Healthy NEVER has to be boring, tasteless, or complicated. If it’s feeling that way, then you my friend are doing this whole “healthy living” the WRONG way!! This was grilled flank steak, Trader Joe’s fresh salsa, and cabbage salad 🥗

Have an amazing week! Bring on the last week of school for my kids! 🙌

What a beautiful day to be called In for a double (weekend on call)! I’m always covering shifts on their weekends. Of course they conveniently have plans on mine. I’m not mad staying focused on this 💰 37 days til vacay! Please run and tell them I will be no longer covering shifts on their weekends. #securethebag #noiinteam #happyfathersday #lifeisntalwaysfair #pleasestoptalkingtome

It sucks when nice artwork gets vandalized just like when my pics get photobombed by strangers #youguysrock😂 #lifeisntalwaysfair #grafitiart #streetart

Moms, a little reminder that we all have “those” days. In spite of it ALL, we are all doing our BEST and LOVE our children!

🔹Transformation Thursday🔹. .
I truly love sharing other’s success !! (actually way more than my own). She obviously had an amazing transformation on the outside but more importantly she had a mindset shift. She learned new strategies and established new healthy habits that will last a lifetime. .

Wouldn’t you want those “dieting” days to be over?!! I know I had more than enough “dieting” in my lifetime! .

This non-diet lifestyle is one of a kind. The “dieting” days are over baby !! Can’t wait to add more ladies to my “Sprint Into Summer” success group and watch them transform! 😀 💃. .
Summer here we come 🏖🏊🏻‍♀️🍹☀️👙

When ever you feel down just remember you have something to be thankful for. We can’t be sad and thankful in the same moment. Happy Thursday!

Yours and my friendly reminder for today! I’ve always made this journey to be honest and real, and lately, I’ve been fighting another mental battle to keep going. 😢 That’s hard to say out loud and admit to everyone but I am human, and sometimes life just kicks you down so much, you wonder why you keep getting up. Trying to date again and all I’m learning is I’m not good enough for anyone. It makes me feel like I’m not worth it. I have such a big heart ... I have so much to give someone, but to not be wanted ever ... that’s hard on a persons heart. I’ve made mistakes in my past, and I’ve never claimed to be perfect, but to have those held over my head ... to have people gossip about my scars ... that kills a persons soul! I’m not posting this for pity, but just to make you aware that everyone is going through something. Be kind ... ALWAYS!!! You never know what a simple word or smile can do for someone! And you don’t know what your gossip and evil words can be doing to someone either! For those of us struggling, we need the kind! 😢 Thank you to everyone for following my journey ... through the highs and lows! I will always keep this real! ❤️ #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #bekind #hugafriend #checkinoneveryone #fightingabattle #lifeisntalwaysfair #truth #depression #everyonehasastory #ihavescars #ideservetobeloved #ideservetobehappy #worthit #fakeittillyoumakeit #holdingon #myjourney #mystory #thisisme #theunsadproject #single #worthloving

Do you feel like working out is a total chore?!!! 🏋🏻‍♀️🧘‍♀️🏔🛣

I definitely feel that way lately BUT I know it’s because I took a “break” and my body needs to get used to it again.

Working on getting back into a routine.
My magic 🔮 🌈 number of weekly workouts is 4️⃣. That’s my sweet spot. .

That’s why I could NOT be more excited about my brand new workout program. It’s 4 days per week and ONLY 30 minutes. .

Perfect for that summer time schedule!! 😀
Luckily I’ve been given a FREE workout to share with friends.
So if you’d like to give it a try 👯‍♀️
Comment below with the number 4️⃣. I’ll be happy to send it to you.

Got caught by an Epstein-Barr Virus. Definitely not the way I planned my season. These are the tough moments every athlete has to face. #lifeisntalwaysfair #triathlon

This is what we all feel like after a very emotional weekend. #lifeisntalwaysfair #wheresmyeasybotton

Throwback Thursday .
I often read or heard that CONSISTENCY is a key component of weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After years of yo-yo dieting and feeling defeated I can tell you it's 💯% true. .
This is why we need to find a way of eating that we can continue long term. Yes you can lose weight with fad diets but it won't be healthy or sustainable. No low-carb, low-fat, strict calorie counting, or excessive exercising will work long term. .
It will take time and patience to find what works for you as an individual BUT in the end you will feel VICTORIOUS and more importantly you will have a healthy relationship with food and with your body. .
If you need help finding your way to a healthy emotional and physical relationship with food once and for all.
If whatever you are currently doing is not getting you the results that you want. I can help you find a long term solution that works. I did and so did so many others. Why not you?! You are worthy!
DM me for more information on my SPRINT INTO SUMMER success group! :

#consistency #longtermhabits #healthyhabits #healthyrelatinshipwithfood
#moderaterating #allfoodgroups #balancedeating #fitlife
#masteryourmind #thyroidhealing #adrenalhealth #empoweringgirls #hypothyroidismweightloss #healthyhypothyroid #intuitiveeatingjourney #mindfueating
#hypothyroidism #hypothyroiddiet #hypothyroidfighter #kidneyhealth #lifeisntalwaysfair #godsbymyside #godsplan #fearless #fighter #victorious #teamgritandsoul

Posted this in my support group and thought it was worthy to share with you all.

Ladies!!! We are not a size on a label or the number on the scale! Our worth is not determined by this. Wish more women understood this and were taught this as little girls. :
#weareenough #masteryourmind #thyroidhealing #adrenalhealth #empoweringgirls #hypothyroidismweightloss #healthyhypothyroid #intuitiveeatingjourney #mindfueating
#hypothyroidism #hypothyroiddiet #hypothyroidfighter #kidneyhealth #lifeisntalwaysfair #godsbymyside #godsplan #fearless #fighter #victorious #teamgritandsoul

The face of a girl who found a simple easy way to eat for-evaaaa. I’m so serious! .

This program transforms the way we think and relate to food. Therefore, we can 🛑 stop dieting once and for all. . 🌈Who will benefit from it:
chronic dieters, emotional or stress eaters, someone who wants to change their eating habits once and for all, anyone wanting to lose 5-100 lbs. in a healthy sustainable way. 🌈Why it works: we will learn simple strategies to implement to our daily lives ( i.e. adding more water or veggies). ✨Along the way we learn
what works for our individual bodies. ✨Together we continue to work on achieving your goals in a positive and supportive community!! For more details about this amazing nutrition program DM today. We start June 11. .

#masteryourmind #adrenalhealth #shortworkouts #thyroidhealing #hypothyroidismweightloss #healthyhypothyroid #intuitiveeatingjourney #mindfueating #teamgritandsoul
#hypothyroidism #hypothyroiddiet #hypothyroidfighter #kidneyhealth #lifeisntalwaysfair #godsbymyside #godsplan #fearless #fighter #victorious

It's only been a week since Oliver turned 7 and unfortunately today we found out that he will not be having many more years left... It makes me so sad, but I'm also happy that we took him to the vet and now we know whats wrong. His hips are failing him and the couple of years (at best) he has left he'll be retired from all the fuzz and crazyness of a young dogs life. We are so lucky to have a dog like Oliver 💛 .
If you notice something wrong with your pet, please take them to see a vet. They deserve proper care and love 🐕🐩💙
#sadday #vetvisit #badnews #lifeisntalwaysfair #runningoutoftime #dogsofinstagram #ollipolli #momsdarling #happydogtotheend #loveyourpet #❤

I have no words.....only love. Humbled and heartbroken by your kindness. If this isn’t living I don’t know what is #lifeisntalwaysfair #rollercoaster #thisthingcalledlife #breathe #everythingwillbeok

There is hope!! Today I feel 80% better than last year😀 :
June 4, 2017 I wrote:
Today I choose to be a fighter! A victor over my situation. Not a victim! 🦋
I know how it feels to be in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting. Gaining and losing the weight. Eating poorly and not exercising. Only to feel hopeless and eventually search for the next solution or quick fix. 🦋
Frankly, I had never experienced being consistent with keeping a healthy lifestyle until the last 2 years. 🦋
However, lately my body isn't responding accordingly. Seems like my thyroid or kidney 😂 (yes I have to laugh at this ironic situation) is kicking my butt. I'm not feeling like myself. I'm fatigued, gaining weight out of nowhere, and retaining water. Not to mention the brain fog I'm experiencing! 🦋
I will tell you this much! You won't find me feeling sorry for myself or giving up!
I will not back down!
I will fight for my health!
I will continue to exercise!
I will eat to strengthen and heal my body!
Tests will be run!
Blood will be drawn!
I will get to the bottom of this!
Stay tuned.... 🦋
🦋 .
#hypothyroidism #hypothyroiddiet #hypothyroidfighter #kidneyhealth #lifeisntalwaysfair #godsbymyside #godsplan #fearless #fighter #victorious

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