Good morning!!
Today's brekkie was on the go in the car
1 small slice of big bread toasted with 6g of butter, a coffee with 2 sugars because I'm out of sweetener 😒 and now I've got a sugar rush 😂 will be crashing by 9am 👍
And a banana for this mornings break 🍌
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{Sorry for anybody who didn’t wanna see my lowkey granny panties today, but I wanted to share my progress in changing my lifestyle. I stopped doing daily T25 workouts once Summer ended in late August, but I hadn’t actually seen much progress at all due to my unhealthy diet and over consumption. Since starting college, I’ve used the online appbthat we’re using in class to see what my recommended calorie intake would be to lose weight steadily (meaning a moderate deficit between how much you eat and how much you burn doing daily tasks/exercise) and though it may have taken about 2-3 months to start showing, it’s been working. I wasn’t doing any exercise apart from walking around campus at first, but during the last month or so I started doing mini, daily workouts (last 2 slides). It’s more for myself than the minimal calories it burns, but it targets the arms/belly muscles and improves bloodflow/digestion a bit. What I’m getting to is, even if you do little to no extraneous exercise, weight loss can still happen — and in a healthy way! I feel fueled and get to snack plenty because I’m eating very little processed foods (and if they are it’s fortified breads/cereals and snacks with nuts, seeds, fruit, etc.), drinking WATER, a LOT of fruit, vegetables (ALL the colors, it’s crazy but color variety means good variety of nutrients and benefits❣️), healthy fats (yes, avocado- yes, dairy- yes, nuts and seeds) and a nice amount of protein (also since I love fish I get omega3s many don’t get enough of), plan meals ahead (For packed lunches / at home I cook with as much whole, natural foods as possible) and track calories throughout the day using my phone calculator and Notes. I’m happy with my progress, and I know it’s cliche, but slow and steady WILL win your “race” to your body goals! Get a good app to track balance of the macronutrients and find out what kind of deficit you need that fits your lifestyle – or do a little research and track manually 👌🏽 Don’t EVER starve yourself. You can be full, happy, and healthy. (small amounts of candy/Halo Top/munchies is ok btw, just portion & not too often!) Treat yourself. I send you all good vibes— have patience. ILY❣️}



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☀️☀️☀️VITAMINE D☀️☀️☀️
Laatst schreef ik een post over een herfstdip en dat soms vitamine D suppletie hierbij kan helpen. Ik schreef hier dat vooral voor de mensen in een risicogroep dit een aanrader is. Hierna kreeg ik veel vragen van mensen of zij in die risicogroepen vallen. Om dat even op te helderen staan hieronder de risicogroepen voor een tekort aan vitamine D.
- kinderen tot en met 3 jaar
- mannen en vrouwen met een donkere huidskleur
- zwangeren
- mannen en vrouwen die niet veel buiten komen of zichzelf veel bedekken (hoofddoek, boerka etc.)
- vrouwen boven de 50
- mannen boven de 70

Deze groepen worden door het Voedingscentrum geadviseerd vitamine D te suppleren.
Meer hierover weten? Stuur me een berichtje of plaats een reactie!! Slik jij vitamine D bij? En doe je dit alleen in de wintermaanden of het hele jaar door?
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@brendan.2point0 - Who said it was impossible❓My name is Brendan @brendan.2point0 & I’ve lost 300 lbs. I hit rock bottom in 2011, weighing in at a devastating 505lbs, 24 Years old with a death sentence from the doc, I didn’t know anything about exercise, dieting and nutrition. My doc told me I wasn’t going to see 30, that my obesity would take my life. ☠️ I had to make one of the hardest decision in life either take my life back or just live life and take what comes at me. I chose to live to NEVER GIVE UP no matter how hard it was, I wasn’t going to give up on myself. I’m here to show you the impossible is possible, you got this.💪🏽
@brendan.2point0 💪 @brendan.2point0

WELLBEING: Stop Worrying About How Other People Live!

We underestimate the extent to which we are influenced by our culture.

As children, we absorb secret messages from our environment about what is normal. These messages come from our families of origin, the geography, television and other media – and society at large. Most of these messages hit our brains on an unconscious level (children’s brains, especially, are like dry sponges – what they are exposed to, they soak-up). If we are raised in a culture in which cold cereal or toast is standard breakfast fare, then for the rest of our lives any other ideas about breakfast will seem like an eccentric, strict diet. And when we do entertain other ways of eating, we will see ourselves as being magnanimous and open-minded – even if, biologically, the “eccentric” way is more compatible and beneficial to the human body.

That’s just the way it is.

People think swinging by Starbucks on their way to work for coffee-and-muffin-to-go is “normal.” Upgrading lifestyle habits is a difficult process.

The older we get, the harder the process becomes.

We’re always bumping up against those pesky childhood associations of what is normal. Decide that you want to move past cultural associations and begin living in a way that supports your body, psyche, and soul – whether or not it jibes with cultural norms.

As long as you’re living in integrity and kindness, it’s nobody’s business what you eat – even if it seems like a strict diet to others.

For that matter, how you choose to organize your time and energy as an adult is completely up to you. #fitmen #fitness #fitwomen #fit #fitmom #fitmotivation #fitlife #fitnesslife #fitnessinspiration #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #fitfluential #fitnessaddict #fitnessmodel #fitnesstips #fitnessfun #workout #workoutmotivation #gym #gymmotivation #stayfit #fitnessgear #instafit #fitinspiration #loosweight#lifestylechange #motivationlifestyle#repost#gesundessen

How to learn to be happy: tip 10
🌅Create the best environment for yourself.
Each person is a walking set of life strategies. And we are directly dependent on the strategies of the people who surround us. It's almost impossible to become successful being surrounded by losers; it's hard to be smart, being surrounded by fools; You can forget about happiness if you are surrounded by chronic whiners and masochists.
But, of course, the environment can be created consciously. To do this, you just need to audit those with whom you communicate on a regular basis. When you find devaluing, chronically unlucky or “toxic” people, first ask yourself: why do you even communicate with them? So that It's not boring to get their recognition and envy, because it’s scary to push people away from you? Think about how you can receive this value in a different way and “shake up” this environment, saving it from those who do you only harm.
At the same time, start the process of “background” meeting new people, and with those for the society you are aiming for. It's desirable that these people represent for you the best role model in a particular life context.
Of course, we are not talking about the "liquidation" and "replacement" of close friends. After all, if they are close, it means that they are already for you the best supporting environment!

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