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Today I have felt weird ALL day. I didn't know how to identify how I felt emotionally, but I knew I didn't feel like myself. I went to check the time on my iPhone and what was staring at me DEAD STRAIGHT in my face, was the date. It's May 25th and just like that I remembered it has been officially ONE YEAR since I was diagnosed with #ThyroidCancer & now, my unsteady emotions all of a sudden made sense. My own inner self knew what day it was, but apparently, my outer self tried to block it out. At the age of 24, one should not have to worry about countless doctors appointments, multiple thyroid biopsies which involve needles being inserted and aspirated through your neck, and SO much blood work that I can't even count on two hands how many times I've been poked and prodded. Feeling helpless like no one cares, or everyone, including family, just telling you that you have anxiety, when you know inside your symptoms are far more than that. I can't stress to you all how important it is to never let others TELL YOU HOW YOU FEEL. Whether that be emotionally or in my case, physically. I had 4 doctors tell me my symptoms were made up because of my increasing stress levels from school, work and my own mother's cancer diagnosis, but I knew that was not the case. Only I knew how I felt and I continued to see multiple doctors until one would listen. Never ever give up on your health, if you know that your body is not right, you fight for someone to listen to you. And so I did, and that's where May 25th comes into play. When I got the call from my physician I knew he didn't have good news for me, 1st off, because deep down I thought I had thyroid cancer and 2nd off, who really gets a call during non-business hours only a day after biopsy? Those in medicine know that these types of calls are the ones families wish to never receive. So before I even answered the phone I prayed that it hadn't spread beyond my thyroid because I already knew he was going to tell me I had cancer. So, for all those who ask me about the scar on my neck. Nooo, it's not from getting shanked in my work parking lot, although I do like to say that 😂😂 it's just my warrior scar, that'll be with me forever

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Today, three of our officers received the #LifeSavingAward at the #SouthBay #MedalofValor Awards Ceremony. We're truly honored to have these individuals on our department. 🙏🏼👏🏼🙏🏼👏🏼🏅

Backless, Strapless, AND Cleavage? Is that even a question @sneakyvaunt. Oh, and 20% off? Okay now, that's a statement! Girls it's now or never to get that cleavage game strong💪What are you waiting for!?! #ad #checkitout #lifesaver #secretweapon

ok honestly i don't have words...

Koala Who Almost Drowned Is Rescued Just In Time

A koala who'd gotten himself in over his head while traversing a river in Australia was pulled to safety just in time - all thanks to the quick thinking of a man who refused to ignore his struggle.

Muzammil Patel, a volunteer for Australia's Great Victorian Bike Ride, had just arrived to one of the event's campsite stops on Apollo Bay when a woman there alerted him to the animal in dire threat of drowning. Wildlife officials had been called to assist, but Patel knew that situation called for a more urgent response.

So, he leapt into action, wading out into the water to pull the little guy to safety.

The entire rescue was caught on film.

While this heroic gesture only took a few moments, it may very well have changed the koala's fate forever for the better - and that's something those present won't soon forget.

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När blodsockret dippar rejält för dom små och jordgubbar med spraygrädde räddar dagen 😂😘🤘 #mommyoftheyear #mellis #lifesaver #mellanmål


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1 year on and he's still there making each day better❤️ You're always there to literally pick me up off the floor or rescue me on the beach😉😂 I'd be lost without you! I'd probably still be in that sink hole if it wasn't for you😂 #1yearon #boyfriend #couple #alwaysclumsy #lifesaver #bestteamever❤️ 💕👫

Being a Sister (#nurse) in #kuwait is definitely a difficult but rewarding job - even if it doesn't pay the most.

So after working 108hrs 30min in the last 5 days 😴😴; spending time on the beach, on steam trains, in the arcade, in the club house, watching EVERYONE else drinking and actually dying for a cider .... I have come home to an empty house as @viperdt is working but he's put me this in the fridge for me!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #lifesaver #angryorchard #cider #andbreathe

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