Zuya had his first ride today. Good ground work makes the first ride so easy and fun. (I don’t know what I stepped in; but he sure thought my boots smelled interesting.) Excited to move onto this next step with him. He’s so gentle and kind. I love our time together. #lifesaverswildhorserescue #wildhorse #mustanghorse #horsetraining #tehachapi

This is the right thing to do. Ideal for females in the emergency services too.
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I'm happy to say we are now in a position to offer a discounted rate for those who uphold the Thin blue line. Its a small thank you for those who work crazy hours, to help people in their worst times. #thelab #darlington #peacekeepers #lifesaverswildhorserescue

My boys; Miguelito and Enapay, learning to work in sync. First time playing with them since we've moved. Also the first time working them both on the ground like this. #horsetraining #horsetrainer #tehachapi #wildhorses #mustanghorses #lifesaverswildhorserescue #wildhorsesofoakcreek #saveahorserideamustang #mustanghugger

Nothing was going to convince Enapay to give up his tumbleweed. #lifesaverswildhorserescue #mustanghorses #wildhorses #tehachapi

Another beautiful shot taken by Susie during the Women's Wild Horse Empowerment Journey 2017. #lifesaverswildhorserescue #mustanghorses #wildhorses #mustanggentling

Mustang Mule enjoying sanctuary in Wild Horse Canyon. #lifesaverswildhorserescue #wildhorses #mustanghorses #mustangmule

Wild Babies waiting to be gentled during the Women's Wild Horse Empowerment Journey 2017. #lifesaverswildhorserescue #mustanghorses #wildhorses

Some of the beauty of Wild Horse Canyon. #lifesaverswildhorserescue #caliente #mustanghorses #wildhorses

A picture of me with Spicy Girl from our Women's Wild Horse Empowerment Journey over Labor Day Weekend.
I promise to post more pictures soon. But for now, I was happy with this one because it reminded me of how important these weekends can be; for horse and human.
In May, this little girl was in my group and she was so anxious. The the minute she got in the round pen, she would size up rails and run at them as if to jump out. My group worked on redirecting those thoughts and helping her find confidence with us through consistent leadership. She had improved to the point that she was able to finally let go of needing back in her herd and could stand quietly with us and truly begin to connect. (She even started to come out of her shell and get a little sassy.) When she came into the pen this weekend, after only a couple hours of training and months off, running wild, she never sized up her pen or acted as if she was going to climb it. She came in just how I remembered her on the last day. A little sassy.
When you join in on these weekend retreats in Wild Horse Canyon, you will not only be making positive, lasting changes in your own life, but the horses as well. How great is that?
My Wild Horse Bootcamp 2017 Group clearly did right by this horse and made a lasting change. Great job ladies. (Lissa, Hannah, Carlee and Christine)

I have no doubt that this weekend my girls made another lasting impression on Little Miss Spicy Girl. (Mary, Linda, Tonya, Gina and Judy)
What a lucky Wild Pony. Her first experiences with people and learning have been so positive. All of you have taken part in setting her up for a very successful future. #tehachapi #horsetraining #mustangtraining #mustanggentling #lifesaverswildhorserescue #wildhorses #mustanghorses #mustanghugger

We are dedicated to healing rescued horses as well as veterans. Here is Terry, a Certified Practitioner of the Masterson Method, working with Riff Raff at the Lifesavers @wildhorserescue. Riff Raff has since been adopted because of this amazing work. ❤🐎❤

Another beautiful day in Tehachapi with good friends and my lovely wild-to-mild Mustangs.
#tehachapi #horsetraining #saveahorserideamustang #wildhorsesofoakcreek #lifesaverswildhorserescue #mustanghorses #wildhorses

Just another beautiful day in paradise. ❤️ Working on getting my twiggy Enapay (Brave) fit and ready to haul me around. He didn't have the benefit of growing up in these mountains, like Miguel. He came from South Dakota to Lifesavers, as a yearling, and as been living the flat lander life since. I can feel how hard it is for him to carry me around these hills. So, on top of riding, Miguel and I pony him every chance we get. Today we rode to the top of the hill for lunch. 🤠🐴 Love days when I get time to take it easy with my own herd. #tehachapi #wildhorses #mustanghorses #lifesaverswildhorserescue #wildhorsesofoakcreek #horsetraining #saveahorserideamustang

Yay Hunter! First time riding Shelby.
They still have a lot of work ahead of them, but these small steps are what build confidence in the both of them.
I chose Shelby with him in mind and the whole family fell in love with her back in March during my Wild Horse Gentling Workshop.
She's come a long way since then and he has helped at every step.
I think what makes Hunter successful with his horse, is the fact that he is consistent. Every day when he comes to see her, he is the same kid who saw her last week. He doesn't bring his bad days and take it out on her. Ive never seen him angry or frustrated with her, even when they make mistakes and face challenges. That gives Shelby confidence in him and helps her feel safe under his leadership, which is necessary if she's expected to learn new things and become a great riding partner. #horsetraining #mustangtraining #tehachapi #saveahorserideamustang #lifesaverswildhorserescue #wildhorse #mustanghorse

Told Brave he has to get ready to see Jonathan @jonathanfieldhorseman in a few months. I'm not sure he's as excited about this as I am. 😴🐴 #mustanghorse #wildhorse #lifesaverswildhorserescue #mustangtraining #saveahorserideamustang #tehachapi #horsetraining

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