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In love with these super cute cacti. Check them out in my Etsy shop.

Life Planner - більше, ніж просто планер.
Придбати Life Planner означає придбати секретну зброю для власного щастя, для розкриття кордонів можливого, для натхнення і досягнення більшого!


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Sudah ke kita buat perancangan yg sepatutnya utk kewangan kita??? .

Di samping kita menyimpan adakah kita melindungi apa yg kita simpan??? .

Aset2 yg kita ada dan kumpul selama bertahun2 adakah kita dh lindungi??? .

Sbb apa kena lindungi aset2 tu? .

Contohlah kalau tiba2 kita diuji dgn SAKIT KRITIKAL ATAU KEMALANGAN dan perlu kos rawatan yg tinggi dgn SEGERA... .

Mana kita nak dapat jumlah tu dgn CEPAT, dan adakah kita nak korbankan simpanan kita bertahun utk bayar kos tersebut??? .

Fikirkan.... . "Bersama Melindungi Kebajikan Diri dan Keluarga Anda" 👪 .

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The end of the same week 😍 love love love this double box ❤️

Do you have too much on and can't seem to get anything done? Book your free 14 day trial at ABS LIfe and let us help you plan your time efficiently! #goodday #abslife #abs #lifeplanner #lifecoach #lifecoachliverpool #anxiety

Diamonds are a girls beat friend right?! 💍

I always forget when i have to take mine!! New stickers for all occasions and to remember out now!

When I was 5 years old, all I knew was drawing. I drew every day. And I would tape all my drawings on the wall. I was also crazy about Sailor Moon. So I would have a full wall of Sailor Moon pictures I drew myself. I don’t think my parents appreciated my “talent” as much, though. I didn’t remember hearing them praising my pictures. So I stopped when I was 7 and I don’t think I ever picked up a colored pencil again. It might sound like I’m blaming my parents. I’m not trying to do that, but I have to say that my actions between the age of 7-20 were heavily affected by them. At this day and age, it’s time for me to take everything into my own hands, and I wasn’t able to do that any earlier. I’m not blaming what they did to me, because I know that they did their best. But I’m looking at what feelings and actions I have that were affected by them and I try to lessen the effect. I’m healing my wounds that were created in me by their actions and words. It’s my responsibility to do that.

Pretty simple in my memory planner.. I’m still behind but trying to get all caught up! #memoryplanner #lifeplanner #meandmybigideas #happyplanner #plannergirl #planneraddict #mambi

This week we are bringing something new for $2 Tuesday...
Introducing the Candy Land Collection!
A bunch of functional sheets all in co-ordinating colours, perfect for all you white space planners out there or when you need a few extra items to get you through your week.
These have all been listed in just one product with all the options listed as variations. Let me know how this works for you and if it makes it easier for shopping, I'd love to hear your feedback on this type of product setup.

Also added this week are the Deco & Weekly samplers for the following kits:

All the regular $2 Tuesday items are still available also.
Happy shopping! ❤️
(shop link in bio)

Tomorrow’s $2 Tuesday options! $2 Tuesday will be live at 7am CST.

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