All that is beautiful springs from the sexual instinct. It is the source of our graceful forms, melodic sounds, and brightest colors. It is the cause of the evolution of music, poetry, romance, sculpture, interior design, and dramatic entertainment. Our aesthetic sense is a secondary sexual attribute. It is our creative and fertile instinct, where we derive our love of beauty, why the relationship to home is so essential, why we love tiny pattering feet and the sound of infant laughter. The heart and all that it contains cones from the sexual instinct.
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오늘은 성모승천 대축일. 성탄절 부활절과 더불어 가톨릭에서는 가장 중요한 축일에 속한다. 그리고 세례명이 마리아인 나의 축일이기도 하고, 이로써 나는 삼일절을 생일로 광복절을 축일로 가지게 되었다. 저녁 미사를 드리기 위해 성당에 갔는데, 늘 곁에서 응원해주는 지우가 세례 때 주려고 했다며 캔들과 손편지를 줬다. 나는 늘 이렇게 받기만 하고, 친구의 편지에 오늘 하루도 인연에 감사한 하루🙏

어제는 첫 고해성사를 했다. 봉사자 선생님 덕분에 제단에 올라가 코린토 2서 제5장 16 ~ 21절 독서 낭독을 했다. 떨렸지만 언젠가 성당에서 봉사를 한다면 독서 봉사를 해보고 싶었기에 좋은 경험이었다. 그리고 시작된 고해. 신부님께서 사람을 용서하는 건 쉬운 일이 아니고, 시간이 걸린다고 하셨다. 용서와 화해는 가만히 덮어둔다고 되는 게 아니라 마주하고 노력해야 한다고. 그리고 너무 오랜 시간이 지나면 또한 힘들다고 하셨다. 내가 물었다. 나는 화해하려 노력했는데 만약 상대방이 받아들이지 않으면 어떻게 하느냐고. 그건, 상대방의 문제라고 하셨다. 보속으로 주님의 기도를 주셨고, 첫 고해성사를 마쳤다.
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The joy of living with curious pets😂 that also love to pee on beds😬

🎀Aug 15. 2018.🎀
오늘은 한국의 광복절, 괜시리 이런날은 한국에 너무 가고 싶어진다. 직장인들에게 이런날은 단비 같다고나 할까. 한국에선 일상에 찌들어 무슨날인지도 모르게 그냥 하루쉬는 날로 생각했던 것 같다.
반면 미국의 독립 기념일엔 여기저기 홍보가 넘친다. 옷가게들은 독립기념일 기념 티셔츠를 내고 할인 행사도 많이 한다. 그리고 축하를 하기위해 사람들은 국기가 그려진 티셔츠를 입는다.
지금 생각해보면 매일 야근때문에 내 생활이 없었기에 그저 노는날 중의 하나라고만 생각했던 것 같다. 얼마나 슬픈일인가, 정말 살기 좋은 한국이지만 너무 바빠 많이 못 누리고 온것 같다. 어쨋든, 해피 #광복절 ! .
Today is Korea's #Liberation day ! When i was in korea i had no time to celebrate this holiday because I was too busy to work. So, I thought this holiday was just one of the holidays. On this day, I just took a rest at home on my holidays. What a pity. Anyway I would like to celebrate Korea's Liberation Day despite being in USA.


To recap my journey into a week of silence please read the previous 5 posts. 🙌The end of my week of silence, I AM GUIDED me through my last 3 intentions for this New Moon Initiation into BEing, which are: “May I soften mySELF into my own Divine Sensual Nature & lose complete control in Your Loving Essence (Shakti – Holy Spirit); May my words BE decreased & Your word BE increased in me, that I may shine Your Light near & far; & May the veil of illusion BE more lifted, allowing more of my truest infinite abundance to shine through.”🙏 It was toward the end of my week in silence that TRUE PATIENCE shined through the veil.😔 Before this I was completely oblivious to my unconscious lack in patience. I AM LED me to this amazing song I never heard called, “You Say,” by this beautiful artist I never heard of named “Lauren Daigle.”🌸 This little 5 min song was just the last straw I needed to move me into total surrender.🙌 It broke down so many layers of deep seeded limiting programing, allowing me to really soften into my own Divine Sensual Nature,💐 feeling Shakti stronger & stronger. I listen to that song over-&-over again to Re-Member exactly who I AM.🌟 The need to BE silent began gradually decreasing, as I AM REVEALED that when we begin The Path of BEing,😇 talking becomes over-rated, as our words become much more powerful.💪 Sounds great… right?😏 Yes… from ego perception, but from soul perception power means discipline. As we awaken more & more to our higher selves, disciplined integrity with our word is a must, because of the power our word now holds. Through constant connection, words are chosen carefully, with strong intent, only reflecting the Love & Light that we are, creating ONLY the outcomes we wish to see.🎇 In those moments we find ourselves strong enough to communicate from liberation then we will be intuitively given words of a healing frequency promoting liberation in the receiver.🌌 However, when we feel that our words may come from potential limitation, & resistance, that’s when we... Pls Con't reading in the comments👇

Liberation. Now The Tower has fallen. We emerge from the rubble. Reborn.

Our journey through the cards has been full of promises of change & regeneration. Sometimes this promise seems hopeful & anodyne, sometimes ominous & threatening. It is here at Liberation (also known as Judgement) that we finally learn what rebirth means. The old world lies in ruins. Who we were is dead. Yet we stand bathed in the sacred glow of a new life. The World is being born.
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"Not having to worry about acne or open pores would mean skindependence to me. To be happy with my skin would mean skindependence to me," says Aditi, a media professional.

What's your idea of skindependence? Tell us in the comments below!

Sometimes I don't think I deserve you..
So I say some fucked up shit just to hurt you..
But you know I do it all 'cause I love you.
So, baby tell me I'm the one that deserve you
#Deserve #Liberation @xtina

We, at @dermafique, believe that #skindependence means freedom from skin issues for all skin types and complexions.
We believe that intelligent skincare can truly enable you to liberate your skin.

However, skindependence can mean different things to different people, and so, we asked 8 women from various walks of life what their idea of skindependence was. To find out what they have to say, visit @dermafique.

"Whether you have acne or blemishes, the ability to own your flaws and feel good about yourself, is what #skindependence means to me," says 22-year-old Suryaa, a budding fashion stylist.

What’s your idea of skindependence? Tell us in the comments below!

🎈Happy 6 months our beloved Jojo! Josiah means healed, healer & you certainly have anchored this energy for our family, living fully connected to your Divine gifts of Truth & Compassion.🙏 Thank you so much for revealing TRUTH & teaching me how to trust & surrender, by reminding me that I can reconnect to my own innocence (innersense) anytime simply by declaring "I don't know."😏 Thank you for being my teacher in how to live fully in the present moment.😑 Your Divine gifts are helping me to remove the illusions I once held from the wreckage of my past by no longer identifying with the stories I once told mySELF. I pray I can repay you, by also nurturing your innocence (innersense) that you may live as your real self, without all the distortions I once lived with, so that you may always Love fearlessly. I Love you to infinity & beyond my little SOULdier. (Tears) Keep shining bright🌞

A history day today. The sheer scale of everything brings it all back to life. #liberation #realheroes #dday

Beauty is everywhere! Love is around us if we have it in our heart! Be Strong And Love Yourself! ❤️❤️❤️ #besaly #love

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