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The biggest compliment I’ve ever received is - “You’re exactly like your mother.” #BeLikeMom #MadeByMom #MothersDay #lifegoals❤️

Dont Think
Too Much.
Just Do What
Makes You Happy💯
#richlife🖤 #lifegoals❤️

Drenched and Living the moment!
#lifegoals❤️ we missing the flight last night just got worth with this experience!! The waves and the rain just got along at its best!!
#wildadventures @katiekrit

Wow!! Remarkable now this is true #LifeGoals❤️

Thank you for inspiring, encouraging, and comforting us. Thank you for always finding joy in making us happy. Hubby, your love is a potent potion that encourages and inspires me. I know our future holds many brilliant adventures 🤗😉and smiles👶🙏👶. Darling, you are so special to me, and you are my everything. Happy birthday to my hubby and the wonderful father of my children!#happybirthday #28thbirthday #loveyou #soulmate #lifegoals❤️

Perfect way to end the two most amazing, transformative, comfortably uncomfortable days as I've ever known thus far!! #redkenelite #BGTD #lifegoals❤️ #maryisamazing #blessed

I fuck life with peace and happiness


Gym bound!🙌😎💪 yesterday's rest day has me feeling energized and ready to go! It's a stair machine kinda day so please wish me luck! 😂👏 actually I love the stair machine; it is a very difficult cardio choice and being that I usually stick to the 15 minuet mark when it comes to cardio; the stair machine is a must for me! I even do some HITT on the stair machine and let me tell you 😳🔥 😂 it's totally killer and your legs will be on fire but it is a great workout! I usually keep my cardio to around 15 minuets because my main focus is muscle mass; and too much cardio; especially the steady state: will start to eat at those reserves. Also long cardio sessions are great for loosing weight, but if and when you stop; the weight will most likely come back, and very quick! So if you are looking to build muscle and maintain at the same time; I would recommend a few HITT cardio sessions a week but stick mostly to weight training! My style of training is for the most part a combination of weight lifting and high intensity training! So when lifting I leave little to no rest time in between sets and this keeps my heart rate super high and also helps to kick that fat burning into high gear! I also lift heavy to ensure that I am increasing my body's natural human growth hormone! That is also the benefit of lifting heavy! When we lift heavy we produce more testosterone (yes ladies we need this too!) and therefore we can put on more lean muscle mass and shed more fat! Testosterone is what keeps us vibrant and youthful! So lift heavy and watch your body change! And now I am speaking to the ladies out there that believe if they lift heavy they will get bulky! I promise that lifting heavy will not make you bulky! The female body simply does not produce the amount of testosterone to make that happen naturally! So I promise you won't end up looking "manly" actually the opposite will happen! Remember the more muscle you have; the more you can eat to maintain! Essentially what is happening here is that your body will require more calories to maintain and build and the result is a leaner and healthier body! So get your lift on!! 🙌💪💪💪😄🏋🏻 #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #gainz

Thinking of our next holiday already 🙊#throwbackthursday #ontothenextone #cantwait #travelmore #lifegoals❤️ #seetheworld 👀🌍⚡️

We're ready for Tony! Hot coffee and an Uber on its way to pick us up! Let's unleash the power within! Woop woop 🙌🏻 #tonyrobbinsupw#tonyrobbins#upwnyc2017#changeyourlife#whentheimpossiblebecomespossible#lifegoals❤️#upw

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