You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha
Always remember to practise self-care ☺️ Never undervalue yourself and what you have achieved, everyone experiences life at their own pace 😊 Remember to treat yo self daily, appreciate your life and love yourself, you’re all beautiful beans with endless possibilities✌🏻

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Good day Lovelies! ❤️ Weather so hot that you’d like to have a cup of ice drink? Why not try using our Stainless Steel Straws which are reusable (minimising waste on one hand) and allows you to enjoy your ice drink EXTRA cold while sipping on it!

Reusable Stainless Steel Straw are also available from us! PM for more info! xx 💋

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Know yourself, know your worth...

I normally ALWAYS have my camera on me, everywhere I go. (Ask my close friends 😉) I’m always taking photos of my friends/family/animals, but I rarely post those personal photos to my social. I’ve decided to start doing just that- posting more of my crazy/adventurous day to day life in hopes that you can all get to know me better. ♥️
This photo was taken on a last minute camping trip with my close friend @ Lake Wenatchee, if you haven’t been GO. This Lake surrounded by mountains is beautiful, I will definitely be back!

i'm sad so I turn to social media

Guten Morgen vom Attersee 🤗
Naja er liegt hinter dem Hügel da 😋 aber den Zeig ich euch später!

Seht das Leben nicht als selbstverständlich ihr habt nur eines*

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We go live tomorrow with our 90 day transformation program.

Over ten years of pulling together knowledge and learning from coaches to create something I can be proud of.
It all started with my own struggles to achieve results and feeling like I was the only one that couldn't make progress in the gym.

It always seemed like everyone else just had the ability to guess their way to success, just by going in the gym it looked like it would just fall into place for them.

But for me it was always a struggle,

And over the years have come to realise no generic training plan or diet sheet is going to give us what we need to finally see results.

What we do need is a plan,

A very personal plan thats fits in with who we are, what we want and the journey thats going to get us their.

Our very own map to success,

It was only until I started to introduce aspects of what I learnt and seeing what worked for me and what didn't could I start to progress.

And this is how I work with my clients to get them moving forward and making progress.
We design a plan and program that sits within the clients needs, current level of training knowledge and nutritional habits.
We then track progress and adjust when nesasery.

It's such a personal progress and I believe this is the only way to truly help someone succeed with their goals.
When we launch I only want to take on 10 people as it means a lot to me that i can devote the time and support needed.

So make sure to keep an eye out for the launch tomorrow and if your ready to take your body, health and lifestyle to the next level I want to talk to you.

Speak soon

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Trump Trade lives on in fx? Pinch to zoom.

Throwback Thursday,

Was out getting in the fasted cardio and came across a old oil drum.. First thing that came to my mind was nice free oil lol then was like yes lets clean & press it.... Which lead to overhead oil drum squat 💪😁



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