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Happy birthday to @feliccine , we are one year older cake🎂

Awesome Architecture 😍
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Shooting workouts is a awesome tool that can speed up the heart rate and keep you in shape!


10 Signs you are waking up. You choose:⠀
- Making long-term lifestyle choices over fad diets⠀
- Natural medicine and alternatives over synthetic options⠀
- Real organic food over fake GMO options⠀
- Being your self instead of copying celebrities⠀
- True research over controlled media/marketing⠀
- Small business over conglomerate companies⠀
- Being humble over being arrogant⠀
- Real connection over cheap flings⠀
- Helping others over being selfish⠀
- Love over hate⠀
Do you relate to any of these choices? Do any of them particularly resonate with you?
#wakingup #lifestylechoices #naturalmedicine #ogranicfood #beyourself #doyourresearch #loveoverhate #supportsmallbusniess #behumble #realconnection

Hi! Did you workout today?! Don't forget to invest in yourself! 🙏🏼✨ #lifestylechoices #fitthick #yesthatsafannypack #teamnotimeformakeup

I just watched "What The Health!" 😢🤕😲😲 and i don't need anymore motivation to take my health and fitness seriously 🐖🐾🐟 I am even more excited to engulf myself and everyone I know to start their own healthy lifestyle choices. 🌱🍎🍌Today is the first day of the best day of my life! 🙌🤗💚
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Thursday tip! It really is as simple as this:

Hey Alyssa... what do you even eat on your keto diet #allthethings #keto #food #feedme #dontoverthinkit ••• And all Heavy whipping cream and butter ✌🏼 #lifestylechoices

Rice fields in the mostly rural island of Bohol, Philippines. I do love grabbing a car and driving around a place I've never been before.
My request for the day.....Explore more. Whether in another country, or close to home, experiencing new cities, cultures, even restaurants and parks, expand our minds and help us grow.
#requestoftheday #trynewthings

I love this! Ive had a lot of things running through my head and this week have started writing things down and taking action. I'm feeling so much better for it and already feeling like a better mum and wife! If your feeling down or can't get your mind straight, take the time to do something that puts your mind in the right direction and gets you motivated for the day.
One awesome one I found helped me is 'don't say anything negative for the next 24 hours' ✌🏼
#positive #positivethoughts #positivethinking #goodvibes #dailyquotes #daily #insta #instadaily #mum #mumquotes #mummas #mummyandme #love #beautiful #youaregoodenough #stepup #makesomeonesmile #goldy #goldcoast #modelmim #lifestylechoices

Health and exercise are usually the first thing we stop when finances are tight. But how much is your health really worth? You will find the money to buy the next iPhone, Netflix or spend $20 on one takeaway meal every other day, but when it comes to your physical and mental health you tend to put it on the lowest priority list? To me that makes absolutely no sense. You only have one body, one mind, one life. So why waste time and money on things that won't prolong your health and wellness? #thechoiceisyours #investinyourself #health #wellness #fitness #exercise #trainhard #livelong #happiness #lifestylechoices #mindovermatter #finance #money #time #noexcuses

Before you assume..learn the facts.
Before you judge...understand why.
Before you hurt someone...feel.
Before you speak...think.
- - - - - -
So often we caught up in wanting to tell OUR story and OUR opinion; that we forget to listen with intent and to listen to respond. Anyone else? 🙋🏼 I am absolutely guilty of this. We get so caught up in our own lives that we just want to keep talking about ourselves and our problems. (Seriously, ask my boyfriend. When he gets home at night its least 15 minutes before he can get a word in 🤷🏼‍♀️)
- - - - - -
We also get so caught up in our image and what we WANT to look like, we lose sight of what we truly love about our bodies. Social media is FULL of fitspo girls with abs, shoulder caps and big booties; which only wants us to look like that even more. If they can do it, why can’t I?
- - - - - -
Like this picture here. Yeah, I have a few abs popping through. But this is after I had been up for 3 hours, with no food or fluids in me and had gone to the bathroom twice (TMI, my bad). But I want you to know that I DO NOT walk around like this all day. And I don’t mean because I get bloated AF the second anything hits my lips these days. I mean EVERYONE loses the flat stomach and defined abs after a few meals and some water.
- - - - - -
So don’t compare your beginning, your body, your life to anyone else’s but your own! Everyone doesn’t always show you all sides of them. Love you, and your body.
Don’t be so quick to judge and respond. Actually listen and learn, it will create a life full of meaning for you. #endorphitness #todaysthoughts #listentorespond

#ThrowBackThursday #TBT Take me back to #Majorca with my Squad. Was it a month ago already?? Seems like last night. #SquadGoals #LoveIsland #GirlsTrip #LifestyleChoices #WhereIsMyBra #WhereIsMyToenail #Besties #BAE

Steak dinner cooked by my better half 😍 it was lush! With banana bread for dessert! Also made by Ste! I could get used to this 😜 (although not good for the healthy eating!) #lifestylechange #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #slimmingworld #fitfam #lifestylechoices #fitnessjourney #gymlife #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitness #fitnessmotivation #notsofitness


Yup, taking supplements naturally led me to make other healthy choices. Great to see that this is the case for many others too.⠀

I feel so good, I have the energy and desire to move my body, eat nourishing foods + invest in my self-care everyday💎⠀
It's a self care circle -> energy = productivity, productivity = results, results are encouraging and the the cycle continues 🔄⠀

If you could use more of that in your life, let me help you🙋🏻⠀

Send me a DM to chat about your health goals💌⠀ ⠀

One of the excuses I’ve seen many health professionals use for not recommending supplements is a concern that supplements will be used to try and cover a bad diet, or that people will be less likely to seek regular medical attention. ⠀

And, who hasn’t heard that if you just eat right you don’t need to supplement? ⠀

However, actual statistics and surveys show the first statements to be false. ⠀

And, who do you know, including your Dr. or nutritionist, that eats a perfect diet? All. The. Time? ⠀

It turns out that supplement users tend to already be more health conscious, see their doctor more regularly, and even exercise more regularly than non-users. ⠀

So, if you are like most supplement users, you aren’t looking for a miracle or cure-all, you are simply more conscious about your fitness and health than the average non-user. ⠀

Everybody has their own reason for supplementing. But, regardless of the reason, you will get much more out of them if you consistently practice other healthy habits as well.⠀ ⠀

Ask the Scientists - Health and Science Education⠀

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Probably the real reason I started working out🤷‍♀️😂 I’m a mess 24/7, but since I started working out and worked on my body mentally and physically I’m one hot mess🔥🔥🔥 I’m jk, guys (kinda)🙄 .
#hotmess #progress #lifestylechoices #workoutmotivation #fitspo #fitness

Good morning! It's been a great Thursday so far - spin class, cleaning, and momma & son time! Life can't get better than this. ❤️

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