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-Okinawan soup noodles
-Sauteed carrots with eggs
-Boiled and chopped molokhia

Made Okinawa-soba or Okinawan soup noodles, which hubs'd been craving for quite a while.
To be honest, I've only had Okinawan noodles once or twice in my life and don't know what it actually tastes like, but hubs gave thumbs up so I think it turned out well!
I didn't feel like having meat so I put a couple of slabs of tofu on mine.

K's dinner:
-Same as adults, minus sodium and sugar

Today, we all shared the same food!
I took K's portion before adding seasonings out. For the pork, I normally boil the pork for an hour, add seasonings and simmer for another hour. But today, I boiled the pork for two hours, took out K's portion and then let the adult portion sit in the sauce. I also cut the fat off from K's.
K swallowed the molokhia (his fave) and ate lots of noodles (I sneaked in some zucchini😉), but was not impressed by the carrots and pork (took a few bites, though).
He was really hungry today and nibbling all day long, as if to make up for the missed meals in many days last week.
Hope his "feel like eating" phase lasts long this time🙏

Last weekend’s attire for what was one of my best weekends out in Dubai all year! Not just one but two nights out by me but with only a few weeks left till some of my best friends move home and to London, you can’t say no to making the best of it! 😝
Unfortunately, that comes part and parcel with living here, you see so many great friends come and go so quickly but with all good things come an end and I know they’re on to yet another exciting chapter of their lives!✨

Guess I should share some of the shots from Dubai!
Days in Dubai were fun! I got to drive everything from neck breaking sports cars to all the super luxurious stuff!
But guys, I should tell you this. #MiddleEast is not as thrilling as #India if not for the #luxury! Imagine you are planning for a road trip in #Dubai or anywhere in #Gulf. .
You can easily hire a luxury/sports car of your choice. So when you plan for a road trip, you can drive for hundreds of kilometers in the silky smooth roads, but even if you drive for some 1000kms, you can only see dry deserts and more of the dry deserts around you. In between, you can spot some beaches of course. .
But you can’t see a different landscape. You can’t find a variation in soil. You don’t get much adventure. .
But imagine if it’s in India, if you drive 100kms from wherever you are in this beautiful country, everything changes. Right from soil to the language. You get to see varying landscapes in every 100kms. You get to taste different food, you can experience different climate, you get to notice different fuel prices, you get to see different cultures and I can pen down more on this. That is why we call ourselves as #IncredibleIndia! .
Take a 100km drive from Delhi to further upwards. You get to see more of the mountains. Now imagine if you take a drive downwards, you get to see some deserts. So a road trip inside #India makes a lots of sense unlike #ArabCountries! .
Nothing can beat our country! Hundreds of languages, thousands of cultures, hundreds of religions, all bonded into one single nation! #India! .
I’m not against #Arab countries. I do love them for the kind of life they offer, but our country is simply irresistible. .
Comment your love for #India, if you agree with my thought!

Together with fab friends and family watching Sweden 🇸🇪 beat South Korea 🇰🇷 in the World Cup! #lifeindubai #familylife #momofthree

With friends #2016 🥂🍻🍾🍹#lifeindubai 😍🙂☺️

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