Ya’ll seen the new @envecomposites M series components? Go give em’ a look! This is the setup I’ve personally chosen to ride out of the new lineup! Probably one of the best cockpit setups I’ve ever ridden 👌🏻 M7 bar/stem combo at 35mm clamp, 50mm stem, and 40mm rise bars 👍🏻
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My training buddy @ironmom.in.training and I took our kids biking at the park today! It was so fun to get out on our new "around town" bikes...a nice change if pace from the fast pace training rides we usually do together!
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In search of the miracle gear to erase the pain.

My #livbravaslr #livbrava frame is clean and ready to go!!! @pedrosbikecare bike lust is a great way to clean and polish road bike frames (they don’t get muddy!). @livcyclingusa top tube and saddle bags attached, containing my road essentials (#silca ratchet and torque multitool, which is absolutely a road essential; a tube; #livcycling tire levers; a power bank; glueless patch kit; C02 inflator; and frame pump). #speedplay zero pave pedals mean that I can ride mixed terrain with less risk of a gunked-up system. #lezyne USB rechargeable lights will keep me visible. And the #sram 1x drivetrain means less fussing with front derailleur problems. Let’s go randonneurring!!! #lifebehindbars #lifeisbetteronabike #howweliv #actuallyican #rideyourbike #ridelikeagirl #bostonbikelife #bikestagram #bikeporn #thejoyofcycling #thefutureofcyclingisfeministe

Tim’s out of town for the weekend. I guess that means hot dates with Barry. ❤️ 📸 @kt.inwonderland

The road to Giong. Photo by Giap

Couple new PRs today! 🚴‍♂️💥💨💨💨

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