz lieben dank an das gesamte Team🤘

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The Bride 👰🏼💗📷

Мне даже стыдно, что я была не в курсе этого мероприятия заранее🙈😬
#photovideofest 2018 в Измайловском кремле предыдущий викенд ✨ Это просто бомбическое мероприятие💥 Возможность потестить различную фототехнику, послушать мк и лекции профессионалов, познакомиться с коллегами и поработать с проф моделями 😍🖤✨ Багаж на 60 Гб 😂🙈📸
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Going into this week with a smile! Did everyone have a good weekend? I dodged the rain on Saturday with the sweetest family shoot that I can’t wait to share. And I got to squeeze my nieces after not seeing them for a over a week 😭💕 that alone just made my day until at leasttt Wednesday

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