Day 121

Feels good to finally win one of these !

However winning is highly contextual. Sometimes it's better to be a loser than a winner. Losing is perceived. Perhaps you cannot truly lose something unless you fail to see a way that you could have been a winner.
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Thankful that today is my “Friday”. And I’m starting my weekend out with all of my favourite things...
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My MOST favorite #QUOTE!! Let’s think about this...

The source of all dysfunction is the disconnection from ourselves and ultimately something larger than ourselves.

It’s what has us self abandoning, outsourcing our power, ignoring our truth, acting out codependently, & looking to the external for love, validity, permission and to get our unmet needs/deepest desires met in toxic, depleting, victimy ways.

I’ve watched this video 10 effing times. Briana is addressing a hard truth and a topic that needs to be addressed: how we as women need to do our work, stop playing the victim, integrate our shadowy shit, reconnect to ourselves and have the balls to not only stand in alignment with that, but to speak out against users, abusers, and manipulators.

As a mentor to other women I’m always doing my work and checking in with my truths: are they mine? Are they conditioning? Am I trying to get something? How am I showing up? And inevitably, I come back to “Holy yes” my body is sacred as is my sexuality and my heart, and “holy yes” I’m not trading it anymore for connection or intimacy or value, unconsciously. And I’m not apologizing for it either. •
We all want freedom and connection but these things comes from doing the inner work, from being connected to your wholehuman self, and from standing in your truth — not from being fake awake or from giving to get, or from giving to anyone for attention or connection.

Briana addresses all these things and more. I’m not even sure I can do her powerful talk justice, but I know she will speak to your heart and she speaks the truth, and I’m standing up because she called for the “older women” to not be silent anymore.

Your body is sacred. Your body is not a commodity. This isn’t about ball busting, or religion or moral high ground — this is about alignment and collective healing as we stand in our divine power. •
Briana Lynn on FB for the whole powerful live video on how women rape themselves and @wholelifewitch on IG

All love. All truth.

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