Reworked this liver bird today too 😁 Allll the LFC tattoos 🔴☺️

Always happy to do LFC tattoos 😁 Thanks @mattyboyoh 🔴

My very first ink on my skin. Got it at the age of 22. I believe tattoo tells a story that you should not be ashamed to show it off.
This is a club I have supported since I was little, 8 years old. I remember back in those days I could only rely on newspaper to follow the team. People often question what if the team is no longer doing well in the future? What if they get relegated? Well you know what, I have sworn my unwavering allegiance to this club.
I’m proud to tell people that this is MY CLUB. LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. And it will continue to be, till the day I die.

#liverpoolfootballclub #lfctillidie #lfctattoo #MAKEUSDREAM

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