Who would buy one of these awesome shirts?!? Will also come in different colors!
#LifeisbetteronaRiver 🛶

What else do you do on the weekend? #LifeisbetteronaRiver 🛶

One of the most thoughtful gifts we've ever gotten. Custom made key chains in the shape of guitar picks from the sweet folks of Mount Pleasant this weekend! Thank you!! #lifeisbetteronariver

Is this band awesome or what!!! Parker, Kelly, and the bomb.com Daniel lol. If you haven't already go check them out. #lifeisbetteronariver

#tbt | great day on the river with some of my favorite gals! we've gotta all get together soon! @kelleelassiter @lrm_mcelmoyl @raychelb11 @maryglenns #lifeisbetteronariver

We have a new music video on YouTube :) #lifeisbetteronariver

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