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The streets of Venice is as hazy as my future #lifereminders #takingittoopersonally

#Repost @misslucywoodward
Ok, see this guy? This Al Jarreau. I opened for him the other night and the man is magic, glimmering ray of light. At sound check I started hearing someone say "Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do!" over and over again from somewhere and I turned around to follow this voice and he was just giggling at me. We talked for a while about making music, art and the industry. "One thing you have to do is keep music dear and close to your heart. Even if you bartend during the week and have a day job, whatever it takes, just keep the MUSIC close to your heart and you can't go wrong." I was so memorized by him that I simply forgot to get a photo of us. But what I got was worth way more. You could just feel his heart singing directly into your own like it was being funneled in. What a night. #lifereminders #aljarreau @groundupmusicny

"FALL DOWN SEVEN, STAND UP EIGHT TIMES." *This photo shows a boy holding on to his mom after he fell down & it took some time before he can stand again. I offered my help & I encourage him saying, "Ganyan talaga sa buhay minsan madadapa ka at magkakamali pero the good news is pwedeng bumangon." Friend, have you made mistakes 8n your life? Are you going through some challenges & trials? Don't lose hope. Look for help & support Acknowledge this reality in your life & make ways not repeat the same mistake but think of ways to repair it. Give yourself the gift of second chances💞

#ByaheNiJUAN #LifeReminders #EnjoyTheRiDeOfYourLife || JCLibiran.com

🏯🌸 remember to stop and smell the roses #lifereminders #bethankful

-SELF REMINDER, geser slide-
Semoga Allah menjadikan kita pribadi yang senantiasa mengingat kematian, senantiasa menyadari bahwa akan datang hari akhir yg kekal, menyadari jika dunia ini sementara.
Semua yang dimiliki hanyalah titipan, tidak akan dibawa mati.
Kelak kita akan kembali, pulang, kembali kepada-Nya.
Pulang tidak membawa apa-apa selain amal perbuatan yg harus kita pertanggungjawabkan.
Bolehlah menggenggam dunia, tapi jangan sampai kita cinta dunia sampai memasukkan dunia kedalam hati. "Dan tiadalah kehidupan dunia ini, selain dari main-main dan senda gurau belaka". (Qs : 6 : 32).
yang terlalu mencintai dunia. "Berapa tahunkah lamanya kamu tinggal di bumi?" (Qs Al-Mu'minuun : 122). Sedangkan akhirat itu kekal abadi☺️🙏🏻.
Semoga kita menjadi pribadi yg senantiasa berpikir bahwa hari ini atau detik ini detik terakhir kita, bahwa ibadah kita adalah ibadah yg terakhir, sehingga kita berusaha memaksimalkan, sehingga itu semua menjadikan kita pengingat dan menjadikan diri kita menjadi pribadi yg lebih baik lagi dimata Allah SWT, aamiin🙏🏻. #selfreminder #muhasabahdiri #lifereminders

Life is like the ocean. One day it's totally calm, not a worry in the world and the next day BAM! All hell breaks loose and all of a sudden it's picking you up and tossing you around almost like you have no control at all but the one thing we always seem to forget is that when a storm comes, light is always right behind it ready to clear the sky's and calm the oceans. A part of growing is to just stop fighting and let go and just let the waves take you even when it gets rough everything will be alright once the storm passes #positivevibes #keeponkeepingon #lifereminders

Keep going don't let anything or anyone stop you from taking that next step! Accomplish every goal you set your mind to believe in yourself and demonstrate those who do not believe in you show them you can! don't even think of giving up because today you are a step closer than you were yesterday! 🙏🏼♥️💪🏼 #nevergiveup #Godblessyouall #quoteoftheday #lifereminders #goodmorningpost

Today I was reminded there are still good people in this world we live in. I picked up this book at target today to find the following note. So sweet! Of course I had to buy the book then as well. #lifereminders #goodpeopleinthisworld #inspiring


Sometimes the simplest things, as this flower today, has the power of make me smile. Remaining me to focus on the beauty and the joy that simplest things each day brings to our life. #Flowers #LifeReminders #ChoosingJoy #BrightSideOfLife

Did you know, sense of smell can drive human behavior? Candles are comforting ..& it helps with my anxiety. —�to another exam I go!

In graduate school, you have to think ‘big picture’ but also care about the little details. In organizing my thoughts, I used color coded flash cards to memorize each topic. I also created mnemonics for the stacks; one is called, “Snail.” 😜

Note to self 🙌be present, be mindful, and stop comparing. #dailyinspo #lifereminders #friday #happiness #behappy

"progress is when we forgive ourselves for taking so long to treat our bodies like a home..." @yung_pueblo#yogaphotography @cristianbaitg .
(esp) "progreso es cuando nos perdonamos por tomar tanto tiempo en tratar nuestros cuerpos como nuestro hogar" #inspiración#yungpueblo
#alwaysprogressneverperfection #progress #yoga #yogalove #yogainspiration #wisewords #lifereminders #zulunayoga #anjaneyasana #inspiration #mybodyismytemple #yogabcn #yogabarcelona #barcelonayoga #sealove #eusodomar #oceanlove #naturemedicine #vitaminsea #oceaninspiration #seainspiration

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