I spent the weekend in Dallas at the Texas Instruments TLC!! I learned a lot and had so much fun!! #lifelonglearner #T3learns #eduprenuer #icancode

Life is about CHOICES😄
The most important thing is=
THE REASONS or Motives behind them.
NOW I DO realize, whatever I choose in my life will be My LIFE LESSONS👌and Yesss... It will be FOREVER (LIFELONG LEARNING)👌
➡FYI: I don't use FOREVER word, especially if I wanna say about my feeling.
For example = "I Love You Forever"😑😑😑 cmonnn... It's too childish, I don't know how long forever is. And the fact is People Change. So, I choose to say: "I Love You NOW"😚😄😛
There's NO HAPPILY EVER AFTER(Disney Lies)😜
It's all about LEARNING😗
nobody's perfect. nothing's perfect.
In marriage life, my spouse of course will be so annoying, maybe sometimes or often.
What do I EXPECT from a human? That's the lesson😂
Learn how to cope with it.
I don't say I have to sacrifice MySelf.
Of course NOT!☝
I can learn to be more tolerant and flexible👌so I can GROW and be wiser🙏
What about divorce?
Yesss.. Of course I agree. If 2 people live UNHAPPILY EVERAFTER(Yes..it Exists❗Disney...🙏Please make movie about Live Unhappily everafter😆) and they already tried everything and still same, try to divorce😄don't worry we also can RE-MARRY😆😆😆 Who knows it will get better? Good? Bad? Who knows? .
#LifeLongLearning #Forever #LifeLessons
#Novitta #LifeLongLearner

One of my favorite quotes ever. I absolutely love learning, traveling, meeting new people and going on adventures. #lifelonglearner #goodquotestoliveby

Weekend thoughts 💭
A professor of mine said that the clinicians you surround yourself with during your first year following graduation will be so important in influencing your practice.
That’s why I’m thankful to have the seniority and experience of such skilled practitioners within my company at #spoonerpt 🙏🏻 but also for the passionate and eager new-grads that are accompanying me on this journey through orthopedic residency
My goal this year: not to take any of these individuals for granted, learn something new from each of them, improve my own practice and try my best to return the favor 🙌🏻☺️

In the real estate industry staying knowledgeable is key. Being unaware of policies, procedures, and laws can cost a client time and money 💰💰. It can also result in severe consequences for an agent and/or broker. This is why we are always learning! #greatclass #therearerulestothis #ethics #lifelonglearner #knowledgeispower

What an inspiring weekend at the #barefoottrainingsummit. I got to learn about ground-breaking research and its application from passionate and inspiring professionals (like Jenny Burrell @burrell_education pictured here). I also enjoyed spending time and sharing ideas with curious attendees
Thanks @dremilydpm for your efforts as both a teacher and organizer to put this together. I am looking forward to applying this terrific information on "Brain, Breath, Barefoot."

9am and I've already been to the gym, walked the dogs, had a shower, checked emails, done my weekly goals and been to do a quick grocery shop. 🤗

I love starting Monday's right as I feel it really sets me up for the week! My most important thing I do is set my goals and intentions for the week and right a to do list. 📄

I hope you all have a great Monday and smash this week 🌞
Now time for a coffee ☕

🌿🤚🏻🐞She wanted to go outside and play with playdough. Awesome - let’s do it, I’m all about it. Let me find some cool stuff to make a whole production of it. Two seconds later, she’s helping dad pick up sticks in the yard for the fire and is super into it. Don’t mind me over here having more fun with the playdough by my dang self and making a hedgehog. 🤷🏼‍♀️It’s the simple things? Is that what I’m supposed to say?

Just added to our Home and Community #flipboard magazine. Our cover story, “4 ways to help kids with autism have great play dates” By Joel Yanofsky. There are few things more rewarding than watching your child on the spectrum succeed socially and make a personal connection, whether it’s for an hour, a day or a lifetime. Still, what comes naturally to neurotypical children may require considerable preparation and practice for a child with autism spectrum disorder. Follow these tips to make your kid’s next playdate a success. 1. Choose the activity carefully⠀
Before a playdate, consider the kinds of activities that motivate your child. You should also think about choosing a playmate who shares an interest in similar activities. As already mentioned, it’s possible that even as your child grows older, they will continue to feel more comfortable with parallel play. While it is wise not to force them into a situation that is going to make them more likely to shut down, it’s still worth trying to nudge them outside their comfort zone.⠀
Read more @ buff.ly/2Fleloi.⠀
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Have too many apples? Our favorite farmer is having a little trouble organizing his apples… and you and your kids can help! Check out the problem (and maybe find a use for all those apples you picked this weekend…) today!

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Love getting a new notebook. Do you? This one has been perfect for taking notes over the weekend at our incredible Impact Training for my business. I am an avid note taker. How about you? 💖💚💖

Looking forward to an exciting day of education and inspiration! #michaelnelsonstudio #esthetician #lifelonglearner #waxing #skincare

Forty-nine years ago, author Kurt Vonnegut typed a letter to Ellie Golden Appel. Emily and Kurt attended Orchard in the 30s. We agree with Kurt’s statement in the letter. “How could anybody at Orchard ever forget anybody else at Orchard?” #community
Fun fact: Ellie’s mother and grandmother are two of the founding mothers of The Orchard School. And Kurt met his future wife at Orchard. Jane Cox was in his KG class!

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