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Adding more dimention 👊 hair by Brianna #cordonyhair #hairmakeover

Loving this Blonde Bombshell! #3inchoutgrowth#O L A P L E X #wellablondorlightner 20vol.#ShadesEQ-DejaVu Hair & Nail Salon, Tulare, Ca.93274-Pics from inside only-Very Vibrant Outside#behindthechair#redken#shadeseq #modernsalon #blonde#licensedtocreate#saloncentric #cosmoprofbeauty #roottouchup

🌫 Fighting the wind like 🌬 📷 #bree_shair

Purple shimmer 🌟

Winter blonde ❄️ by OYA Artist @hairbymeganwangelin

Freshly finished with this undone do!
Color and cut by: @jamiekeikohair

Model: @j.bleu

SESSIONS • I get asked ALL the time. “How many sessions will it take?”. Seems like a reasonable question to ask, if only I were a psychic 🔮 🤷‍♀️ Here’s the thing: hair size, shape and texture are unique to every person. All of these things affect how the lightening process works. Have you used henna, box color, professional color, do you flat iron your hair, are you on medication? Every single one of these things affect the process, and there are a billion more that aren’t listed here. 🤯 I have no clue how many session it will take to achieve your goal, but, I can guarantee that I will do everything in my power to get you as close as I can to your goal (as long as it’s a reasonable goal) and maintain the health of your hair. The amount of sessions, depends on you! Answer this: would you rather rush it, and break off all your hair? Or do as many sessions as it takes to achieve your goal and have a healthy head of hair when you get there? Listen to your hairstylist! Buy the products they recommend from them! Lower your hot tools like they tell you to! You make think you know your hair, but I went to college for it 👩‍💻 I can guarantee, I know it and how it works better then you do. Isn’t that why you call me in the first place? I’m just sayin..... 😏

Brightened up @ashleyyyjeans today ✨✨✨

Color transformation

Double toned her to get richness and depth and longevity using @redken shadeseq. Swipe for the before

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