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Isn't this vase I thrifted 50% beautiful and 50% hideous?😍 #lifemetaphor

While you may not always be able to shovel off the whole lake, you can certainly always create enough room to skate. #LifeMetaphor ? #perspective #BackToWhereItAllStarted

I never expected this plant to live long enough to outgrow its pot but it has (#lifemetaphor) - anyone know how to make this into 2 🐍 🌱babies??

sometimes colors come late, and muted, and after many leaves have already fallen. they come to life after many think they’ve died — surprising us with their depth and longevity. their hues, though we may have lost patience in the waiting, are richer than we could’ve imagined, and better now that we’ve waited so long. #latecolors #lifemetaphor 🍂


Jack climbed some stairs that led nowhere but he felt pretty good about it. 🏅#lifemetaphor ,or something.

When the view behind looks so much better than where you are headed. #lifemetaphor

@peroquebarbaridad:”dejame sacarte una foto”
-“pero no se que hacer.”

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations #holidays #firstexams #lifemetaphor #staystrong #wecandothis


I love stained glass windows. There was one at a pub in Glastonbury a little while back, and I couldn’t stop messing around with the amazing light it was reflecting into the room with my dad. It was gorgeous. Not only that, but I loved thinking about how every single day, no matter how much or how little the sun shone, the staff would witness the sun hit that certain point of the window, and these amazing colours would appear. It kinda made me think about life, and how for every day we are fortunate enough to live; there will always be some form of light trying to shine through. Whether that is family, experiences, faith, luck, chance, pretty views, relationships, health, etc... but it’s up to us to find that little light we’ve got and soak up all it’s colours. Because THAT’S true beauty. I hate to get all deep but I can never help it when I see something beautiful 😍

started printing this years xmas card! its the seventh year (lost one design thru the years) and still cant learn from my mistakes.
aka - printed half of them backwards so far..
#lifemetaphor #xmascard #handmade #christmascards #blockprinting #screenprinting #xmas #happyholidays

The isolated, broken, snow covered chair #lifemetaphor 😁

Lessons in cross stitching: sometimes it doesn't seem to make sense or look right. But it only requires a step back to see how it all fits. #xstitching #lifemetaphor #workinprogress #crossstitch

Life is like foam rolling. Moving towards the spot that hurts so bad but feels so much at peace afterwards. 😌😭😌#foamrolling #lifemetaphor #growthhurts

I love how gripping the ground yet pushing it away at the same time is the key to holding a handstand 👐🏼 #lifemetaphor #balance #handstand #dowhatlightsyouup

You can't make a cup of tea brew faster by jiggling it harder.

If you know me at all, you'll guess that there's an analogy coming, and this is not just about tea.

But I did realise this literally one day, when I'd got to the point of rushing my tea making so much, leaving the bag in such a short amount of time to get going to whatever I was on the way to doing - that I took a sip of my pale tea and realised I'd really just made a cup of hot water with milk in it.... A simple, silly, yet defining moment.

And it came at a time when I was still teaching high school, and not loving it. It was a metaphor for my whole life which felt as rushed and unsatisfying as weak-as-water tea.

From then on I promised myself to make even tea making a ritual. Take my time with it.

And to carry that idea into my whole life.

Just like I can't make the tea brew faster by jiggling the tea bag harder, everything else satisfying and worth doing in life can't be made to happen by just shaking it harder, hustling harder, pushing ahead faster.

And today I am really feeling the call to pare back and simplify. To remember the value of ritual in everyday things. To remember that like tea or like fruit or like wine, life is better when we let it ripen in its proper time.

I have a million goals I want to get done, and maybe I could do them all if I just continued to forge ahead. But would they be fully ripe and rich when I got them? Or would they be as unsatisfying as unripe fruit or as watery as unbrewed tea.

If you want to reach your dreams, AND you want them to be ripe and rich and fully satisfying when you do, let them brew.

The pause and the waiting is as valuable as the doing.

Make the pause a ritual, journal, meditate, reflect, day dream. Let your mind wander from the to dos and into the possibilities in that time of stillness.

What is in front of you today that is asking for a little more brewing time? .
#tea #lifemetaphor #dream #wait #stillness #journaling

“The harder you fall, the heavier your heart; the heavier the heart, the stronger you climb; the stronger you climb, the higher your pedestal.”
#crossfitmetaphor #lifemetaphor #residentcrossfit #ropeclimb #511tactical #savagebarbell #yesreebok #reeboknano

Make music wherever you go. Even when it's raining. #lifemetaphor

Think about that goal you’ve been working towards...Are you still working on it? Have you stopped working on it? Why did you set that goal in the first place?! Don’t give up on it!!! Instead go smash the $#&;% out of it!!! 😄🤜 ...Seriously!
#positivikey #bethebestyouthatyoucanbe

My grass, your grass, their grass. Makes no difference, what matters is who is willing to water it.
Dia Número Cinco: Half Moon 🌓 Pose. #festiveandfit challenge by @doyouyoga #selflove #greengrass #decemberchallenge #halfmoonpose

Stocking up. You can never have too many balls. #lifemetaphor

Straight #roads are no fun. Enjoy the #curves! 😄

🌹And you’ll find that as every thorn is removed , you get to discover more of its beauty. #lifemetaphor #life #beauty #colateralbeauty #lifelessons

This cabinet came with a set of keys maybe 4 years ago when I bought it at Goodwill. I misplaced those keys about two years ago. A few weeks ago I organized all the contents and it’s pretty excellent / useful.
Today, I went to open the top to store some items, and the top is #locked. That’s not great. .
#vintagefurniture #vintage #lostkeys #lifemetaphor

The struggle of the climb is always worth the beauty of the reward. #beaconhill #endureandenjoy365 #ambador #trails #lifemetaphor #thoughtsfromthetrail

When you finally have direction #lifemetaphor #generalisation #timeline #future #blahblahblah

Always precious. #lifemetaphor

I fuckin stack my books one by one... I lick my lips back and forth #lifemetaphor #makingmoney #jobprep

Chinese bamboo tree: the seed of the Chinese bamboo tree has to be watered for 5 years before it finally breaks through the ground. But once it breaks through the ground it grows 80 ft in just 6 weeks! Power of patience and persistence. Life.
💚 #chinesebambootree #lifemetaphor #life #patience #persistence #givingupisnotanoption

Got tagged to do black and white photo so here's one.....not tagging anyone but feel free to do it too #blackandwhite #photography #photochallenge #outofthewater #intothewater

single colorful berry hanging on as the wind ravaged this tree. #lifemetaphor #letgo #turnthepage

Siempre he dicho que el póker es muy buen escuela de vida pero joder, comer granadas le sigue de cerca!
Me encanta la granada pero solo si me curro yo el quitar los granos (con mi sudor, dedicación y maña !👷🏽‍♀️). Vamos que si compro la típica cajita con los granos ya limpitos y ready to eat no me sabe igual de rica, de hecho no me gusta.
Se me ocurren varias teorías pero la que más mola es que el proceso importa a la hora de lograr satisfacción! Lograr algo porque nos hemos esforzado y le hemos puesto ganas mola más, sobre todo porque es mas sostenible y no dependes más que de ti! Además de que hacer las cosas por uno mismo y verse capaz sube el autoestima y motiva. Si te desapegas del resultado (comer granada riquísima... o cosas más profundas ;)) para centrarte en el proceso (currártelo, esforzarte etc) entonces el resultado acaba siendo la consecuencia y no el objetivo!
Pelando granada también desarrollas paciencia y autocontrol (porque siempre hay un punto de decir a tomar por saco que la desgrane Rita! Pero cuando sigues y la acabas, te molas 😎)
La granada como metáfora de la vida jajaja!!! En serio es perfecta! 😂😂
#granada #granate #life #lifemetaphor #metaphor #process #tryharder #vamooo

It's Sunday. Take time to make your soul happy today. I'm going for a hike. What are you doing?

@peroquebarbaridad:”dejame sacarte una foto”
-“pero no se que hacer.”

"Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it !" Oprah Winfrey
#laos #vangvieng #morningrun #run #stayfit #cardio #motivation #quote #lifemetaphor #challengeyourself #womenwhorun #runaroundtheworld #montains #field #outdoor #gowild #travel #nomad #livehappy

🏋🏼‍♀️When life gets heavy, add an extra 10lbs and run with that shiz🏃🏼‍♀️
#crossfitmetaphor #lifemetaphor #crossfit #carahsgaragegym #garagegym #reebok #thicc

Jack climbed some stairs that led nowhere but he felt pretty good about it. 🏅#lifemetaphor ,or something.

When the view behind looks so much better than where you are headed. #lifemetaphor

I have made many version of this image and has seen it as a life metaphor. This is the first time I can confidently say that I have learned how to fly when I reached the cliffs edge. I also can see the beyond and it is beautiful.... #friendsartchallenge went deep this month! Thank you for joining in!

#artchallenge #lifemetaphor #learnhowtofly #beauty #mountains

I often move past tired and burn myself out. I’m working on being more consistent with the jog rather than full on sprinting. 👌🏼 #steadypace #lifemetaphor

I can't see where the road will take me but I'm keen to walk along it and find out .
#deep #lifemetaphor #haha #gettit #causeitslikewalkingthroughlife #haha #god

Today I'm grateful for beauty in the face of impending storms. #lifemetaphor #30daysofgratitude #rainbow #travelnevada

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