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I love this little guy.
16 January 2018
There are people we dream about meeting, and there are people we are constantly searching for, but today I learned that God can, in one day, insert into our lives people we'd never imagined we would meet. And today has made me excited about the future again, because now I can't wait to see who else He is going to place in my life. I can't wait to see whose lives I'm going to be a part of. I can't wait to meet His people and walk with them and break bread with them. I can't wait to share my stories with them to build them up, and to listen to their stories and be built up by them. The hope that fills me now is good for me. I know that if I continue to intentionally live every day and every moment of my life for Him, He will lead me to His people, and His people to me. And we shall walk and break bread and share our stories of faith and hope and love together. Our God is a great God.

Two months and too cute! Rowen, you continue to light up our lives with your smiles and bravery. You love snuggles, rocking in the chair, and being included in everything. Right now you’re very little due to heart failure (9 lbs. 10 oz, 3rd percentile), but you are still so alert, aware, and strong. Speaking of your heart, you had your first surgery to balloon your valve just days before Christmas, but made it home just in time for Santa. Being home and together was the best Christmas gift of all time! Having you in our family is a better reality than we could have ever dreamed! We love you so much Rowe!

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四日目とばして五日目最終日 スラム街編(1)
衝撃を受けました。実際に来てみると観光のガイドブックには書かれていない 「経済格差」の現状がいたる所にひろがっていました。
タクシーに行き先を告げると 「何しに行くんだ?」 「本当にいくのか?」 「その場所がどんな場所か、お前はしっているのか?」 といわれましたが行きたくなったら止まらないタイプなので気にしませんでした。

this year is gonna be a good one.

Ratatouille- 2007 ((Shot as part of @zanyalovesyou
Photo by @zanyawells and @alexyael ))

took a little baby break from posting here.

but here's number 2 of my #untoldfavorite photo series.

on February 13, 2017,
the sky greeted us with shades of bright blue & puffy cumulus clouds.
it was good.
we went to slow down & remember what would have been dad's 88th birthday.

so we celebrated the best way we knew how; by bringing him a double cheeseburger & flowers.

upon arrival, we bumped into our sister Juli who showed up on her lunch break.

dad had 11 children.
she's the second of eleven, & interestingly, she's the first-born of his first set of twins.

coincidentally the baby she's holding is our nephew, Amos.

i was reminded recently that if we stop to notice all the sweet moments around us, we rarely meet a bad day.

i don't know about you,
but i'm pumped for the really good days that only 2018 can bring.

the best moments are the seemingly unplanned & almost overlooked.

this year,
i hope you give 2018 your best gaze ever.

#postthepeople // #peopleareworthit

Selalu suka melihat matahari terbit 🌅

Hello snow day, hellooo happy kiddos (and mama!) They thought they were REALLY in for a treat when we gave them soda while they colored. @Zevia is one of our faves because it has zero calories, no sugar and no artificial colors or artificial sweeteners! Now that's MY kinda soda, Y'all. Cheers to a happy day and hoping you're having one too! #ad

City of Dreams ✨

Portrait of @marquis.kiner by #sydneyrenaeperson.

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