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While I'm out on the road, my Sophomore daughter and my Senior son are both headed to Prom with their respective dates. And all I can think of is how it seems like we just took this picture.

#addieandchase #throwback
#lifegoesfast #dontblink

This was me 3 years ago 😱 can't even imagine anymore what it's like having my natural curls. I have changed so much as well on the inside as the outside. Curious about what's ahead 👏🏽 #lifegoesfast

Não é sobre tudo que o seu dinheiro
É capaz de comprar
E sim sobre cada momento
Sorriso a se compartilhar
Também não é sobre correr
Contra o tempo pra ter sempre mais
Porque quando menos se espera
A vida já ficou pra trás! #lifegoesfast

@sledge_081 We use to sit in our dorm rooms back in ‘01 wishing our present away to get to our future. Our Future is now our present so we’ve learned to Live in the moment‼️#blessed #lifegoesfast #sandiego

"A vida passa muito rápido... se não parares e olhares em redor de vez em quando, podes perdê-la" #life #lifegoesfast #lookaround #dontmissit

Already been a year... #lifegoesfast 🎓but congrats to the class of 2017.

wer geht, wollte nie wirklich bleiben. #lifegoesfast #happygirl #dontjudge 🌹


Taking an extra few minutes to cuddle with my baby while he’s still a baby 😭💙 #lifegoesfast #getthosecuddlesin #forevermybaby

Lately my husband has been rocking it with holding me accountable for always being on my phone. And I love him for it. So my challenge for you today is - and I know you definitely don’t have a problem like I do 😉 - is just put your phone down! #bepresent #hereandnow #lifegoesfast

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