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Nothing fancy, just some reps. Was actually fairly pleased with these since I suffered from a stomach bug I caught from my two youngest sons all weekend. When you lose 7 pounds in a couple days from the south side you don't expect much from your first workout but here we have it.
I may have had my @cerberus_strength_usa knee wraps a bit to tight because the weight wasn't enough to get me down any farther. It's a good problem to have because it just means I need to put some more weight on the bar. Get yours from their site and use my code BIGBADSANTA. If I can sell enough stuff I could get one of their new lever belts as a prize so he'll a brother out. #skwaats #leverbelt #legday

JOINED 10MM 健力腰帶#LeverBelt 快將在下個星期補貨了! #現可到網上預訂💪



Easy to tighten for maximum support, our latest Navy Lever Belt is sure to help you achieve new lifting records. #LeverBelt #NeverStopDreaming

285 single 265 triples... 135 single on bench. #thestrengthathlete #gorditaswhopowerlift #girlswhopowerlift #3weeksout #leverbelt

We just got the new SBD lever belt! This shipment will be sold exclusively at the IPF Raw Worlds in Killeen, TX next week. #sbdapparel #andersonpowerlifting #leverbelt #ipf

NEW Shots Fired logo lever belts are being added to the site today! Available in 4 sizes 🏋🏻👊🏻 Use code DD20MAN to SAVE 20% on your order at MANSports.com (click the link in our profile to shop! #mansports #leverbelt

Here is 420lbs for 10 reps, moved well and felt easy. #powerlifting #poosh #reps #inzeradvancedesigns #leverbelt

Woohoo my @pioneer_fit lever belt arrived today! Thank you Matt for helping me pick the right XS size and customized for me! I'm naming her Lady Red. She is so pretty! 😻 #leverbelt #pioneerbelts


hitting PR’s baby!!! Thanks @junior_c74 for introducing me to this amazing belt, I need one 😂
#alphaclothing #alphaleteathletics #alphalete #leverbelt #pr #valensclothing #gymshark #sbd

Une livraison des accessoires d’entraînement RISE est arrivée au WOD Sports avec quelques nouveautés juste à temps pour les cadeaux du Temps de Fêtes!! C’est le bon moment de venir nous visiter en fin de semaine!! A delivery from RISE arrived at WOD Sports with some new amazing items right on time before the Holidays gifts! Perfect timing to make a visit at the store.
#rise #riseweightlifting #weightliftingbelt #leverbelt @rise

When you murder 4 Wheels...you fist pump your spotter!! Stay tuned for the next post!! Thanks to my lovely wife for the fine camera 🎥 work!! First time with these @inzer_official wraps and I’m in love!! This @pioneer_fit 13mm keeping me confident as ever, and these @cerberus_strength_usa straps helping me stay under the bar till I️ get my mobility back from my torn pec!! Couldn’t be happier with today’s session!!! #inzeradvancedesigns #pioneerbelts #cerberusstrength #squats #squatgoals #asstograss #babyjugg #moderationisforcowards #paralysisbyanalysis #leverbelt

Let’s see what else I can share while I’m sitting here at LAX for the next two hours... besides that my bag matches my weight belt 👌🏼💕😎 how it should be right. Strange perhaps, but I loved having my weight belt with me.. or more that I was going to need it on my travels. Travel note though.. they’re a fkn heavy travel buddy 😂💪🏼💗 #leverbelt #harris #laxairport #matchymatchy #passingtime

As a lifter training with a slightly bulging disc and on/off pain, allow me to share some lifting practices that have kept me alive till now.
TIP #2: Don't workout first thing in the morning.
A lot of people out there are real go-getters: they wake up early at some un-Godly hour, ready to start their day, pound back a cup of coffee, hit the gym, then go to work with a renewed sense of accomplishment and carpediem mentality.
Well that's all roses for you wannabe Tony Robbins types, but for us with chronic backpain, the morning workout is a no-go.
When your asleep, the discs of your spine get a chance to rehydrate and expand, so much so that you actually wake up a tad bit taller than when you slept. Think of those discs as full water balloons in the morning - a bit unstable and wobbly. This makes the spine a little more 'fragile'. Adding compression to those discs (directly or indirectly) is asking for trouble especially if you have an already unsound back. Throughout the day, the discs lose bits of their fluid and the balloons now become a bit more rigid, making it better for handling compression.
Personally, I hate working out right after I wake up. I feel groggy, weak, and like my engine hasn't had time to warm up yet. At the same time, I do realize psychopaths exist, and they want nothing more than to get "gymstuff" out of the way so they can get on with it. If this is you, and you do experience backpain from time to time, then I highly recommend waiting AT LEAST 1-2 hours after waking before hitting the gym. Here's what you could do in the meantime:
-Go for a walk to get your body warmed up a bit
-Have some coffee or a small breakfast in the meantime (a shake or something light)
-Take A LOT of care to stretch out and perform a proper mobility routine
-Do some work, read something, or do other chores to kill some time
-Once it's been over an hour, hit the gym
It goes without saying that if you do have constant pain, you should do everything in your power to rearrange your schedule so that you don't have to do any heavy lifting upon waking up. I've gotten into the routine of working out in the evening, maybe you could too.

Hit 140kg for 10 today which is a pb, you can only see 8 reps on this as the video cut out! 4-5 months ago I could only hit this for one rep so strength and endurance is improving nicely.
Currently running Dylan McKenna’s intermediate powerbuilding programme which is working so well! Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve hypertrophy and strength at the same time. Some big lifts coming in the near future!! #gunsmithfitness#leverbelt#gymshark#powerbuilding#powerlifting#bodybuilding#gainz#gym#deadlifts#sumo#lifting#3plates#19yo#rougefitness @mckenna_dylan @gymshark @gunsmith_fitness

Our first orders have gone out this week!! Here is @bigbirdsquats customised belt!! May the red make you more explosive!!! 💣🔥💥 -------- Customise yours today at www.propowercustoms.com or contact us via email ProPowercustoms@outlook.com --------
#powerlifting #propowercustoms #powerliftingbelt #makeityourown #weightlifting #leverbelt
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Training with #backpain? As a lifter training with a slightly bulging disc and on/off pain, allow me to share some practices that have kept me alive till now.
TIP #1: Always use a belt. And that means always, always, always.
For most lifters this is really a no brainer, but it's tip #1 for a reason. I could just as easily listed a number of preventional measures (i.e. flexibility, mobility work etc) but truth is you'd rather resort to that part when you've run out options, right? I know I did.
I know you're going to go ahead and try to train around your injury anyway and that it'll be hard to stay out of the gym. If you do experience backpain and you can't stay away, my best advice is to use a belt your next workout and every workout going forward.
I'm not saying this is a must for all athletes. If your back is healthy, great. Keep the belt for your heavy sets or PR's. But for those with previous, ongoing, or nagging injuries who never want to be in that state again, do yourself a favour. I personally start putting mine on the second set (right after my warmup set) and hardly ever take it off. Whereas I NEVER used to wear one at all - this helped tremendously.
What kind of belt should you don you might ask? My recommendation is to get a traditional"powerlifting style" belt that's 4" wide all the way through. The symmetrical width helps to increase abdominal pressure all around the core, unlike those older style, tapered "bodybuilding belts" (those are actually used moreso in weightlifting, kettlebell sport etc) Thickness of the belt should not be overstated at this point. You will find belts as thick as 6mm to 13mm. (Something is better than nothing, however a 10mm thick belt will prob last you well into your future lifting years).
Nowadays, you can find leather lifting belts ranging from $40 to well over $300 (and then some) depending on material, customization, and quality. My #doubleprong #grizzlyfitness belt is about 10 years old, made from 7mm single cut leather, and cost me about $50 at the time. It's still going strong. Just get something that works.

First time lifting with the New lever belt !
. Huge thanks to @b_medic and David Mak for coming to the rescue and gifting me this AMAZING lever belt after my old leather belt SNAPPED in 2 mid rep with 315 on my black (belt was 8 years old...it served me well 😅😅). So so appreciative to have such awesome and thoughtful clients that do things like this ! .

Also...FIRST big lift with the New #UnderArmour #ProjectRock #HighLightDelta2 training shoe. By far THE BEST training shoe I've ever invested in. Looks like it's going to be a great off-season going into the back half of my self made program.
2 months ago 335 was a struggle for 1 rep due to hip and quad acute pain and tightness. 6 here are the 5th and 6th set at 335 for 2s. Onto deload...onto phase 3. Stoked
#StrengthAndConditioning #LeverBelt #ProjectRockHighlightDelta2 #BeenWaitingforMonths #myclientsrock #MyKindapeople #Squat #6x2 #Strengthphase #GetBetter #DoBetter #BeBetter
@therock I wasn't going to let these Deltas sell out without getting mine this time, literally sat by my computer waiting and refreshing the page til 8amET -- was beside myself devastated when 12.5s sold out in the first 2hrs on the original release.

Ein dickes Dankeschön geht an @athleticaestheticswear ! Super schnelle Lieferung und der Gürtel wirkt echt hochwertig! Freue mich schon auf die erste Trainingseinheit :)
#powerlifting #belt #athleticaesthetics #strength #athlete #gymaddict #leverbelt #powerbuilding #sqaut #bench #deadlift

Teabag pause skwaaats 365 & 405

When it's not difficult to buckle up. I Have to tighten it up one more screw🙌🏼 I'm at 145lbs as of today, 7 more weeks to reach my goal🤗 #leverbelt #powerlifting #goals #stayingfocus #63kgclasscomingforyou #cutting

It’s not about the gear or shoes or fashion. But it’s fun as hell to get new gear in! Just picked up some #puma running shoes for the gym and have been living my #inzerbelt ..........#fitness #motivation #powerlifting #strength #strong #livestrong #fashion #gym #gymlife #motivation #ironaddicts #isymfs #FUCKEXCUSES #inzer #leverbelt #transformation #lifting #weights #training #weighttraining

Thanks for my new lever action belt @harrisstabilitysystems
Very prompt delivery and just in time!
#imabiggirlnow #powerlifting
#chickswholift #leverbelt #harrisstabilitysystems

I am DEADLIFT BRAH. It’s been a while since I’ve deadlifted but I slapped on the weights and did 5x5 150kg deadlifts.
I’ve switched from pulling sumo back to pulling conventional.
I even tried hook grip on some sets today. Hopefully, I’ll never use mixed grip again :D. New Inzo Lever Belt too ha #powerlifting #powerlifter #lifting #lifter #deadliftbrah #conventional #sumo #hookgrip #straps #mixedgrip #neveragain #strength #power #freerunner #martialartist #leverbelt #inzer #forever

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