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One of my daily practices is GROUNDING myself.
Just 30 minutes going barefoot outside makes such a difference.

Benefits of grounding include; • Reduce inflammation.
• Reduce or eliminate chronic pain
• Improve Sleep and promote a deeper sleep
• Increase energy and vitality
• Lower stress and promote calmness in the body by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones
• Normalize the body's biological rhythms
• Relieve muscle tension and headaches • Protect the body against potentially health disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
• Accelerate recovery from intense athletic activity

So how do you do it? Sit, stand, or walk on soil, grass, sand, or concrete. These are all conductive surfaces from which your body can draw the Earth’s energy.
Wood, asphalt, and vinyl are not conductive.

#dailypractice #earthing #grounding #PreventionIsBetterThanCure

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Сила интроверта или выступление на 100 +
Выступая @fedorivhub Поделился одним важным наблюдением. Вся моя жизнь подчинена одному простому правилу. Хочешь больше выходи из зоны комфорта. Это не приятно, тяжело, волнительно. Но именно там находятся все желания и мечты.
Попал в зону комфорта 👉🏻 ищи новые интересы, возможности. Будучи строгим гимнастом, попробовал себя как тренер групповых программ, получил Фитнес Жизнь Мечты. Коллеги красивые девушки, Клиенты красивые девушки. И Нет конкуренции😁
Попал в зону комфорта 👉🏻 делай то чего раньше не делал. Пробуйте себя в танце, спорте, театре, музыке. Будучи фитнес тренером попробовал себя как Артист и это позволило мне увидеть 45 стран Мира в составе @cirquedusoleil
Попал в зону комфорта 👉🏻 ставь новые цели ищи активное окружение. Будучи интровертом я стал выступать публично и получил окружение #суперлюдей, которые являются мощным двигателем положительных перемен в моей жизни.
Абсолютно не важно на какой высоте сейчас находишься. Если чувствуешь зону комфорта, наслодись Успехом, залечи свои раны, восстановись, но не застревай в ней надолго. У тебя внутри огромный потенциал, ты только прислушайся... и он закречит: ТЫ МОЖЕШЬ БОЛЬШЕ.

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Aloha, I am Alicia Miller, A true 7th generation Hawaiian Master Psychic, Love Specialist, Spell Caster and Spiritual Life Coach with all natural abilities and over 20yrs experience to be your complete source for your spiritual needs, questions and concerns.
I am part of a family which is strongly spiritual.
My gifts are not for the light hearted. With me you will only get the true answers .
You will be amazed on how I see your past as if I have lived it with you and know your present hurt as if it is my own.
I will help you understand that together we can overcome all that has been troubling you and blocking you from living life as God intended, so stop waiting and call now so we may open the doors together to allow love and success in! |All readings readings are kept private and confidential call/txt/whatsapp📞☎️📱(713)254-8935 or dm 💌 @Psychic.Love.Expert 21+ only Mahalo with blessings love & light 🙏🏼💜🌺
My rates for new clients:
- $25 for the Hawaiian🌺twin flame🔥reading🔮
- $40 for the tarot 🃏 full life reading🔮
🕯1Complimentary Question available by txt only🕯
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The best way to fast track success, whatever that means to you, is to learn from those who have already acquired it what you want.

Here are 5 Lessons from some famous self made billionaires. I picked five very diverse individuals with five very different stories to show there is no "right" path to success. It's all about what you can do with the cards you are dealt.

My favorite quote is Zuck's about being able to take risks to move ahead because it is very relevant in my own life right now.

What's yours and why? 🔥👇
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The last time I got this many comments on my hair was back in 6th grade when a boy I liked meanly said, “You look like a poodle.” Nice, Phillip. 🤦🏼‍♀️
To be fair, I did have a not-so-cute, unruly perm. 🐩
But, now I’m rocking the longest hair of my life, and I get SO MANY sweet compliments from strangers that still catch me off guard! (Take that, Phil.)
Good news for you! I’m spilling the beans on how I grew the longest hair of my life. Spoiler alert: It’s going to save you a ton of time...and it involves every mom’s trusty sidekick: dry shampoo. Link in bio!
Double tap if you want longer locks 🙋🏼‍♀️

Me blowin’ off these haters 💨

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