Been married to this amazing guy for FIVE YEARS and feel just as lucky today as I did on our wedding day. PS: we sure did get a lot done in 5 years... 2 kids, a move to NJ and bought a house. Yowza. Love you @christophucker #licensetocatskill

Four years of being married to this amazing guy - doing things our way, together. Couldn't ask for a better co-pilot. Love you @christophucker #licensetocatskill

Another beautiful day on Main Street! #licensetocatskill

Sidewalk on my block. #licensetocatskill

Look who is slowly coming out of hiding. #licensetocatskill #catsofcatskill

"WHAT ARE YOU THINKING TAKING THE GW THIS TIME OF DAY?!?" Turns out Gracie is the worst backstreet driver. #licensetocatskill

New place. #licensetocatskill

It's been a wildly quick three years since I married this joker. Happy anniversary @christophucker, you truly make life more fun. 📷 by @vnina #licensetocatskill

Our friends Chris and Christy tied the knot yesterday. Congrats guys. @christyyyyk @christophucker #licensetocatskill

Noir Boudoir pt. 2

Dispatches from the Noir Boudoir #licensetocatskill

The sounds of love #licensetocatskill

That's a fine place to get hitched #licensetocatskill

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