“hiçbir uğraş, hiçbir umut, seni düşünebilmek, seni anlayıp sevmek, yüzüne bakabilmek kadar dolu, anlamlı ve yaşamaya değer olamaz”
//Ahmet Arif
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x Just So We're On The Same Page...The #ZONEZ💛 Continue. #FBF ft. Art That Celebrates + Prioritizes Femme NRG. ❤ x Piece By @jill_dubbleyou Curated By @zoelukov @spinelloprojects
#LifeInAnalogue #AnalogueArtz #NeverNormalWorldwide

x Since A Kid, I've Been Obsessed With Globes. I'd Just Sit & Spin Them And Try To Memorize Each Country I Saw. Feeling Blessed To Take My Sound + Vision Worldwide, Against All Odds, And Just Getting Started. 🌍 Big Ups Seoul + Beijing For Having Me. More Music & More City Announcements On The Way. & If U Didn't Know It's #NeverNormalWorldwide For The 99 & 2000. 🌏🌎🏁
#LifeInAnalogue #ZONEZ💛 #AnalogueInAsia

Sputnik on the shore.
🎞️ Kodak Gold (in the air of summer) 200

x Analogue In Beijing: Had Some Tite Adventures Dolo [Even Took The Subway By Myself!] Then Linked With The Wonderful @es_juno + @misterrowley (all the way from Brooklyn!) Who Knew The Day Would End With A Fashion Show @triplemajor? 😂🏁🙏🏽 Thanks For Showing Love For My 1st Time In This Great City. See More On My InstaStory. 👀 x
#LifeInAnalogue #AnalogueInAsia #NeverNormalWorldwide #ZONEZ💛

x Headed Out To See The Beijing Streets Today. Watch My Stories To See More. 🏁 #ZONEZ💛 x
#LifeInAnalogue #AnalogueInAsia #NeverNormalWorldwide

x Debuting My Sound In Beijing, China & Seoul, South Korea The Past 2 Nights Has Been Nothing Short Of Amazing. 🏁 Big Ups To All The Incredible Ppl Who Zoned To The Beats, Danced Til The Early Morning & Showed Me Love...It Means The World! These Are The Moments I Live For. More To Come. 🏁♡ x
#LifeInAnalogue #NeverNormalWorldwide #AnalogueInAsia #ZONEZ

Where do you think you’re going little miss?
It’s truly amazing what a full night of sleep can do for my attitude and mindset. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten 7 straight hours of sleep, and I know I probably shouldn’t get used to it but it’s fun to hope right?!
So what’s the big deal about baby’s and sleeping? Why is that always the first question people ask you when they see you after a long time-“how’s she sleeping?”
I do it too (mostly so I can have some confidence that I’m not the only one who’s going without sleep these days)!

🎶 Daniel Westley - First Movement
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