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I feel attacked. Maybe that light is telling him to follow me on here! Haha it could happen. Another pic I have to save. Of course. I’m running out of storage here! 😛 #drewramos #missyou #seeyousoon #cantwaittoseeyou #lifelines #irl #inreallife

in real life is basically top line WITH brady... oh my god... michael predicted irl... wizard...

Can’t believe it’s been one week since I met some of my favorite boys!! This was one of the best days of my life and I can’t thank these guys enough for that!! I may miss them tons but every time I look at my phone I smile because of this day!! They made me feel like I mattered to them and that meant the world to me! I love them all so much!! ☺️💕💕 #sergiocalderonjr #michaelconor #chanceperez #bradytutton #drewramos #inreallife #lifelines

Jaate nahi kahin rishte puraane
Kisi naye ke aa jaane se
Jaata hoon main toh mujhe tu jaane de
Kyun pareshan hai mere jaane se…

Ek teri yaari ka hi
Saaton janam haqdaar hoon main
Tera yaar hoon main…

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My mom worked long hours starting when I was in middle school but I felt her presence even when she was not home. I felt her presence whenever I stepped into the pantry to make my breakfast and lunch. She bought the things I liked and foods that were healthy for me. I felt my mom’s presence in the little smiley face notes that she left for my sister and me in random places throughout the house.
I remember Mom being gone, but not absent. I felt her presence even when she was at work.
And when my mom was home, she did something that made me take pause.She said, “I love you,” right out of the blue. Like while riding in the car—she’d call out, “I love you.” I’d see her eyes smiling at me in the rearview mirror. Or like in the morning when I groggily poured milk on my cereal. “I love you,” she’d say as if my bedhead was a beautiful sight to behold. .
Most people I knew reserved that three-word phrase for special occasions, departures, achievements, or bedtime—but not my mom. With her, “I love you” was spontaneous. She just put it out there. And because the phrase was never surrounded by any other words and never tied to conditions or expectations, it was accentuated, heard, and absorbed.
That’s probably what I remember most about my mom who was gone a lot, but not absent. .
I thought of her when I created these Made With Love Lunch Notes with the help of @oliverstwistpaper. I chose my favorite affirmations from when I was a kid to when I was a teacher for special education students. There are 25 little cards in the cute burlap sack. Give them freely to let someone feel your presence, your love, even when you are apart. Click link in profile to purchase or go to: https://shop.handsfreemama.com/ #lunchnotes #pillownotes #suitcasenotes #tuckinapocket #affirmations #lifelines #madewithlove #backtoschool #makinglunch #thinkingofyou

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