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➡️My legs transformation🦍 3️⃣years hard training 💪🏼 My height is 194 sm 🤗
🔹What training in the gym have me?🤔 I spend a lot of time,money... But☝️I became resistant to stand up,in all senses. More female attention and more worknote yourself✔ Only pluses 😁😜 ⬇️
🇷🇺При моем росте в 194 см,второй по сложности,после спины-были мышцы ног. 3️⃣ года упорных тренировок принесли мне определенные плоды. ✔️Я стал устойчивее стоять на ногах,во всех смыслах. 😁 🔸Не стыдно стало ходить в шортах 🤣🦍
🔴Не бойтесь меняться,любое общественное мнение,как и круг вашего общения под силу формировать вам самим☝️✅ Мы живём лишь один раз ❗️
✳️Что однажды не побоялись изменить вы друзья,и как это повиляло на вашу жизнь❓🤔
#спорт #перемены #bodybuilding #gym #traininghard #crossfit #posing #lifechanges #newlife #money #fitnesstrainer #weiderscollege #белыезубыкакунитаз

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world." .
"De forma gentil, vocês pode chacoalhar o mundo"
#gandhi #bpd #superacao #superation #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #border #vitoria #winner #love #gentle #lifechanges

Your energy introduces you before you even speak. Good energy is contagious, be the energy you want to attract ⠀

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Some days the walls around me start to close in. A darkness tries to muscle it’s way into my thoughts and my heart. Can’t quite put a finger on why, but 19th holds some hard memories and some glorious ones. It’s only a number, a date on the calendar but often leads me to a place where time out is needed. Recent health troubles and a big decision to be made in the imminent future add to the busy head. On days like this, I can be found on long walks, listening to worship music, spending time with my God, just being still. Some days time on my knees is all I need, and I’m privileged to be free to do so. My faith sustains me. It’s not just a woolly warm feeling, it’s the sold rock upon which I stand. Without my anchor I would have been lost at sea many years ago. So forgive me for being somewhat distant - I hope that things will start to settle back down soon, but in the meantime, know I’m so very grateful for all of you friends in my phone. #lifechanges #mygodisable

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breath, trust, let go and see what happens.
#bali #indonesia #lifechanges #happy

I think as you grow older you look for different things in people. Honesty. Loyalty. Integrity. But most of all you look for someone who will stand by your side when the walls start crumbling down and the fires rage within. They are right there, and in that moment, you know they've got you - @thebettermanproject ▪️ when @erinnalbert took this photo of @brooksbruggman and I all I could think about was how home went from a place to a person ▪️ #mybestfriend #blackandwhite #lifechanges

Check! 3 posnetki, kaj se vse da v trampolin parku :) funkcionalna vadba, kjer je osnova nestabilna podlaga in zavedanje lastnega telesa 👉 #trampolinpark #woop #ljubljanacity #ljubljanamoments #trainforlife #training #workoutmotivation #jump #jumping #lifestyle #lifechanges

Soo I kind of have an announcement to make 🙊
I stopped dabbing & I won't be smoking for about a month 🤐😅
(Check my story to know why)
lol idk it's not really an announcement just letting ya'll know I may be cranky and less active online til xmas time😝
#detoxing #travelingtheworld #lifechanges #fauxfreckles


Even broken crayons colour - colour this life of yours.

The chances we don't take, the words we don't say, the things we don't do, leave us with regret.

Take a chance, take a risk...you may win or you may lose, but one thing I know for sure - you WILL learn and NEVER regret.

#personalgrowth #personalgains #takearisk #noregret #homebasedbusiness #thislife #dynamaxx #lifechanges #takeachance #yougotthis #yourtimeisnow #nofear

How naive of me to think this would always be my permanent address! Doors are closing as new ones are opening. #lifechanges #childhoodhome

Embrace every season!
#lifechanges #betterlife #newchapters

Only the 1st month and we are killing it!!!!
@aliciabeadle is down 10lbs and 6%bodyfat!!
Great work girl! Proud to be able to be a part of this journey! 📸@yogi_rich

#progress #goals #gym #fitness #gains #progresspic #1month #beforeandafter #lookgoodfeelgood #crunchhillsborough #crunchtv #greatness #bodybuilding #trainers #personaltrainer #teamwork #teampic #team #journey #life #lifechanges

Missing friends from college? Today's blog post is all about nostalgia, big life changes, and the relationships that matter. Link in bio 💕

#tbtuesday it takes a little time . We all want now now now. Especially with figuring out what is the right thing what works for your body . Just know with anything in life , you will always have ups and downs . I am happy to say I am better than I was last year .

Right is last Oct 2016. Left is present Nov 2017

#bodybuilder #bodybuilding #keto #lifechanges #breathe #slowandsteady #diabeast #type1diabetes #lowcarb #highfat #ketones #lifehappens #build

"Non mi intendo d’amore
non lo spiegare
ma quando mangio con te
ho paura che arrivi il caffè.
Che tu sei troppo dolce con me
vorrei alzarmi da qui
vedere se mi rincorri fuori... oltre queste boe sembra una bugia perché non so nuotare.
IO NON ABITO AL MARE. Peró LO SO IMMAGINARE." #lifechanges #lovechanges #stay #love #live #life #postwork #sun #sunset #amazongview #view #car #clouds #tag #tags #tagme #tagsta #tagsgram #tagforlike #tagforlikes #rome

I just found out some things that were said by somebody that is so insignificant to my life and to the world I live in, that writing this post gives this person too much credit, but it was just the cherry on top of a melting ice cream sundae and bitch, I love vegan ice cream sundaes and so now I need to roar. My frustration isn't about someone talking about me behind my back, I'm not that petty-my frustration lies within myself. I realize I don't give myself enough credit for the things I've done, for the things I've achieved, and for the things that I'm going to do. I doubt, I have fear, I talk down to myself, I let people step over me, I don't create lines/boundaries, & I don't take care of myself the way I should in my work life and in my real life. I literally go with the flow and while that may work for some, I unfortunately am learning it doesn't work for me. Instead of waking up every morning putting myself down or thinking about all the things I need to do to be successful, I need to wake up and look in the mirror and say, bish you're capable, you're smart, you're talented, you have a good heart, and you will make it to the top in whatever "the top" feels and looks like to me. The unknown is so vast and so scary that instead of grabbing it by the thorns, I'm letting myself get lost in the mist and I need to remember that I'm not lost-I got this ish. There will always be obstacles, people who will grab your shirt to pull you down as you climb the ladder, but if the hunger is there & you're willing to fight, you will win AND BITCH I WANT TO WIN. So here's to not letting the man/the world/trolls/my ego/my overthinking ways to reign 🍻 cheers.

Don’t let fear and self-doubt hold you back from making the life changes you are yearning for!

You have what it takes inside you to make it all happen! You just have to trust yourself and take a leap. Your wings can grow on the way down. .
#believeinyourself #fly #spreadyourwings #takealeap #trustyourself #strongmum #fitfamily #personalgrowth #lifechanges

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