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If I have to go back to school today I might as well perk myself up with some new vinyl bling courtesy of @lovely_syl. I keep smiling when I look down and see them. #lifeisdogs #rescuedogblog #doglovers #adoptdontshop

It's true though. Sometimes I even embarrass my friends 😋 #sorrynotsorry #dogsarelife #lifeisdogs

I want to own all the dogs in the world #doglover #loverofdogs #dogsarelife #lifeisdogs #🐶


He's been getting special attention, his own recliner sofa, walks with daddy, car rides and extra treats unfortunately he has been hesitant to go out to the garden & would rather go hide under our bed. I'm afraid to lose him, I know how he feels.
#ifcknlovemydogs #lifeisdogs

Rest in peace Coco!
9/7/2002 - 9/15/2017

#ifcknlovemydogs #lifeisdogs
I shared some personal and private videos with you all because to us they're genuine, the realness of our love for our doggies is immeasurable. The mutual love we had for each other left a big impact in our hearts & a life lesson to be endured. You see, Coco fought to stay alive,she was a true Warrior. For two years she proved her disabilities would not hold her down not even on her last day did she stay down. Coco walked one last time in her Secret Garden stopping to take in the view at every spot she had ever been on, how she loved here garden. While on this walk we followed her to where Candy laid at rest, we weren't surprised because the day Candy was laid to rest Coco jumped into the grave sight right next to it. The morning Coco passed away she went from a peaceful sleep to a howling painful cry from 4 am to 8:30 am nothing we did could comfort her, no longer able to walk Angel carried her outside & I held her waist and hind legs and repeatedly said "God Coco, Go" those words were chanted in song repeatedly as Coco would tuck her tail in between her legs & her front legs would lift her chest so high she looked as if she was flying, running as fast as she could & run back to us even faster. Coco refused to leave us but at the end she taught us that no matter how down we are we have to get up and live like it is our last day, love because you can & do whatever makes you happy. ♡
Coco passed away with her ear sticking straight up it was something I loved about her character. Always on the know, she had to hear everything, every word being said & she enjoyed us whispering in her ear "Gordis,Gordis I love you" We miss you Gordis. We'll see you in our dreams and in our Secret Garden.

For 15 years we had the honor and blessing of being the doggie parents to an amazing Shepherd Pitbul mix rescue dog. The day we met her was the day something in me changed it was for the best, our lives were never the same. I've had my share of special friends but a friend like Coco only comes once in a lifetime and leaves her mark in your heart. From sunrise to sundown it was a day filled with love, my sidekick,buddy,my love. We are completely and utterly devastated, picking up the pieces of our broken hearts is something we're struggling with. We know we have to find a way to mend. We appreciate the love, the prayers, the heartfelt condolences, the calls,texts,etc.. we are trying to make things comfortable for the one doggie we have left,Freckles. He's just as broken hearted as we are and if we feel lonely & sad we can tell you he's just as broken as we are. I'd like to say many thanks but also ask for prayers for us 3 left behind. We need prayers to help us console our hearts.
#ifcknlovemydogs #lifeisdogs #ifcknlovethisman
P.s. if we don't answer all your messages please know we do truly appreciate them. It's difficult to write back to everyone without bursting into tears. Thank you once again,all the messages have been received and we are grateful to all of you that loved our sweet baby girl Coco.

...y mi vida cambio así.

#ifcknlovemydogs #lifeisdogs

"I didn't choose the Pug life.. The Pug life chose me" 🐾
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The day we discovered our doggies were beach bums was at New Smyrna Beach,FL. Every trip out to the beach brought excitement & we enjoyed swimming with all 3 furs. Nothing like the healing ocean water,every trip brought new adventures. Before Candy passed away we planned on taking them but death beat us,remorse set in. Yesterday we were determined to take both our babies out & we made it to where it all began-Sand Dunes Dog Beach. Coco can barely walk but this day was different, she continues to amaze us with her strength and will to live. She refused to ride on the cart we bought to tow her to the shore she kept leaping off & insisted on walking. Once we reached our destination she immediately began to swim with her brother, life was good at that moment. They spotted a black lab at a distance playing & splashing they began to bark as if they thought it was Candy their sister. They barked at no one else except that black lab. Could this be? Not sure & feeling emotional I walked them to meet the lab,they seemed happy & wanted to stay next to the young lab. They sniffed each other & I think it set in that this was not our Candy. Coco whimpered for a while but it was symbolic to me as if they were saying goodbye. With our heartache comes peace & happiness knowing that these amazing creatures love us & they know we love them. Yesterday was a good day.

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👸🐶💀😘 I need to fill the void in my heart with a dog. Real bad #noshame #fillingthevoid #dogsarelife #lifeisdogs



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#まるぷー#ミックス犬#みっくす犬#犬#犬のいる暮らし#愛犬#dog#maltipoo#mixdog#lovedogs#instadog#lifeisdogs#todayswanko#犬バカ部#ふわもこ部ワンコマルプー男子 #マルプー連合 #トイプードル #マルチーズ #11ヶ月 #ハル#マルプー#いぬすたぐらむ #いぬバカ部 #いぬ #わんこ#わんこなしでは生きていけません会

Our Candy girl passed away today in the Secret Garden. She was carried by her daddy, she rested in the garden one last time. Surrounded by her family he held her in his arms feeling her heart beat fade, she took her last breath and was gone.
Rest in peace baby girl,sweetheart of ours.
#lifeisdogs #ifcknlovemydogs #ifcknlovethisman

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