still waters at Bethells Beach producing a mirror-image of a remarkable sunset

#kiwi Potato looking things that live in the dark and only come out for food- thought it was me #lifeofnewzealand

Pray for the Baskins 2018 #deathbytreblecone #nz oh and this was taken from bottom of the ski hill #lifeofnewzealand

I don’t know how to be chill about mountains #lifeofnewzealand

Views from the bunny hill 🤷🏼‍♀️🐰#lifeofnewzealand

I’m feeling so humbled by all of nature’s beauty today. Back country riding was the most incredible way to view New Zealand’s grounds. So much love for this beautiful girl Lonestar that I had the privilege of riding #lifeofnewzealand

It’s barely been 3 hours and I’m already going through withdrawal wondering where the f all the mountains went. I can’t even put into words how incredibly blessed I feel to have experienced so many new things in such a beautiful country. Can’t thank @sportinglifecan enough for giving us this opportunity and proving people actually do win those online contests. I’ll never send another one to junk mail again. Truly was a trip of a lifetime. #lifeofnewzealand

kelly or egg #mommy #lifeofnewzealand

Sunshine, mountains, these two, and no 9-5 #betterdays #lifeofnewzealand

SeAduction 🌊 #lifeofnewzealand

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