There’s a reason why they call Buti yoga the soulmate workout. The connection with the movement is undeniable. ❤️
Don’t forget about Buti soul Sundays! @undoneanduncensored is teaching tomorrow morning at 10am at Anytime Fitness! Come check it out! #butiyoga #fitmomsofig #anytimefitness #aftribe #soulmateworkout #butiismyfavorite #dancecardio #moveyourbody #loveyourbody #soulfood #saturdayvibes #weekendworkout #yogamom #yogalove #lifeofafitnessinstructor #lifeofafitmom

☆ P R O G R E S S ☆

Not to brag... 🤷🏾‍♀️ but...not bad "for a mom" 😜
Dag 2 doing this en balsy enough om dit alleen te doen in de gym, maar ook genoeg vertrouwen in mijn eigen kunnen om het buiten int park, met het gevaar met m'n bakkes op de stoep te klappen, te doen. Vink toch best wel tof eigenlijk. Ik heb hier zoooo lang over gedroomd en dacht altijd dat ik het noooit zou kunnen. Dat mijn schouder het niet aan zou kunnen, maar ook dat ik het lef niet zou hebben. Niets is minder waar! Dat blijkt maar weer. Stoked om dit te kunnen doen en benieuwd hoe ver ik mezelf kan pushen hierin.

Since it was such a beautiful day out, we splurged on some ice cream! 🍦

☆ N E W . G O A L S ☆
So I got in the gym for legday... but there was @c.dunlopsthenics and his crew asking me to join them. After a few convincing moves I forgot about legday and surrendered myself 😅😂
Never thought I could pull it off, I was waiting for me to fall flat on my face, but I tried and tried. Then got a little frustrated and then tried some more. And then it happened. It just clicked. And I did it. I pulled it off. Not completely flawless..but I'm sure that with the support of @ucngsz I will be doing this stuff including a handstand, HPU and handstandwalks in no time. Dammit man I admire the wqy he is in sync with his body. Major respect to him!
First clip is from @carolinewijnands who happened to be in the gym and spotted me doing this. Last 2 clips are later in the evening where I had more control, but my body was a little tired.
Seriously guys @ucngsz @c.dunlopsthenics I wanna thank you for showing me it's possible for me to do this stuff cause I truly thought I couldn't. You gave me tools I can work with on my own, but also made me feel welcome to join you guys whenever you're in the gym and I really appreciate that. Thank you. ❤💪🏾

It’s finally spring weather here. Started off with a walk with the family and then an arm session requested by my daughter #betheexample #lifeofafitmom

When your heavy duty competition earring falls off in the middle of posing on stage & makes you almost fall... keep going #LIKEABOSS #igotthis I actually step on it a couple times during my transitions #competitionfails 😂👍🏽🌺 #fbf

Ive been going back & fourth on whether or not I’m ready & willing to dedicate the time to train for another competition. After competing 5 different times I’ve learned that if you aren’t giving your prep your all-undivided attention you’re setting yourself up for failure. At least for me that’s how it is. I’m in the middle of starting a new business venture as well as working a full time job. On the other hand I have this undying urge to start training again, it’s an addiction 🙄. Honestly not sure if it will happen for me this yr but I do think I’ll start training more seriously (even on my broken foot) in case I do decide to 😏. Happy tbt y’all 💪🏽

The smile on my face gives it away every time! I F’ing LOVE what I do! 👉🏽 check my IG description & FB profile pic for my class days, times & locations! #fitmomsofig #fitness #lifeofafitnessinstructor #lifeofafitmom #butiyoga #yoga #powerbands #ilovemyclasses #ilovemyjob #smile #smilethrutheburn #spreadpositivity #spreadpositivevibes #yogamom #yogalove #healthandfitness #wellness #wednesdayvibes #humpday

So glad to have finally made it back to the gym, these past 2 weeks have felt like a lifetime 🙄. Obviously today was a leg day, 400 cals burned and feeling amazing again. The gym really is therapy 😍❤

The 🌏 needs more ❤

Wait a second, we have some celebrating to do! 🎉

Get ready to ... 💞 HIT THAT LOVE BUTTON 💞

I am SO excited to announce that Robyn Sjoblom has decided to join my Pumped Up Posse team! She has been a challenger of mine since January and has recently decided to turn her PASSION for fitness into a business and become a COACH! She has seen amazing results and is so inspired to pay it forward and start helping others live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Let's all give her some love!
Do you have a passion for fitness? Do you want to turn your passion of fitness into a business? Fill out the Coach Application in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can!
If you're wondering what it is I do or want to learn more about the Coaching Opportunity, I will be hosting a LIVE Coaching Event - Link in the comments.


If you simply need help with your own health and fitness goals, hit me up, I'd love to help. I love making new friendships and I would love to help you achieve your goals 💖

Streets of DTLA Arts District

#pinkroses 😍

Can't wait to use these again ... T-8 Days!

Check out my mat during yesterday's Booty Day 🤣


Dads birthday, sisters birthday and thanksgiving. ❤️ is filled


Happy hump day... 😏
It’s almost summer and I’m no where close to this body. Throw back to 2016 comp. Operation #bodytransformation #summershredding ASAP! 🤨
Hmmmm but I still have a broken foot 😩🤔🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Meal planning and hanging with the family. 🥗

Who is working on their meals for the week?
#ilovegreens #fitlifeguru #strongmom #cardiodone #cardioflow #lifeofafitmom #lulumom #momandbabygirl #mealprepsundays #turnouttheyum

I sent @stefano_barberi this picture about 4.5 miles into this run and said on track for another 7 mile day, this kid is trying to kill me. Well here I am over 9 miles later and I'm still alive... Somehow.

#livingdeliciously #9miles #longestrun #longestrunever #momlife #Micheli #momstrong #momofatoddler #momswhoworkout #momswhorun #xtremerunnerslife #womenrunning #runnerscomunity #therungroup #runningmom #naptimeworkout #lifeofafitmom #nutritioncoach #healthcoach #healthylifestyle

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