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It's silent here. In my feed as well as at home.
Willi is so absent, I am sad a lot, work too much because of stupid coworkers and my running blockage continues😞😢.
I tried running by myself and turned around after 700m.
Last good runs with Birdie exactly two weeks ago

Usually, seeing other runners in the streets makes me hate them 😜😖and all your running pics motivate me, but seems like neither is left.
Am just hanging in there

Also Haidee still not in Heat and only has two more days as her breeder cannot mate two bitches in a 4week span..Cross your fingers, we want a mal pup❤️ Meanwhile,kids and me visited the puppies from Scuby, the lab doing holidays two times a year with us...
Guess what the boyfriend is getting for himself (😉😉😉*ahem*)?
To be continued... I hope to be back soon, running, eating, training the dogs.

I even ordered an Action Cam
#illbeback #lifecrisis #itcanonlygetbetterfromhere

ผิดที่ไว้ใจ #lifecrisis

Graduation degrades everyone

Bachelor's Blues is up on

#playlist #lifecrisis

#MalcolmInTheMid - #LifeCrisis... LINK IN MY BIO

Annual Haircut. #brittanyspears #lifecrisis

Think I wanna go back to brown 😔 #GirlProblems #LifeCrisis

This picture is brought to you by peer pressure and 45 Euros at H&M #FinnishBoy #LifeCrisis

From your friends @the.goodproblem comes #LifeCrisis, a new 'zine for the young at heart. Back in the '80s, I'd have killed for the luscious blacks in this high-contrast gem. Stuff inside from @todswank @thisisandyjenkins @kevinwilkins @fredconrad and other veterans of The Toner Wars. Get yours ... if you can.

No bangs... let's see how long that last #hairproblems #lifecrisis #allergies



Also heute war Sporttag wegen mündlichen Abi🙄 Die große Frage vom Tag war einfach nur warum wir nicht alle daheim bleiben konnten..Dazu mussten wir auch noch um 7:45 dort sein was auch ziemlich stressig für viele war. Ich hab gestern mit Nelly schon ausgemacht dass wir so am Tag zsm rumhängen weil wir beide "Fans" waren also im Prinzip nichts gemacht haben😂 Der Tag war relativ langweilig. Wir haben den Jungs beim Fußball zugeschaut bla bla...wo ich heimgehen wollte wollte ich dann zu Alyssa Lisa Hanna und Madi tschüss sagen aber die waren alle viel komplett sauer auf mich und ich hab erstmal nicht verstanden warum...also hab ich Alyssa nachher drauf angeschrieben weil ich vor Ort keine Zeit mehr hatte. Ihre Antwort war für mich unverständlich weil sie irgendwas von wegen verkauft gesagt hat was ich aber nicht habe. Ich hab dann nur erklärt wies war aber das hat sie nicht akzeptiert oder wie auch immer. tja jz soll ich die vier auch noch in Ruhe lassen und hab in der Schule keine Freunde. Dazu sitz ich im Unterricht auch noch neben Alyssa setzte mich aber morgen wahrscheinlich weg weil ich kein Bock auf sie habe. In der Pause bin ich dann wohl alleine unterwegs aber egal. Dazu habe ich noch erfahren dass ich vielleicht sitzen bleibe aber scheiß drauf ich mag meine Klasse momentan eh nicht. Also mal schauen was morgen so passiert wird bestimmt interessant🤙🏼
#lifeblog #lifecrisis #batday #nofriends #nolove #alone #karmaisabitch #whyme #leben #lebensblog #lifeblogger

I recently got a semicolon tattoo behind my left ear. For those of you that know me know that I have been struggling with depression and anxiety very badly. I frequently have thoughts racing through my mind about suicide and harming myself. I can not stop the thoughts. The only thing I can do is choose wether or not to act on the thoughts. Over the past 5 months I have lost both my reasons to live, my rock that kept me grounded to this earth they had helped me stop hurting myself when I was a teenager. Helped me turn my bad thoughts around and kept them at bay. And my joy in the world. They were my everything and I worked very hard to give them everything they needed and deserved. I have been struggling not to go back to my old habits of cutting. I have stopped myself a couple times when I've had s knife in my hand for cooking purposes. I constantly have feelings of worthlessness, self doubt, and just a feeling of overall failure. I won't lie. There's been times when I've wanted to just wreck my car while driving home, or to somewhere. It's nothing for those thoughts to be at the front of my mind. The only times I feel even remotely human anymore is when I'm at my job. I am a very hard working cna and I love my residents very much. Hearing them thank me for thankless tasks just helping them with their daily lives is the only thing keeping me grounded right now. It's 8 to 12 hours a day out of a 24 hour day that I feel needed. That I can do something positive and give me a feeling of accomplishment. Anxiety and depression are no joke people. There are days where I don't even get out of bed, or eat, take care of myself at all. I know my life isn't over and I need to continue on but there are days where I can't keep the thoughts at bay in my head and I freak out wanting to hurt myself or wanting to end it all so I don't have to suffer anymore. #jesamichan #anxiety #depression #deppressedgirl #depressionsucks #lifecrisis

When u've had too many drinks and have no idea wth ur doing with ur life #drunkness #confusion #cats #cat #catlove #wth #lifecrisis

I am really looking forward to our #website getting #up and #ready and I know that my team is working hard on it as well as building interactive interface for solving problems through videos representative of case studies so we all can have a #free #exchange of #ideas , #spiritual #problems, and discuss #phases where you are stuck in your #meditation #journey and how to get past it, #lifecrisis, #depression #anxiety and ways to solve it.

But till then if you want to ask or share with me any problems you are facing in #spiritual , #astrological, #yogic or other aspects which are hindering the #blissfulness in your life...please use #Instagram #messages to reach out to me and I will respond back appropriately.
#peace #bliss #meditation #spiritual #questions #answer #life #journey #help #maketheworldgreatagain

One week from today, I'll be in London on a journey to find myself, inner peace, and the nearest 7-11. #eatpraylondon #willtheirtunasammiestastedifferent #selfcare #selflove #findmyself #london #711 #eatpraylove #lifecrisis #mindfulness

Wish I could be back on a unicorn #Greece #holidayblues #lifecrisis #graduateproblems #decisions

Excellent mail day today! Got a killer new 'zine and a grip of slaps from the mighty @stackaly! This is everything that a great zine should be. Totally feeling transported back to the my 80's hardcore days. Thanks Boss! #zine #zines #theeteenaged #lifecrisis #makecoolshit

"After watching TMNT I have become insecure about my shell. I usually cover it with a shirt. It is crazy how for an example, Raphaels shell looks so perfectly lumpy and smooth. Shells do not look like that IRL ." ~ Charles the Turtle
#illustration #drawing #draw #sketch #sketchbook #fineliner #tmnt #turtle #pizza #lifecrisis #firstworldproblems #shellinsecurity #imwiththeturtles #turtleforpresident #turtlenottortoise

Binge watching Girl Boss and it sooo funny oh em gee. Hints of Carrie from Sex and the City with her love of her city and hints of Juno and a bit of Hanna Horvath from Girls #funny #netflix #girlboss #citylife #awesome #ebay #lifecrisis #lovethisshow

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