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Cold shower 💦😅


Visited papi on set to see what he's been up to in New York AND saw the Captain Underpants movie. Very successful Friday!! Swipe through for more!

Happy Gay Pride everyone!!! Dongle ashamed to show your true and beautiful colors!! #gaypride #gaylife #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtpride #lgbtproud #queerworld #queer

FELIZ PRIDE A TODOS #pride #lgbt 🌈🌈🌈

At trans march yesterday I sat in the park for hours. There were lots of folks I met, spoke to, listened to. There was something that resonated deeply with me. It was the fact that everyone who spoke to me, didn't know me when I wasn't the evolution of myself I am today. They didn't know me when I had slept countless times in parks like this one. They didn't know me when I ate out of trash cans on mission street because I hadn't had food for days. They didn't know me when I lied to everyone I knew about who I was, who I wanted to love and the work that I did to survive. They didn't know me then. But they see me now, and see what I do. They see me pushing, and they have asked me to keep going. They have their own hopes and dreams. Their inspirations and goals. A lot of folks I talked to, I listened to their own struggles. We are a family of folks who come from every walk of life. We are so strong, so diverse, so unique... not one of us is the same. But we share some of the same pain. Heart break. Hardship. This pride, I felt your power. It resonated with me. It has fueled me. It has given me life and affirmed that I cannot stop pushing, advocating, and making space for all of us. We all are learning together. And you have given me the greatest gift this pride season. The gift of love. It is radical for us to exist, for us to be seen, and for us to thrive. But it is and always has been the time for us to rise and lift each other up. So this year, let's listen to each other. Hold each other. Commit to loving each other. There is so much work to do, and there is so much hurt to work through, but I know we can heal. We can fight. And mostly importantly, we can love each other as a whole. With the scars, bumps, and bruises. They don't make us any less lovable. & I will continue to be here, with open arms and an open heart, excited to support you and see what incredible things you can do. 💕🐺Happy pride to my whole LGBTQAI family and allies. I am so proud of all of you. 📸 ; @girlwhereyouat

take desperate to a new level

comment "love" letter by letter! @okreaper


"L'homosexualité n'est pas une maladie , en avoir peur en est une." #gay #gaypride #gaypride2017 #paris #lgbt

Contemplem as minhas tentativas de tirar uma foto com a bandeira ao vento #fail #arraiallisboapride #arraialpride #lisboapride #lgbt #pride #orgulho #orgulholgbt #orgulho2017

It's the power that gives you the strength to survive #Pride #LGBT #LoveRevolution #LoveWins #PeaceAndLove #Love

New stencil first attempt , colours need work but might as well post it in honour of pride today ,love all my friends no matter who they choose
to love✌ message me if interested in this design😘 #etsyseller #etsy #gaypride #dublinpride #pride #stencil #gay #gays #lgbt #love #lovethyself #beproud #keepmovingforward #cute #loveforall #watchthisspace #thisonesforme #design #handpainted #instagay #followforfollow

So excited to be able to attend pride this year. Thanks to everyone who hung in there with me the past few years. Its been a ride.
#pride #transgender #transboy #lgbt #transflag #pridemonth

#gaypride #marchedesfiertés #lgbt #paris 🌈

I get the morning off since the woman went to some spin class, so I decided to take a nice quiet walk to brunch in #DTSA . Then I see THIS! wtf... ugh. I guess it's a noisy brunch for me. #ilovewhereilive #lgbt #pride I'm glad I didn't have to find parking!

#gaypride #lgbt #paris #love ❤💙💚💛💜💖

Remember when I cosplayed and my account was more that just me being a loser asshole with a shitty aesthetic?

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