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{24/07/2017} Do Not do things that you will Regret. No matter What PROBLEMS lies in front of you... No matter BIG or SMALL Problems, Just don't do it unless you feel that it is CORRECT... #quotes #quotesaboutlife #problems#lifegetshard #clouds

2015 💙1 month old
2017 💙 2 years old
I'll be done with school soon, just not now 😏

It's no secret that sometimes life hands us things that we never thought we'd have to deal with and that things get hard, and recently we've been learning that it's okay to say things are tough. It's not an admission to weakness or seeming pathetic, it's recognising that as humans in a very damaged world, life gets hard. SO thankful for this lady, doing life with her in London, NI and soon to be other destinations, in the up times and the down times. Here's to feeling like kintsugi pottery but ty Jesus for holding us together 🙌🏼 #lifegetshard #andTHATSOKAY #awholelotofgrlpwr

💕Just a pretty girl trying to find her way in a cruel world 💕 #ifonlyyouknew #LifegetsHard #lifegetsbettereventually

I was asleep for 4 weeks 😴 #sometimesweneedbreaks #lifegetshard

Well begun is half done #lifegetshard


first full day back in UK and at work .. 7 hours shift on 3 jet lagged hours sleep😖😴 breakfast was fruit salad and greek yoghurt, dinner is the pictures and tea was egg n cress sandwhich with fruit salad... wht the bloodyhell is wrong with me??? lmao!! anyway i'm loving be veggie feels so good! i hope you're all having a lovely and relaxing sunday. new week starts tomorrow, forget about this last one (if it's worth it) and start again 💗

this was my final day of america and all my brothers and sisters came down so how could we not go for the best fish and chips🐟???? we also went to a country festival to see zac brown band, it was the BEST final night i could of ever had👢🌿 i'd never had a corn dog before so they literally made me had one and thank the lord i did because it was the best thing ever!!! this was also my final day of eating meat and i'm loving it💗 save the planet!!!

a tad behind on my posts because of flying and time difference and stuff but this day wasn't my favourite. i only binged twice whilst i was there and this day was one of them but you live and you learn everyday is a new day. not both donuts are mine.. of course i had the cookie monster then tea was taco salad which used to be one my faves but i've over had it so now it's one of my least faves💗

{24/07/2017} Do Not do things that you will Regret. No matter What PROBLEMS lies in front of you... No matter BIG or SMALL Problems, Just don't do it unless you feel that it is CORRECT... #quotes #quotesaboutlife #problems#lifegetshard #clouds

yesterday i kinda had a lot to eat and i'm really regretting it today😢 the days where i have the most food i always feel super hungry the next day aswell which is pretty shit😤 anyway, we had a few errands to run in the morning so on the back i got an iced caramel coffee and we had grilled cheese with crisps for dinner. then we had bbq steak with bbq veg and rice it was so good but definitely didn't feel me up which sucks! i ended up scoffing down two graham crackers with pb and a square of hershey's chocolate on. why do i eat so much??? it makes me feel crap and worthless like i'm the only one who feels like this😩 i'm not fat but compared to a lot of my friends who are losing weight i'm putting it on because of my stupid illness😔😔😔 anyway, i hope yesterday was as tasty as mine was. love u , u are worth it ❤️

so on sunday we went to church and i loved it⛪️ i really think i should start going there you come out feel so thankful and so relaxed😌 we then went for lunch and i had a chicken salad which i asked to box up and bring home but ended up leaving it on the table😖 i was sooo full after but being as it was national ice cream day, how could we not have some???? so i had a triple dark chocolate and berry ice cream with oreo and choc chip chunks in a chocolate dipped waffle it was amazing 😍🍦🍫🍪 i hope your sunday was as good as mine! i love you and so does God ❤️

this was taken from two days ago where we went to the lake. like there was a HUGE lake in the middle of the hills where u swam and rode boats and omg it was so freaking cute, i just wanna go everyday😌 it was like there was no worries to ever be there and i wasn't even thinking about what's in my head i just had fun🤗
since i've been here i've not really had any trouble with food apart from one day where i had a bit of a bad one but we all do have a bad one, just makes us stronger 💪
have a good day everyone and eat THE FUCK you want because it's monday and you gotta set yourself up for the week✌️ love you💗

this day was so amazing!! i went to the beach with my sissy and OF COURSE fell asleep but I tried salami for the first time and can say i am in love 😍😍😍 i wasn't that hungry for tea but new i would be too hungry if i didn't so had a pesto pasta with bbq chicken n sweet corn. of course i couldn't pass up that chance for a freaking s'more!! so instead of one , i had two hell yeah!!! absolutely loving it here and i know this is the place i was meant to be🇺🇸💗


Quote says it all! :') _________________________________________________________
I've made some wallpapers for myself which I decided to Share with you all. :)
Each Picture is a blend of images that inspires me.
Images in this picture is taken from Google.
The Editing is done by myself.
Quote is by myself.

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