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Yaaaaassss 😊😁😀😃😂
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😍My students LOVE Count the Room and I 💗 that the three colors allow for easy differentiation!!

We wrapped up our investigations yesterday. The students had to write up a report/story about what they think happened. This is a go-to lesson for me every year! Link to TpT product in my bio 😊

Our FAVORITE morning meeting greeting is the shoe greeting. Do you make time for morning meeting each morning?

It's been a great break but back to packing my lunch each day! I love the lunch thermals from @thirtyone! What is your favorite teacher lunch box!?
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Take that tortilla chips & tequila!🎯

i started of good with winning 4 coffees in a row then she either forgets to roll up her cup before throwing it twice or tims forgot to give me a rollup cup when i get my tumbler mug refilled ahah. anyway they realized this morning that they forgot to give me so heres a double rollup ! could've won a car already !! LOL jkjk. may the force be with the rollup and win me a car ! hahahah #rolluptherim #timhortons #morningcoffee #lifeofateacher #DECE #ineedmycaffeine #fingerscrossed

I am all in this week and so are my challenge group girls!
We are committed and READY to squash this after vacation bulge!😩 Day #2 .Upper Fix .21 Day Fix
Never Miss A Monday!!!🎯

Because I teach... and I counsel JC1 students who are already feeling the stress. 2/2

Because I teach... and I counsel JC1 students who are already feeling the stress. 1/2

BUT, because as teachers we make differentiated lesson plans to meet the needs of 20+ kids on a daily basis...we'll find a way to make that bike work! Happy Monday! May your bikes ride smoothly and and attitudes be positive 💜❤️💙💚💛💗

✨Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more: BELIEVING IN YOURSELF! - Harry Potter✨ Work towards becoming a better YOU everyday! You ARE good enough, remember that!! 💕 #simplesweetstrong