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It was exactly one year ago today I hopped off a truck and began my Survivor Journey. Never did I think I would last 53 days out there, but by day 53 I absolutely loved it and wish I could of stayed out there forever. Survivor was not just a game for me, it was a life changing experience that opened my eyes. I absolutely loved living out there with nothing because it made me appreciate everything in my life so much more. Money and Objects do not buy happiness but life experience does. I will never ever forget what Survivor did for me and how it has changed my life forever ❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨ #survivorau #survivor #samoa #anniversary #1year #lifechanging #experience #lifeexperience #begreatful #appreciate #bekind #begiving #natural #islandlife #islandlifestyle #imissit

I couldn't be more proud of these amazing @citysidecrossfit athletes that competed last weekend at the #southregional @jamiecwest @chelseaklewis @kirk.richie constantly inspire me as my friends and teammates and shoutout to @charlesryanconradtbarker AKA Dad for always being a great coach and leader for #teamcityside I LOVE YALL 💜

Ramadhan 2016.. #lifeexperience #aueinEU


I just finished "The Endurance Diet" by Matt Fitzgerald recently and it has had a profound effect on how I think about eating and training. So I would like to share the books that have had a major affect on my way of thinking over the last decade (that's what you do on Instagram right?) 1. "The Endurance Diet" by Matt Fitzgerald: definitely not a fad diet. More of a way to eat to get the most out of the food you eat and your training. There are 5 habits that anyone can integrate into their diet to be healthier, regardless if you are an elite athlete or a couch potato (you gotta move around though, seriously.) 2. "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho: a lot of people love this book. It is very inspirational and will have you thinking and rethinking about purpose.

3. "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan: Mr. Pollan is my favorite food writer and I love all of his books. This was the first book I read of his and it changed the way I eat and look at food. Humans are omnivores and our diet should reflect that. Stop eating "food items" with ingredients produced in a chem lab.
4. "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain: I have been working in the restaurant industry since 1998, in both the kitchen and on the floor bartending and serving. I have been fortunate enough to have perspectives from both sides. This book has so many relatable stories. I can picture them vividly as I read through it. A day in the life..... 5. "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius: this was my introduction to Stoic Philosophy. It was the personal journal of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius and is the "holy grail" of Stoicism. Being in management, this is relatable with every personality and situation that you must deal with in an elevated position, and how to keep things in perspective and keep your sanity. Live the good life.

6. "Born To Run" by Christopher McDougall: this book sparked the barefoot/minimalist running craze. It is a look into a simpler life, when humans had to move about and be active to live. This was also my introduction into the world of ultrarunning and shoe offsets (heel to toe drop). #read #knowledge #wisdom #lifeexperience

Si vous avez l'occasion d'aller voir Aura, faites-le. Ce show est magique et donne des frissons!! Si toutes les messes étaient comme ça, j'irais tous les dimanches à mon avis haha. Well done @momentfactory 💜 Sachez que le show en tant que tel dure 15 minutes ( et non 45 min). Les 45 minutes sont pour la totalité de la visite. 😉
#aurabasilique #momentfactory #mtlmoments #magic

Through struggles I learn and grow. Through pleasures I laugh and smile. Through friendship I build trust and understanding. Through love I am humble and kind. Through faith I have patience, and determination. Through all my experiences I have a grateful heart, and amazing things are happening! 💕
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I couldn't be more proud of these amazing @citysidecrossfit athletes that competed last weekend at the #southregional @jamiecwest @chelseaklewis @kirk.richie constantly inspire me as my friends and teammates and shoutout to @charlesryanconradtbarker AKA Dad for always being a great coach and leader for #teamcityside I LOVE YALL 💜

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. #flowers #dead #deadflowers #yellow #life #lifeexperience #lifestruggle #lifemessage #instagood

Man did i need to see this today. The things that have been going on in my head lately, the weight on my back and the pain in my heart..... todays message definitely spoke to me on another level and confirmed what i had been saying all along, it is time for my spiritual awakening and some deep inner work. Im ready to vjbrate higher! #angeltarotcards #strength #lifeexperience #sixofwinter #tarotnewbie #message #spiritualawakening #wakeupcall #gypsysoul

Time erodes all things; memories, flesh, souls, nothing is immune to the endless flow. Some are able to peer into the roiling currents and pick what they see fit to change. But should they? It takes true resolve to know what can't be changed, foresight, for what should be, and wisdom to know the difference.
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