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Words of wisdom 💯❌
Type CALM letter by letter 🔥

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PERFECT way to start my day! F45 workout done ✅ Protein Shake done ✅ getting prepared for a SUPER week! #teamprosperityhlcmegachallenge

Mykonos is so beautiful.. Just like what i was seeing in pics.. A symbol of Mykonos' rich past, the island's windmills ... are painted snow-white to blend in with the rest of the island's.. #oriflame50anniversaryshipcruise #lifestyle #lifestylebusiness #dreambuilder

Your future is determined by the choices you make today. So stop wishing and start doing ✅⠀
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⭕️ status: CR critically endangered
🌀population: 60+
🌐 location: Far East Russia
🔆 threat: poaching, forest degradation, development projects and inbreeding. .
Amur leopards are solitary but some males have been reported to stay with females to rear young. They live 10-15 years. This incredible animal has been reported to leap more than 19feet horizontally and up to 10feet vertically. They can run up to 37miles per hour!
Help us support endangered species!
20% of apparel proceeds go to help creatures in need.
New endangered species every season!
This season bees! 🐝🐝
Check the link in the bio!! 👆🏽👆🏽

Hey there lovely city - please don't get too cold. Sincerely, a girl who's never experienced a real winter 🙈❄️✨

1/21 the butterfly story....success leaves clues....get the full vid here


K I guess miss thang? At least you get it from yo sista sista 😉


Why PR is an old hat and what you should do instead to get more attention and clients is the topic of my latest blogpost (Link in Bio but only in German! If there is anyone who is interested and would like to read it in English, please let me know.)
Warum PR ein alter Hut ist und was du stattdessen tun sollst, um mehr Bekanntheit zu erlangen und neue Kunden zu gewinnen erfährst du in meinem neuen Blogbeitrag ;-) (Link in Bio)

Happy Monday! Let's start this week out with a positive and go up from there! These happy little Love Bugs are new to OHM in what could be my favorite scent of all time (and I've got a TON of them!). Sweet Cherry Almond cocoa butter soap reminds me of a favorite lotion my mother always used, and I was on the hunt to replicate. #happymonday #vwbeetle #lovebug #handmadesoap #cherryalmond #cocoabutter #madewithlove #ohmercantile #crushingit #lifestylebusiness

#inspiration Portrait from #madrid 😊 @vanessaarcila

You are enough in every way.
Now go kick Monday in the 🍑. Heading toward the city this morning for a long day of meetings followed by dinner with some of my favourite humans.

My nutrition, a little amped up matcha latte and good company is going to be key to getting me through today. If you've got a tough one coming your way, take a second to breathe, know that everything will go exactly as planned and be grateful that you have the opportunity just to get up and exist.

6.5 hours in the car today so send me your podcast recommendations! #honestwildwellness
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Choose people who lift you up - Michelle Obama

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Dog sitting @eastlondonchihuahua has to be the best job ever...she's super cute and eager to learn. Thank you @rebekahroy ❤️😂😎🐶

After a fun filled business intensive with the fabulous @kirstycarden this weekend, I now have a 3 month plan for my biz! I'm super excited to start implementing these changes and put systems in place to be able to start 2018 with a bang!! What's your pre-Xmas plan biz plan? 👩🏻‍💻♡♡♡
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Click link in bio @7figureonline to grab your FREE 17 video trainings (home study course worth more than $2000! ). Last 5 Days!

Happy Monday ladies! I'm here to help you create your dream business - TODAY!
After some real soul searching I've decided to offer my 1 day intensive business strategy session for half price! Yes you heard it ...half price!
My usual investment for the VIP intensive strategy day is £3,500, but for a limited time during September I am offering a "no frills" version to you for £1,500 / $1980 / €1645.
This is only for women are serious about taking it to the next level. This session is titled "intensive" because it is designed to shift you, your business and your life up a gear.
I am super passionate about getting you and your business fired up so that you can realise your dreams, and have those powerful "aha" moments that we will be creating throughout the day.
So, whatever you are doing right now. If you have been struggling, feeling stuck and have been looking for the sign, this might be it!
Seriously, what are you waiting for?

If you want to...
* make more money in your business
* discover how to scale like a successful entrepreneur
* compress your timeline to success
* learn the exact strategies, systems and structures that I use in my business to obtain rapid results...
... then this is for YOU.
What you can expect:
* strategize your business plan
* map out your biggest desires
* develop and/or review your marketing plan
* overcome limiting beliefs and shift blocks preventing you from achieving your greatest potential
PM me now and I'll be in touch to book your complimentary clarity call. 💗✨💗
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Germany has elected a new government. 12,6% for the right wing party....#bloodyhell #nowords #btw17 #germany #keepyoureyesopen #thinkbeforeyouact

"Tragödie und Komödie sind dasselbe. Es kommt nur auf den Blickwinkel an" - Also Sweeties und genau deshalb wünsche ich euch einen wunderschönen Montag. Macht was draus 💕#perspectiveshift #mindsetshift #bosssquad #youdecide #reeperbahn #udolindenberg #hamburgmeineperle

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Words can't express how much I love my family.
Fun in the sun today at Dreamworld theme park.

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