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The interiors of the Famous Church located at Old Goa! ❤️ Photo @lifein_india

Glimpses from Day 5 at @iffigoa #IFFI2017 😍

Guess this beach! 😍
Photo @akshatabablad

Would you love to walk on this beautiful road? 😍

Photo by @rohit1912_

If you risk nothing then you risk everything. Those who are too afraid to do anything for fear of failure, have lost not only the opportunity for failure, but any possibility of success, no matter how limited it might have been.⠀⠀
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Create your own success 💯❌
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Raise your standards 🥊⠀
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Success is the ability to go from failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm ⠀

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Orange hands after self tanner?!?! Byeeee 👋🏼🍊 Sharing my self tanner hack! Seriously excited about this one!! Link in bio! (Also talking about my favorite self tanner) 👙
http://liketk.it/2tF3N #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKbeauty #selftanner #beautytips #beautysecret #beautyhacks #newdiscovery


Book 38/40 review! ❤ A practical book that teaches about sales & persuasion. Consumers have become more skeptical towards companies' claim in products/services. Backed by research, selling fears and warnings to buyers is no longer effective. Therefore, businesses need to build trust through proper wording & messaging. Few techniques include: be plain, be neutral, be positive, be personal. The key is to be unbiased, provide customers the options to decide, rather than hard selling. I find this book relevant for business owners to improve their sales pitch for more customers coming their way. Highly recommend!

The Amboli Waterfalls 😍

Photo by @sheldonrodrigues23

Or you can't sit with us💯

Wanna have a part time gig where you get fit yourself and also possibly make some extra cash for the holidays ? Then start the year with an extra side income ? Then possibly get addicted and just maybe change your whole life ? But you don't have to? We can take it slow 🙃😜 Comment below with " I wanna know" or just shoot me a private message because the 2018 dream team HOW DO YOU DO what I do group ALREADY STARTED 🙌🏻🔥🔥

Who’s celebrating Hanukkah? I love the lights during Hanukkah- I feel like the candles flickering are so magical. 📷: @theeverygirl_

🎁 🎄 12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAYS! 🎄 🎁

Day 3 - Describe your Rich and Relaxed lifestyle below - best answer wins a Rich and Relaxed Poster for their wall.

Merry Christmas -Penny xx

Calm before the storm #xmasparty

Start over if you need to. Be brave enough to find the life you want & courageous enough to chase it. (Madalyn Beck)

Are you brave enough to chase your Bliss?

Success is attainable, but you have to keep motivating yourself in order to put in the hard work. Inspiration and motivation will save you from abandonment. You will always find something interesting and challenging in your business, if you look for it. Keep your eyes on the prize!

An homage #throwbackpic to the warm, preferably HOT summer months long gone by 😢.

We’re in winter now, which means it’s the time of the year where we are to slow down and allow our minds, our bodies and our souls the chance to rest, replenish, and rejuvenate itself.

But, we don’t. We fall into the trap that pushes and drives our need and greed to acquire more... more and more. Then we get sick and wonder what caused it or why would this happen to us!?! Our bodies are so intelligent and wise — don’t allow the ego to convince you otherwise.

Listen to your body when it speaks to you. The bears and squirrels have the right idea, try to take a page out of their book (I wonder if the read when they’re all tucked away 🤔 maybe they listen to podcasts instead)

Anyway, collect your own stash of goodies that will last you throughout the winter months, then go into #hibernation until the warm months reappear.
#lifegoal #piltribe #positiveimpactleaders #freespirit #findyourflock #tbt


Spacehill presents recycle and upcycle lifestyle goods.

#brandbandung #handmadebandung #localbrandindonesia

Spent $28 at Goodwill, pontential $220 after expenses. Looking up he comps on Peter Thomas Roth. Spent .99 cent

Take a step back. You may be focused on bringing in new clients, but also take a moment to thank your current clients and customers this holiday season. Saying a simple thank you goes a long way!! ⠀
Photo with two of my rockstar clients @annabellematson and @lucy_kate_online

Snow ❄️ on the ground, cold temperatures and watching Frosty the Snowman ⛄️ it is safe to say I am in the Christmas spirit 🌲🎄now 💗what is your favorite Christmas movie?

Dinner and a movie...prepping for tomorrow! #starwars #theforceawakens #thelastjedi

I should be working but I’m already dreaming about dinner and a glass of 🍷 #truth #winelover

En el dato pasado hablamos de las características de un emprendedor, siendo la creatividad uno de los recursos con los que el emprendedor se enfrenta a los problemas. .
Debido a que ayer tuve un bloqueo😔 , decidí hoy exponerles algunos de los MONSTRUOS 👻 más comunes a la hora de ser CREATIVOS. Y los invocamos cada que decimos estas frases clichés:
1 “Es que me toca😫 …”: PASIÓN, AMOR A LO QUE HACES. Muchas veces, el valor de algo se dicta de acuerdo a la dedicación, el entusiasmo, las ganas que se les impregno pues se reflejará en el producto final. SI NO AMAS LO QUE HACES, NO LO HAGAS.
2 “Así no se suele hacer 😶…”: Dile eso a Albert Einstein, Stephen Jobs que le sacaron el dedo medio a esa frase y crearon algo tan grande, algo “que no se suele hacer así”.
3 “Tengo que hacerlo sí o sí 😵”: eso de obligarnos a hacer algo no es lo mismo que MOTIVARNOS A HACER ALGO. Descansa, toma un respiro y salta al juego otra vez.
Y tú, cuál es el cliché que más usas? El mío es “Es que esa silla me cansa” jajajajaja (la flojera mata creatividad).😩

Glad to be back home 🏠

No words @arbonneaunz please make this a regular! Starting the day right with this delicious nutty, banana, chai protein shake 😍😍😍

🏙At the office with nationwide #realestate investor @gregjonestv going over some #copywriting101 📝

December is the time of year when I start getting really hard on myself and think about all the things I could have accomplished instead of looking at all the things I HAVE accomplished! So I thought it fitting to put up this post today before all the holiday craziness and New Years resolutions come about to help us all reflect positively on ourselves! Read our guest post by @micheletapproseman on #ladybossblogger here: bit.ly/LOVEINSIDEOUT

Nearly The Weeknd // 💋
Almost a week away from Christmas. Anyone doing any last minute shopping like me because you plan all year to be ready then change your mind last minute? 🙄🤣
Starting yesterday you can get 20% off selected goodies in my store, for a limited time & while stocks last. Final sale of the year so happy shopping 🎄
Shop link in bio // 🌿
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If you don't manage to chase your dream, you will be hired by someone whose company represents his very dream, and you will work for its maintenance. Choose whose dream you want to create input for!

Very nice 72 degrees as I head into Goodwill. No more cold weather for me. His is how I like my Christmas!!😁

I am sooo excited to be able to spend more time creating a beautiful home and work space.

This dissertation, for so many years was my life .

Now that it is over.....
Sweeping my floor feels joyful. 🍷
Sprinkling plant pots and vases with roses around the house makes me smile.🧚🏽‍♀️
Organizing files and lighting candles is relaxing.☕️ I mentioned to my clients during our mastermind session last night that going through the doctoral process further confirmed that there is nothing else in the world I would rather be doing than what I get to do in my business each and everyday . ~the road to Dr. is complete ✨🥂

The holiday season is here and my clients are asking ..... “what should I be focusing on at the end of the year in my business?”
Well sister, if you are wondering the same, FIRSTLY, congrats on making it to the holiday season - you are in quarter 4 (the home stretch)- many give up or walk away but YOU darling have made it. 🎄❄️ Here is my feedback on this question :

This time is about 2 major areas. -wrapping up open items AND
-visioning for the new year.
Typically, the end of the year might NOT be the BEST time to stress yourself out by launching a brand new program, product or service. ...But it is the time to put your head down and focus on closing your sales out and ending the season on a high, as you reflect on the kind of support you are going to need in 2018 to triple this year’s results.

For you, this might look like :
👉🏼following up with previous clients to understand their needs.
👉🏼closing out open conversations with interests.
👉🏼reminding your audience via email, messages and phone calls about your end of year closing offer.
👉🏼attending webinars and trainings to learn more about your needs.
👉🏼Solidifying your support for 2018. 🥂
👉🏼And doing an inventory/ reflection of what worked and what didn’t work looking back 12 months.
This is such an exciting and refreshing time- which represents the promise of the future.
Light Lots of candles, ❄️use your essential oils, dream, journal and CLOSE out 2017 like a BOSS. ✨🙌🏽☕️ You are not alone. I’m right here with you.💛
Lots of love and Good luck .


Simply shoot me a message on my personal Instagram profile (just search for my username atmcashroll) and type "Biz" & I will send all the information to you immediately! 🤝

Ahhh .... a girl can dream right 🥂☺️ #picsfromParis

1️⃣My first of 7 steps to success... "See Your Goals". A vision board is a personal reminder of your goals... if you see it, you know it actually exists! 👀This time last year, the only thing I could 'see' was getting through the birth of my second child in January... hence my vision board was not in the forefront of my mind! It was looking a little outdated and tattered. It's now time to give it a revamp, set new goals (coz I've smashed the ones I set this year 🙌🏼) and get focused for a cracking 2018! Whose with me 🙋

Beached as ✌️

Remember to pause and reflect on even brief moments of success. #Entrepreneur #Freedom #LifeStyle #LifestyleBusiness #Choices #Power #Freedom #Travel #Legacy #coaching

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Are you ready or scrambling to get it together? Every year it seems to come faster and faster and I always say how next year I’m going to be ready for it... This year I’m somewhere in the middle.

Bye Felicia.

Esta semana en #EmprendimientosEnAcción les quiero compartir un emprendimiento que en esencia es ESPECIAL!✨ Now or Never by Thai @nowornever_planning Diseña experiencias inolvidables 🤗✨
Tales como picnics, pedidas de mano, cumpleaños, y cualquier otra sorpresa especial que se te ocurra, Thai la puede crear para ti! 🎉

Me encanta este emprendimiento porque en esta era de hacer todo rápido y virtualmente, hemos perdido la conexión humana con nuestros seres queridos, y planearles una sopresa o experiencia, es una gran manera de demostrarles nuestro aprecio y crear lindas memorias nuevas❤️ Now or Never inició hace un poco más de 3 meses!

Thai, la creadora y planeadora detrás de estas bellas experiencias tuvo la idea de empezar este emprendimiento, con el objetivo de encontrar la forma de unir sus pasiones para ponerlas al servicio de los demás! Y algo que siempre le ha gustado es crear experiencias especiales entre seres que se quieren o aprecian para celebrar la vida, el amor y el afecto
🔸 Mayor LECCIÓN: Que hay que arriesgarse porque es la única forma de ganar experiencias, amigos y éxitos
🔸MENSAJE para otros emprendedores: Que en el camino es crucial rodearse de personas que mantengan tu motivación viva y evitar estar con personas que sean tóxicas que te hacen dudar de ti mismo y no creen en tus ideales!

La creadora detrás de este emprendimiento, Thai, es clienta mía y estoy super orgullosa de todo lo que está logrando. Si estás en Panamá, contáctala para crear una experiencia linda para alguien que sea especial para ti @nowornever_planning
This week at #EmprendimientosEnAcción I want to share an entrepreneurship that is essentially SPECIAL!✨ Now or Never by Thai @nowornever_planning Design unforgettable experiences 🤗✨
Such as picnics, hand requests, birthdays, and any other special surprise that you can think of, Thai can create it for you!

I love this entrepreneurship because in this era of doing everything quickly and virtually, we have lost the human connection with our loved ones, and planning a surprise or experience is a great way to show our appreciation and create beautiful new memories

Love this! #johnmaxwell

After lovely business lunch with the girls today 🥗🍴Time for a Christmas party @hiltonhotels tonight 🏩🎄🎊 Still get compliments on my @zara furry coat whiz I absolutely LOVE 💘
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Breakfast is the best meal of the day hands down!
Thank you @zinque for a wonderful time.

#Disconnect to #Reconnect

Aloha everyone!⠀

I've just completed a full SEVEN days without social media or much of any internet for that matter.⠀

Except for a few text messages to let people know I was alive and GPS navigation - I pretty much went off the grid in #Kauai.⠀

This time my voyage wasn't sponsored so I had no obligation to post.⠀

And you know what... nothing major happened while I was gone and I can pick up right where I left off.⠀

I didn't lose my followers, my business didn't implode, I still received interview requests, etc.⠀

Mahalo Nui Loa for all the kind birthday wishes!!! I'll be reading them all today.⠀

Can you fathom taking 7 entire days #offline?????⠀

How about starting with just one?⠀

Wouldn't you like to streamline your business so well that you can take a week-long digital sabbatical a few times per year? If you would like to chat about how you can create this for yourself book your FREE Aloha Strategy Session today https://ericaduran.co/aloha⠀



How powerful having a choice is. Every day (if we’re lucky) we are given SO many choices! Some small – what will I have for breakfast? What will I wear? Some large. (Shall I marry my partner? Should I sell my house?) Sometimes, though, it’s only when our choices are taken away do we realize how valuable it is – the ability to choose. The choice to walk, talk, sing, laugh, eat, move. Simple choices we take for granted every day, right up to those big life choices we make that shape our lives.

One choice I believe we overlook and maybe don’t appreciate is how we spend our time every day. Our ‘career’, our ‘job’ – the activity that we do every day that pays the bills and fuels our life. Most of us have a wide range of choices as to how we spend our days. From when we are young, we get given opportunities to take so many different and fulfilling paths.

So why is then, I wonder, that so many people choose every day to turn up to jobs that merely, or sometimes not even, tick the boxes, pay the bills, fill in time. How do they allow life to turn into a dreary drudge of existing with their days spent doing things that don’t fulfill their lives more than making money? When you think about it, it’s truly crazy. But I understand how it happens.

We choose from fear instead of faith.
We choose from duty instead of joy.
We choose from doubt – based on what we know now, rather than what we believe we can achieve. #choosejoy #bigvisionbabysteps

Breakfast anyone??


Just shoot me a DM on my personal Instagram account (just search for username ATMCashRoll) and write "Biz" & I'll DM all the information to you right away! 🙌

TRI bar studs, 9ct yellow gold with champagne diamonds 🥂🍾 #futureheirlooms #gold #studs #bijoux #lovegold

Just wrapped up a free training on the 4 Powerful Secrets To Embracing A Magnetising Money Mindset.
Super juicy content. .

You can find it pinned inside the Success Hub. Go here to access the free training >> bit.ly/thesuccesshub

Paradinha no meio de uma tarde comum - a segunda quinta do mês de dezembro para recarregar a bateria, é tudo de bom!!!🙏🍬💕🌷🍥☕️🌸🍬💕🌷🍥☕️🌸🍬💕🌷🍥☕️🌸🍬💕🌷🍥☕️🌸🍡🎀#TksGod #blessedday #flowers #instacoffeebreak #donutsday #pinkrose #donutslover #donutstime #parislife #teatimedesserts #gastronomiafit #gourmet #fingerfood #snacklover #flowergram #bemestar #family #friends #travels #brunchtime #arttherapy #comfortfood #photos #lifestylebusiness #coffee #lifeisgood #homemadefood #homeandhealthy #foodarts

This summer working out with all of the trainers live was the best experience of my life!! It was hard and HOT but it was amazing.
One of the trainers, Autumn, is doing a exclusive group for her new program and I am so excited to be part of it! This group is starting in January and working with all coaches that have committed to their health. Her programs are amazing and have helped my transformation by losing weight and inches.
You too can be in this group with me ❤️ comment below or message me...lets start 2018 off with a bang!😀

Is anyone else struggling to get in the Christmas spirit?
Still don't have all my decorations up but I've finally got my Starbucks holiday cup coffee fix! 🎄❤️☕️😍 📸 by @vieratheviper

Hvad eller hvem er nummer 1? Er det dig, eller er det din familie, eller er det dine kunder? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Afhængig af situationen kan nummer 1 være mange ting. Det kan også være det første skridt du tager i en ny retning. Alt for ofte tænker vi for meget på nummer 17-18 og 19, men glemmer at tage den første ting og gøre den først. Det har jeg ihvertfald været slem til. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I en verden af 1000 ideer og muligheder er prioritering det vigtigste af alt, hvis du vil skabe et liv og en forretning som du elsker at vågne op til hver dag.
Og hver dag er den 1. dag i resten af dit liv, så hvordan vil du prioritere din tid, din energi og dit nærvær?
Jeg har for nyligt prioriteret teamwork i min forretning, og masser af skæg og ballade i mit privatliv, og siden jeg gjorde det har jeg ikke kunnet få armene ned af glæde. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Hvad prioriterer du?

Følg mig på @hellebuttrup
#lifestylebusiness #onlinemarketing #onlinebusiness #socialemedier

I’ve had the best day with my babe, she’s made me laugh to the point I nearly pee’d myself (blame pregnancy 😉) & my stomach & cheeks hurt! 👭💖 Now it’s home with my one & only; Foot massage, take away & chill 👫💙

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