A glimpse into the gears of Lifecycle and how they turn during the cycling & outdoors season. These are photos of the past few days. When our day ended at 9p on Saturday we had worked 61 of the past 86 hours. 71% percent of our available time was Lifecycle business. Exhaustion, elation, satisfaction, depletion, gratitude, pride, excitement, and solidarity with our fellow young family based entrepreneurs are the feelings that encompass this life. We fell into bed last night joints aching, lungs cruddy from this sickness that’s hit the town, and hearts full. Sunday, rather than being open, we are spending time with our sons, eating restorative @sistersfault soup, and snugging in. The bonus of family entrepreneur life. At the end of The Ladybug Fest in our lot, friends surrounded us with love by helping tear down and clean up. Thank you friends for your very real and pragmatic kindness that made us feel valued. Enjoy the rainy day of rest everyone, and thank you for including us in the culture and fabric of your life. We love our work. ✌️💚🚲 #entrepreneurlife #familybusiness #smalltown #hustle #momandpopshop #bicycleshop #lifecycleDE #bicyclesforall

@rivers_and_rhodes was the final act up on the Lifecycle stage at Ladybug Music Fest today. The nation’s only music festival celebrating women in music. Rivers & Rhodes are a high energy band that interacts with the audience in a manner that keeps them singing and dancing. They were the perfect closing act. ❤️🐞 #theladybugfestival #musicfest #womeninmusic #wonderwoman #🚺 #milford #downtownmilford #delaware #lifecycleDE

@jlynn2713 was the second act up on the Lifecycle stage at Ladybug Music Fest today. The nation’s only music festival celebrating women in music. Jodi is a SoDel musical maven with her rich, throaty vocals that fill a space & move you to dance. We respect Jodi and her great gift she continues to share with Southern DE. We are honored to call you friend. ❤️🐞 #theladybugfestival #musicfest #womeninmusic #wonderwoman #🚺 #milford #downtownmilford #delaware #lifecycleDE

@hannapaigemusic was first up on the Lifecycle stage at Ladybug Music Fest. Singer/Songwriter with an evocative ethereal sound, Hanna started of the fest in our lot with goodness. Thank you for sharing you gift with us! 🐞 #theladybugfestival #musicfest #womeninmusic #wonderwoman #🚺 #milford #downtownmilford #delaware #lifecycleDE

Bicycles lined up for mechanical support at the 5th annual Tour de Sussex at Del Tech Owens in Georgetown. We are proud 2016 graduates of Del Tech and have this institution to thank for causing us to meet each other & begin the dream of Lifecycle. There are many cycling events in Delaware today. Please watch for your friends on bicycles. Give them a full lane width when passing and a wave. 👋 Together, we can all get home safely. #tourdesussex #deltech #delaware #communitycollege #georgetown #sussex #southerndelaware #delawarebeaches #lifecycleDE #bicyclesforall

@theladybugfestival - the only fest in the US that celebrates women in music, will be filling downtown Milford with music tomorrow! This fest is FREE! Lifecycle will be hosting 3 musicians beginning at 3p in our lot. We are delighted to announce a collaboration of goodwill with @mispillion @revbeer @talltalesbrewery to support the women & children’s services provided by @peoplesplace2 as well as the mission & work of The Ladybug Festival.

Lifecycle will be selling craft beer from these fine local breweries in our lot for $5/can with 50% of the proceeds benefitting the work of People’s Place and 50% supporting Gable Music Ventures to enable growth of The Ladybug Music Festival.

Craft beer sales will begin at 3p. @dixiesdownhomecookin Food truck will be serving food around 4:30p. To see all the goodness of The Ladybug Music Fest, head over to FB for amplified details.
3:30p - @hannapaigemusic
5p - @jlynn2713
6:30p - @rivers.and.rhodes
Warm thanks to the people in our community who craft beer. Our local craft breweries are communal gathering places and enablers of goodness in our lives here in Southern Delaware. Thank you MRB, Rev, and TT for you generosity and humanity! #theladybugmusicfestival #musicfest #festy #milfordDE #milford #delaware #southerndelaware #delawarebeaches #downtownmilford #talltalesbrewery #revelationbrewery #mispillionriverbrewing #craftbeer #girlband #lifecycleDE #bicyclesforall

Happy 231st birthday to our town!

Now through Sunday, September 23rd, bring a receipt from one of our four downtown area Milford bakeries:
Fortunata’s Bakery
@psshoppe - Milford
*and receive 10% off merch in our shop!* Stipulations:
- 10% off does not apply to bicycles, racks, or Kam merchandise. - Receipt must have a date in the time frame of this offer. 9/20, 9/21, 9/22, 9/23.

We can give great suggestions of which sweets to enjoy at each bakery! Why do you think we ride bicycles? Because we can eat more empanadas, donuts, cookies, and cake pops from our fellow merchants in Milford! ✌️💚🚲🍪 #happybirthdaymilford #smalltown #bakery #dolcebakeryandcoffee #mysistersfault #petitesweets #fortunatasbakery #community #milford #delaware #lifecycleDE #bicyclesANDsweetsforall

Celebrate Milford’s 231st birthday all throughout downtown Milford at this month’s 3rd Thursday Block Party!

In the Lifecycle lot we will have:
✨Buccaneer Swords upcycled from bicycle boxes. Decorate or battle at will.
✨ Human Foosball.
@kamprollc pop-up shop.
@john_mollura photography - community backdrop mural painting to be used at Ladybug Music Fest this weekend!
@dixiesdownhomecookin Food Truck.
✨ Local craft beer $5/can with all proceeds going to Abbott’s Mill Nature Center.

Cakes, candles, and birthday ceremony in the Farmer’s Market area at 7:15p. Please visit Downtown Milford Inc on Facebook for the full schedule of events. Come celebrate the birthday of our town, in downtown Milford! #buccaneers #milford #delaware #happybirthdaymilford #blockparty #3rdthursday #arttown #rivertown #biketown #funtown #lifecycleDE #bicyclesforall

Come roll like Barry, Maurice, & Robin tonight on the weekly Community Bicycle Slow Cruise! Here, The Bee Gees are cruising on some rad Schwinn bicycles on set for the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band movie! Tonight we will roll to the sound of 70s disco & funk with The Bee Gees & The Beatles interspersed in the slow cruise playlist. 6:45p - gather at the shop. 7p - roll out. With our sunlight diminishing, be sure to have Front and Rear lights on your bicycle. This is also a great opportunity to funky glow up your wheels! It’s going to be a beautiful night for a ride! Repost from @groovyhistorypics - #communitybikeride #slowcruise #disco #youcanridewithus #lifecycleDE

We popped over to @mpl_de last night to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of The Teen Center. A comprehensive tour of all the clubs and activities available was given by a teen that frequents the center. We witnessed STEM projects, robotics, virtual reality, art, Dungeons and Dragons, 3D printing all being organized & participated in by teens. Cheers to the Milford Public Library for creating a dynamic space for teens to gather! #thekidsarealright #stem #robotics #milfordpubliclibrary #milfordDelaware #delaware #loveyourlibrary #lifecycleDE #bicyclesforall

Always fascinating in her extra-terrestrial appearance, this stunner visited the shop today. #prayingmantis #mantis #lifecycleDE #bicyclesforall

@lifecycle_delaware took this photo of last weekend’s Liv Cycling Harvest Ride. We’re glad the weather cooperated! ・・・
Liv Cycling Autumn Harvest Ride: Milford Tour. What a grand morning so far! @nottooshabbydecor @parsonthorne
#livcyclingSoDel #scorchers #bicycletouring #milfordDE #livautumnharvest #livcyclingusa #lifecycleDE #bicyclesforall #biking #bike #cycling #ride #delaware #delmarva #outdoors

Farmland in north Milton/ east Ellendale/ south Lincoln, that has been placed in preservation. Corn near harvest. Southern Delaware is about to enter its most beautiful bicycle riding season. We are grateful for the farmers who maintain our rich roots in agriculture. Rural, chickens, corn, beans, watermelon, soil, sorghum... this is us. #rural #farm #southerndelaware #agriculture #sussex #kent #harvest #lifecycleDE #bicyclesforall

Bicycles make any event an adventure! Family life hack: Park just outside of a fest/event and cycle in! Never a parking headache. Easy in and out. Fun!
We are into downtown Georgetown for Festival Hispano. #lifecycleDE #georgetown #southerndelaware #festivalhispano #sundayfamilyfunday #ridelife #ridegiant

Experience joy as you pedal your path to peace of mind on a bike.
Get out there. (Photo credit: J. Wesley Allen, Trap Pond State Park)

#sundaysermon #pedalforpeace #giantescape2 #ridelife #ridegiant #lifecycleDE #bicyclesforall

A happy, beautiful day for riding bicycles with women. 💜🖤#livautumnharvest #howweliv #lifecycleDE #livcyclingusa #mysistersfault

Cheers to DAVID and his brand new, SUV of the bicycles available at Lifecycle - The Baja Trike by @sunbicycles! There could not exist a more perfect bike for Milford’s #1 Person on a Bicycle - David! In the 1.5 years we’ve been open, David has included a near daily visit to us on his bicycle commutes. In all elements nearly every single day, we look forward to seeing David. Many a Milfordian, as well as. people motoring through our town know the familiar sight of David, in his hi-vis clothing, on a tricked out upright tricycle. David has longed used a single speed upright trike for all of his transportation, hauling his tools, including a push mower, to his various landscaping work all around town. We installed a computer on David’s work trike & saw that he logged over 400 miles in just under a week on that single speed trike. This dude is a BEAST! You can imagine David’s excitement when he saw the rugged styling of the Baja Trike! With a 7 speed drive train, disc brakes, alloy rear basket with wood deck, & rugged steel frame, the Baja Trike would markedly increase the function & safety of David’s daily commutes. David locked in his choice of a blue Baja Trike with a down payment & worked his landscaping jobs, paying each week to secure the new wheels. In July, David took home the Baja Trike, & since has given us valuable input in how the trike functions under high use. You may have seen him out & about with wheel lights glowing, blue frame shining, and air horn sounding to let vehicles know he’s on the road near them. Warm thanks to several Milfordians that added funds to enable David to take home the Baja Trike quickly. David’s goodwill, cycling tenacity, & green thumb are legendary in Milford. He is a roving celebrity, backed by a community that supports his freedom & work. It is a honor to keep him rolling smooth & safe. Without further ado, it gives us joy to sound an air horn & shout “HAPPY NEW BIKE DAY DAVID!” We wish you many years of happiness and safety on a trike fit for your level of tenacity and strength. #NewBikeDay #nbd #1MilfordianonaBike #uprighttrike #bajatrike #fattrike #sunbicycles #lifecycleDE #bicyclesforall

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