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Shared my biggest f*^k up last night at @cp_yvr, how I spent months preparing for a festival to only sell half of the painstakingly decorated cookies I had made. It was tough going through it but I couldn't be more thankful that it happened, because it made me reevaluate what I was doing and why. Which lead to my move to Vancouver, a rebrand and focusing on what I truly wanted to do. Anyone else have a failure they grew from? #cp_yvr #cookies #festival

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You mess up so that you can learn from it. You hurt people and you let yourself get hurt, just so you know how it feels and avoid it happening again. You wake up to mornings that succeeded a night you would rather forget. You wake up to mornings that succeeded a night you really wish you could remember. You say words you wish you could take back. You wish you had said words you’ll never get the chance to say again. You make friends, you lose friends; you fall in love and you fall out of it; you drink too much and you sleep too late; get bored at work or, worse, quit your job; you spend money you don’t have, to buy things you don’t need. I’m a big believer in learning from mistakes as long as you learn from them 🙌🙏🙌
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Sometimes life has a way of positioning us to our calling. --
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💖💖💖💖💖I recently… under the shield of a very mild hypermania, was in a position to test the waters of life. I dipped my toes in the sand wondering if I was ready to begin living again. The answer I did not know. How do you ever know if you are truly ready to begin again? I guess the answer is you never really begin again. I was waiting. Waiting for what? Waiting to be ready. The scars of the past have had little time to heal/ I dont know if they ever fully will.I was waiting for that. But in doing so I prevented the opportunity for them to be healed in other ways. Out of the fear of further hurt, pain, torment and trauma I shut myself off to the world. I locked myself away in a tower far far away. But never quite far enough. No matter how well I hid people still found a way to penetrate my defences nd force their way in. I thought at first they had build this tower for me and locked me in it throwing away the key. But then I realised they may have been the reason I found myself in solitude. But I was my own captor. I hid there because it was the safest place on earth. Even though no where was really safe. Even without their physical presence they tormented me every day. The seeds they planted in my mine grew into vicious thorny bushes I desperately tried to proon.

The wounds they left ran deeper than I ever knew. A bloody trail from childhood to adulthood. Wounds that never healed, that were soothed by a replacement like a bandaid on a wound. The holes they left were like endless gaps in me. Abused, manipulated and used for so long you could see straight through me. You see as a people pleaser I do anything for the ones I love. But I made the mistake of falling in love with men that took took took all that I had. All that I chose to give which was all that I am. They left nothing in return but the empty space I had made them fill. People reffer to lovers as their other half. But that is sooooo wrong. Most people make the mistake of becoming one entity in a realtionship.

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What a great message this is... I feel that too many people I know discredit themselves on the flaws they have or the failures they've had. Rethink your worth.
Your value as a person grows as you grow. Those experiences are what have shaped you. Your life has been moulded into the unique place it is now based on the hardships you've gone through.
Realise with each mistake brings with it a golden lesson, and the ability to repair yourself and be stronger. As you grow, so does your value. Be willing to be wrong. Embrace the mistakes of life and learn from your lessons!
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When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.😉🎉📷
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Last tournament this season and bringing home 6 medals #taekwondo #tournamentseason #tiredmama #walletemptied #experienceofalifetime #lifelessons

Some days you eat smoothie bowls, kale salad, and drink kombucha. Some days you eat a bowl of cereal, half a container of snickerdoodle cashew milk ice cream, and jalapeño veggie chips with hummus. Life is all about balance, and I'm slowly learning to accept this. We're not perfect, so I can't expect myself to be. 😌💫💗
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Become a doer. Pick up the phone and Make That Call..Ask for help.. Become a no-one first, to become "everything".., and pass on the Gratitude Chain . Its okay to fail ..Make Mistakes.. Its okay to ask for help. Pass on the kindness ... #goodlife #goodluck #motivation #morningmotivation #stevjobs #startup #does #entrepreneur #lifelessons

Things you wish to hear when you are going through a hard time within your relationship!! And all I can say is that this is a 100% true ☺ !!! We should all learn that those who truly love each other overcome any situation life presents them even if they are the ones bringing it to their lives. We all make mistakes, but only a few recognize what they hace done, regret it, ask for forgiveness and actually forgive themselves. So when you do this, not only for yourself but for the person you love, be proud of yourself. You are in love and neither you or your partner allow some stupid mistake to take over your lives and banish the love that ties them both together. Have a nice night book lovers ☺and I hope you're reading an interesting book ☺☺ #book #lifelessons #reality #lovelife #hard #noteasy #lovequote #love #books #bookstagram #booklove #bookish #booklover #bookaholic #bookaddict #booklover #life #instagram #picture #phrases #quotes

Keep pressing!

Hanya mengikut langkah kaki yang tidak berhaluan. Kalau kau mampu, kau kena kuat. Jika tidak, kau tetap kaki tidak bertuan.
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Not all classrooms have four walls 🍃🌲☀️

Cake...It can be a lot like us humans hey! We are either 🌈Loving 🌈Warm 🌈Authentic 🌈Respectful 🌈Connected 🌈Spirited 🌈Caring 🌈Empowering 🌈Thoughtful Or not!! Part of life's journey is connecting with your tribe. Those authentic soles who don't need the endless sugar added. They are sweet and loving on the inside and in turn radiate that same loving energy on the outside. And, that's your tribe, go connect 👌🏻 💚🤗 #cake #rainbow #authentic #connection #love #life #empoweringwomen #empowerment #warmth #respect #lifelessons #energy #lifeisajourney #health #kyliescourage #happiness #heartspace #sweet #lifeissweet

Life is not perfect at all. From inconveniences to how you react to negativity. Can't complain. Just gotta go with the flow I guess. 💯#energy #blessed #vibe #unbothered #dailyreminder #flowing #adulthood #solitude #lifelessons #lifequotes #adulthumor #truth #relationshipquotes #rumi #balance #mindfulness #tattoos #tatted #relateable #goodvibes #quotestags #quotestagram #instamood

Pretty much. I say, do and think what I want. I'm not here to please anyone. I am who I am. 💚 I like to try new things, share my experiences, share info about the things I love that I hope you can benefit from and most of all, realize you aren't alone.... there is someone out here in this world who has experienced similar circumstances. Be you, be support, be love, be compassion. .
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My weekend in a snap shot! I sometimes say to people "I wish I wasn't freakin 40 years old when I figured out what I was good at. Can you imagine where I'd be if I started this when I was 25??"
And I think the Lord gave me an answer. He said "Natalie. You couldn't have done this then. You were a single mom shuttling kids all over the place. You would have missed all Josh & Taryns games. Every weekend for all the years of their childhood. You couldn't have done travel lacrosse or been a volunteer. I saved this for when you could do it without losing time with your kids. Time that they needed only having one parent". And again. I'm in awe of what God was planning for us this whole time! All so perfect. All in His time.
Psalm 27:14 - Wait for the Lord. Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord"

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