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Unbeatable ways to do ordinary things 3 times faster.👍🏼
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Настоящий герой ❤️👏🏻💪🏻
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Mit 2 Schnitten passt jedes Pflaster perfekt um Wunden an jedem Finger.

Beim Brotschneiden abgerutscht oder an einer Papierkante geschnitten? Kleine Wunden an den Fingern zieht man sich schneller zu, als einem lieb ist. Bei der Versorgung der Wunde ist schnelles Handeln angesagt, denn allzu leicht verteilt man das Blut, verunreinigt die Wunde und hindert sie am Heilen – schließlich sind die Hände ständig im Gebrauch. Ein Wehwehchen am immer in Bewegung befindlichen Finger mit einem herkömmlichen Pflaster dauerhaft abzudecken, ist allerdings leichter gesagt als getan. Doch dir kann geholfen werden.

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Getting ready for my trip to Vegas cleaning a few of my brushes with these two handy tools. I found this makeup brush shampoo at Big Lots for only $3 and this silicone scrubber at Marshalls for $3 as well. Believe me when I say these are life changing! It only takes me about half the time it used to clean my brushes and the shampoo really does get 90% of the makeup off. Idk what kind of juju is in there but whatever it is it's freaking amazing! 👍🏽 #newfinds #makeuptools #lifehacks #makeupinspo #cleanbrushes

Kids, they might teach you a thing or two.

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PERFECTIONISM // Lets talk about a blessing and a curse 👋 if you're a creative soul and take pride in everything you do - which I know you do - you might be proud of calling yourself a perfectionist. I know I was. To me, this word signalled to people that I care, I don't do things half-assed, and I deliver quality. Which is true. But it can be a total barrier to get anything done! It can lead to procrastination, or decision paralysis. Don't let it. Done is better than perfect in most situations. It's not always "all or nothing". Next time you find yourself stuck in perfection land, tweaking and perfecting for hours - tell yourself "done is better than perfect". You can always go back later and make updates and changes. Let it go. Don't become your own biggest barrier ✨ ps. Bet this picture is driving you nuts 😏 #ProgressNotPerfection

Don't worry about competition; you are your own competition.

‪When you visit someone's home, don't leave the bed untidy or your plates lying on the table. Offer to help the host. #goodmanners #lifehacks‬

Minimalismo exclusivo.
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