-It's a shame that this is shit
-ac: kiingxscole
Qt: april or lexie ✉

hello!! this is my first ever video edit (i used ae) and i know it’s trash but i’m actually so proud of the start and all the transitions !! please comment your thoughts and any requests for other video edits :)
and i know the clips are super low quality, i had to download them off YouTube, please dm me if you have links to download episodes or scene packs!

Last vaccinations today! I can officially go out and meet the world!!! I weigh 19.2 lbs at 15 weeks!!

i feel like nobody's here now that i'm kinda back 🙃
ic @greysinc vine-scenes
q: favorite vine?
a: miss keisha


- Show: greys anatomy
#qotd :
Jo or Alex?
#aotd :
@greysabc @officialjustinchambers @camillaluddington

Chorei muito nesse episódio, saudades da Lexie 💔😭
[Lexie rainha SIM ou CLARO?]

Who remembers Doc? 💔💔
#greysanatomy #meredithgrey

—in my veins
the greatest love story with a terrible ending.
—these voiceovers are making me cry💘💞💗💝
song: veins by andrew belle

💓 calzona 💕
i love them so much ❤️

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