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"I have my CHAIN'D REACTION (BCAA) and L-GLUTAMINE by @apsnutrition Right after my brutal workouts 💪 !"
- #APS Athlete @mikeeworkout_ifbbpro
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Rafael Felix, do nosso Gold Team Science, explica:
Dr. Rafael Félix - Nutricionista
A glutamina é o aminoácido mais abundante no corpo humano, responsável por mais de 50% dos aminoácidos livres do músculo esquelético. Ela participa na formação de novos aminoácidos e diversas outras moléculas biologicamente importantes do metabolismo humano. É considerada como um estimulante para o ganho de massa muscular e recuperação do músculo devido ao treinamento intenso, atribuindo benefícios potenciais no tecido muscular, performance e sistema imune.

Um estudo recente avaliou a utilização de L-glutamina em ratos com diabetes induzido e avaliaram os marcadores de ganho e perda de massa muscular. O grupo que foi suplementado com glutamina teve o catabolismo muscular diminuído e os marcadores gênicos de ganho muscular (m-TOR) elevados de forma significativa comparado ao grupo que não suplementou. Isso sugere que em situações de estresse metabólico (doenças catabólicas ou exercício físico de alta intensidade), a utilização da L-glutamina pode ser uma medida para diminuir ou inibir as perdas de massa muscular e estimular o anabolismo.

Hyeyoung Kim Glutamine as an immunonutrient. Review Article Yonsei Med J 2011; 52(6):892-897
Agostini F., Biolo Gianni. Effect of physical activity on glutamine metabolism. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care 2010; 13:58-64
Philips GC. Glutamine: The Nonessential Amino Acid for performance enhancement. Current Sports Medicina Reports 2007; 6:265-268


ELIT L-glutamine 100% Pure

L-glutamin är den vanligast förekommande aminosyran i kroppens muskler. ELIT L-glutamine hjälper dig att snabbare och mer effektivt återfå vätskebalansen, återuppbygga musklerna och återhämta dig efter träningspassen. #elitnutrition #lglutamine www.elitstore.se

If you are hitting it hard in the gym, you are pushing your body to the absolute limits and challenging the boundaries human performance. ⠀
Try adding fermented L-Glutamine and BCAA's to your supplement regimen! Make sure you are doing everything you can to recover after your tough workouts so you can get back in the gym sooner! ⠀
Get the fermented versions of L-Glutamine and BCAAs by clicking the link in @Kagedmusclesupps bio⠀
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😘 Yes I take #LGlutamine during #Fitness preps and off season too. I typically mix 20g of powder with water and drink it during the whole day . This neutral #aminoacid found in high concentrations in the plasma ⭐️helps to metabolize glutathione ⭐️Improves digestion and ⭐️maintain acid base balance during acidosis 🌟 Increase protein balance in muscle

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Did you know:

During intense training, Glutamine levels are greatly depleted in your body, which decreases strength, stamina and recovery.
It could take up to 6 days for Glutamine levels to return to normal - and Glutamine plays a key role in protein synthesis (muscle growth). Studies have shown that L-Glutamine supplementation can minimize breakdown of muscle and improve protein metabolism.
Order your punish L Glutamine direct from punish 👍👊
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Este aminoácido protege la masa muscular y evita el catabolismo durante períodos de ayuno prolongado y el entrenamiento, refuerza el sistema inmunológico y ayuda a la recuperación post-entreno.
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Just what I need to push my workouts over the top! Are you ready for this? @corbanbennett @zachyzachzach

"I have my CHAIN'D REACTION (BCAA) and L-GLUTAMINE by @apsnutrition Right after my brutal workouts 💪 !"
- #APS Athlete @mikeeworkout_ifbbpro
#APSNation #AmericanStrong #ChaindReaction #LGlutamine #BCAA #Glutamine #Workout #Training #Gym

Bit of gym breakfast porn for @leesexton1965 phhhooaaarrrrr ooooo matron 😍😍😍 #lglutamine ill av at 8 hour before the gym 😬 #hemp #protein #spirulina one of the strongest pure proteins on the planet #amino #cashewbutter #gymtime #walktime #veganlifestyle #veganprotein

✅ 麩醯胺酸 ✅ 益生菌 ✅ 益菌生 ✅ 甜菜根

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It's the weekend and we've got a lot to get done so we're making sure we start our day off right! The gut controls a lot in the body and is responsible for a majority of the way we feel and look. Gut issues can cause things like:
👉🏻Food sensitivities
💩Thyroid conditions
💩Joint pain
💩Skin issues like rosacea and acne
👉🏻Digestive problems
💩Weight gain
👉🏻Autoimmune disorders
There's a reason they call the gut the 'second brain'!Repair+ is an l-glutamine (essential and most abundant amino acid in the body) and fiber-packed drink mix that helps heal your gut and get your body working the way it is meant to! 👊🏻💩🙌🏻🎉👍🏻🥛
What's your favorite way to start your weekend?

Easy like Saturday morning. Wake up and sip on HEALING FIBRE because each scoop of this powerful formula contains clinically proven ingredients and prebiotics to support and maintain a healthy digestive system.  The perfect way to wake up your digestive system. #embracetheNU

Finally I got it💪🏾💊
Yeaaah😚🎉 ジムで

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お預けにしておきましょ🙍🏽💦 さぁ明日から早速飲もう🍼



(sangattttt wangiiii) 😘

RM19 x 1 pc
RM18 x 3 pcs
KLIK LINK BIRU wassap Kak Sab ye👇

www.wasap.my/60125295469 ★ Menyembunyikan jeragat & lingkaran gelap yang tak sekata
★ Kesan pencerahan dpt dilihat dlm masa yang sangat singkat sbb kandungan L-Glutathione pekatan tinggi dan mudah diserap
★ 100% original ekstrak red pomegranate lotion
★ Didatangkan dengan haruman / wangian yang menyegarkan ( strong scent /long lasting )
★ Lotion pemutih instant yang amat berkesan selepas 3-5 kali pemakaian sahaja sudah ternampak kesan dan menjadikan kulit lebih cerah & glowing
★ Pek tiub 300g tahan sehingga 2-3 bulan pemakaian
★ Perlindungan UV yang tinggi SPF50
★ Boleh digunakan di seluruh bahagian badan
Ekstrak buah red pomegranate ( buah delima ) 👇
★ Memutihkan kulit
★ Menghaluskan kulit tubuh
★ Merawat bekas jerawat dan parut
★ Membersihkan kulit wajah dan memperbaiki struktur kulit
★ Mengecilkan liang pori-pori
★ Melembut dan melembab
★ Memberi glowing effect
★ Berkesan melindungi kulit dari kemerah-merahan & bintik² hitam
★ Menghilangkan kulit kusam & menaikkan seri wajah
★ Menyamaratakan tona kulit yg tidak sekata ( uneven skin tone )
★ Melindungi dan membantu mencerahkan kawasan gelap di badan seperti bawah lengan , celah peha dan lain-lain lagi

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BCAA защищает мышечные ткани от разрушений во время тренировок 💪🏋🏽
Вкусы: 🍒🍉 1 кг (200 порций) цена: 16500 🇰🇿
BCAA 90 💊 цена: 7 000 🇰🇿
BCAA 270 💊 цена: 10 000 🇰🇿
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It's Saturday so forget everything and just do the gym @olympian_fitness @staylean_ambassadors @staylean_official it will make your weekend ! 😊don't forget your post workout nutrition #chocolateflavour #staylean #whey #lcarnitine #lglutamine

Heal your gut, heal your body 🌼 When I was first unwell it felt as if my whole body broke down and I soon learnt how important your gut health is as 'your second brain', 60-80% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract. This is what I take:
Probiotic - Adds 'good' bacteria to your digestive system. And loads more!
L-glutamine powder- Helps to rebuild and repair the gut lining, letting fewer toxins in. This is the reason why I'm taking it but it does loads more.
Digestive enzyme - Helps the body break down difficult to digest foods, meaning less energy is used on digesting food.

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Batida regeneradora de músculos y vitalidad

1 Botella de agua de coco sin azúcar
1 Scoop de L GLU SIN SABOR ( Glutamina)
1 Cucharadita de vainilla
6 Trozos de de Manzana Verde

Mezclar todos los ingredientes y licuar

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L-glutamine, Marshmallow root, and Acacia gum oh my! Learn why these 3 key ingredients are in our HEALING FIBRE right here 👆👆 Have more questions, leave them below for us! #embracetheNU

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