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When you're trying to be as cool as possible but life hits you in the face like "GIRL, NO." #lifefail #notcool #thatswhatchaget

Mornings.. #berrybath #lunchfail πŸ˜¬πŸ“ #mealforameal #berryexplosion

C A U T I O N don't scroll all the way to the right if you are eating or have a squeamish tummy. Thank goodness for sweet baby Hank snuggles #lifefail

Ahhhhh just standing here in my kitchen nicely dressed with makeup on throwing together a few cocktails for an impromptu gathering that I'll put on like the ultimate hostess with the mostess.

UMMMMM no. Pretty pictures are fun to look at and easy to measure our own days success (or lack of) by. I love Instagram and I love pretty pictures but don't let it be a compass for how you should be mothering, wife-ing, decorating, cooking, entertaining etc.

Today, my day was an absolute #momfail #wifefail #lifefail - or was it? Maybe it was just regular life and this "regular life" has someone become unacceptable because of all these pretty pictures thrown our way every day.

So as I sit here scrolling through everyone's pretty photos I am reminded that I am still in my gym clothes from 7am this morning, unshowered, unsure of what we are having for dinner, unsure if I fed the dogs today, unsure of how I'm going to handle the rest of the weeks pick ups and drop offs with a husband out of town and wishing that Sonic made a 'Vodka Blast', I take comfort in knowing that a lot of you out there are probably feeling the same way and once and a while it's ok to talk about that too!

Copper Pitcher | @anthropologie hammered lyric pitcher & spoon set


For everyone who has ever asked me to do a makeup tutorial... just know that I tried. #girlfail #makeupfail #lifefail #eyelinerisactuallythedevil

Depressed airport breakdown meal.... 4 hour delay for a 1 hr flight from Pitt to NYC. Help, dear 🍷! And πŸŽ‚.... at least jeopardy is on... #lifefail

When you just want a small piece of foil #lifefail #howdoyouworkthis

Me, in my natural habitat πŸ•Ά

#disneyland #whyaminotthere #lifefail

Mezcal + frozen pizza = almost burn the house down. #lifefail


When youre trying to progress your health and well being but you dont know how to slow down #lifesdilemas #postconcussionsydrome #lifefail

In a sleepless fug at 5am this morning, I apparently accidentally one-click bought this on Amazon 🀦 I mean, I like it, but I wouldn't have intentionally paid £40 for a clock!! #doh #lifefail

Mornings.. #berrybath #lunchfail πŸ˜¬πŸ“ #mealforameal #berryexplosion

Tfw you break up with him on a whim then no one else is interested so you have to fake empathy and contrition to get him back over a series of torturous coffee meets...

Sometimes you just burn the damn risotto. 😩#lifefail #burnt #crispy #no

I'm 6'4" 260# and still have about 8 inches to spare on my seat belt. Why is this even a thing. #wrong #fitness #lifefail

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