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Volunteered at the blind center today ❀️ helped out the less fortunate, what a great experience #blessedπŸ™ #lgcypower

Happy earth day guys 🌎 my job is to help people go solar at no cost and save the planet one home at a time. #lgcypower

If you weren't aware, there is a program right now in SC where you can get solar panels and not have to pay anything to get them on your house. All that you pay for is cheaper electricity! (up to 40% lower)
To qualify you must:
-Be an SCE&G or Duke Energy home owner -Get a lot of sun on your roof
-650+ credit score
-And use over $100 worth of electricity
Email me to see if you qualify!
#lgcypower #sunrun #savemoney #savetheworld

Surrounded by positivity πŸ’™
#2017takeover #LGCYpower #LeadershipRetreat

Competition season
#TheCup πŸ† #LgcyPower

πŸ’ͺ⚑️| We just opened up in Vermont.

10.44 KW system. Installed 9/16/17. SC #LGCYPower #Sunrun

Every day, I have to convince myself to go into an atmosphere where it's full of negativity, door slams, getting yelled at and much more. But I choose to not let those things get to me because I know that what I am doing is much bigger than the daily challenges I face.
Today, Martha and Simon Cerrano went solar and seeing the joy on their face is exactly why I do what I do. But of course I do have to give credit to @desi.leigh for setting up the appointment with this incredible family.
#LGCYPower #SunrunSolar

Are you looking for an incredible business opportunity? Come be a part of the greatest sales force on the planet. Comment below or DM me for market and position details! #lgcypower #runwithlgcy


I want to congratulate the Malarkey Family for choosing #sunrun and #lgcypower for their #solar needs!!! It's always amazing to talk to the homeowner after install!! They are super excited for spending $0 and reducing their carbon footprint as well as saving some money!
If you have ever thought about going solar and didn't know how to get started just send me a DM and let's talk and see if it's a good fit for you! #gogreen #solarpower #solarpowered

10.44 KW system. Installed 9/16/17. SC #LGCYPower #Sunrun

Volunteered at the blind center today ❀️ helped out the less fortunate, what a great experience #blessedπŸ™ #lgcypower

Let's change the 🌏 one 🏠 at a time
Be apart of it #sunrun #lgcypower

Competition season
#TheCup πŸ† #LgcyPower

Another happy solar customer πŸŒžβœ” I love having the opportunity to help people lower their power bill by going solar without it costing them a dime, and love EVEN MORE the relationships I share with them πŸ’™πŸ˜†πŸ’― #sunrun #lgcypower #solar #lovemyjob

Mandatory fun days with the squad are the best days!

Mondays don't suck your job sucks or your purpose isn't clear enough.

When the why is big enough the how doesn't matter

Building a LGCY.
#LgcyPower #Solar #Team #Squad #SanDiego #Cali #SoCal #entrepreneur #Lifestyle #Building #Legacy

"Let your smile change the world, and NEVER let the world change your smile." 🌎
πŸ“Έcreds: @pierce.tews

15.7 KW system. Installed 9/5/17. SC #LGCYPower #Sunrun

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