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Since November, when the fate of her family’s health coverage was suddenly up for grabs, Meghan Borland has been consumed by the political debate. She’s gone to protests, met with her congressman, lost sleep, shed tears. The reason: Her 2-year-old, Amelia, is receiving #chemotherapy for #leukemia. The months-old war in Congress over repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act has had more standoffs, stand-downs and bare-knuckled battles than any other legislative fight in recent memory. But for people whose health insurance is at risk, it has brought the anguish of protracted uncertainty. In the fall, Meghan assumed that, as small-business owners, both she and her husband were the family’s vulnerable ones, Amelia’s coverage through Medicaid would be fine, she thought. But big #Medicaid cuts are still on the table. “The way that treatment for a child with cancer goes, you never think about tomorrow,” she said, choking back tears. “You just think about today. Because thinking that she’ll lose coverage is like thinking she’ll relapse. I’ll deal with it when the time comes. That’s a cancer mom’s thinking.” @nathaniel_brooks_photo took this portrait of Meghan and Amelia. Visit the link in our profile to read about some of the people watching the #healthcare debate with dread.

🏁 3.Block 🎗

Auf ein Neues ❣️🔂 Gestern hat jetzt endlich der 2te Versuch gestartet meinen 3.Block Chemotherapie durchzuziehen 💪🏽 Heute früh hatte ich dann gleich eine Knochenmarkspunktion, Morgen steht erneut eine Lumbalpunktion an 💉😴 Sobald ich von der Narkose wach war hatte ich dann die erste Chemo , Jetzt läuft wieder 24 h lang eine zweite, neongrüne Chemoflüssigkeit ☣️🎾 Die Ergebnisse der Knochenmarks-punktion von vor 3 Wochen habe ich heute auch bekommen 😍😍😍 Super Neuigkeiten ,auch mit sehr feinen Methoden konnten sie im Labor keine Krebszellen mehr in meinem Knochenmark finden, Wuhuu !🏆🎉 Das ist natürlich mega gut und vorallem auch ausschlaggebend im Bezug auf die Frage ob bei mir eine Stammzelltherapie ( Knochenmarkstransplantation ) durchgeführt wird . Da man jedoch bei meiner Art Leukämie,der "T-ALL" nur eine Chance hat sie richtig zu behandeln , überlegen wir jetzt gemeinsam mit den Ärzten vielleicht trotzdem eine Transplantation durchzuführen um Das Rückfallrisiko noch geringer zu kriegen 😬 Jedoch ist die Transplantation selbst auch mit vielen Risiken verbunden😔 Sobald die Entscheidung gefallen ist werde ich es auf jeden Fall posten 💌❤️ #cancer #leukemia #chemotherapy #kickingcancersass


Today it's exactly ten years ago that Damon Rossi was diagnosed with childhood cancer.

He was only two years old when he got the life-changing diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on July 26th, 2007.

Damon went through three horrible years full of heartbreak, agony and suffering. The cancer ripped him from his childhood as his days were filled with grueling treatments including chemotherapy and full body radiation.

During his fight with cancer Damon didn't complain once. He loved his nurses and his oncologist so much that he still loved to go to the hospital - even when he knew he would have to endure painful pokes.

Today, Damon is a HEALTHY twelve year old boy that litterally THRIVES! He has a couple of small side effects but there is nothing that can stop him from being the incredible young man he is becoming.

Damon 1 - Cancer 0

#Survivor #ALL #Leukemia #childhoodcancer #pediatriccancer #kidsgetcancertoo #morethan4 #findacure #nationalpriority

This is my 10 month #postchemohair update! I'm saying 10 months because I ended chemo on Aug 3, 2016 👉🏼but since I restarted it, my hair was still falling out until the end of August. I have/had extensions since 7 months post chemo, and there is zero damage. My hair is super thick and growing so long and fast! I know it's the most annoying thing ever when people say "don't worry, your hair will grow back"..but it DOES! And it will (and it will also be a mullet lol) It's okay though, I used to cry every day when it fell out. Now look at it! There is light at the end of the chemo tunnel! 🙏🏼💜👩🏻 #lifeaftercancer #fuckcancerfriday

6/18/17 - Zamora Moon 9
7/2/17 - Darryl Aikens 18
7/11/17 - Sebastian Zavala 3
7/20/17 - Melody Sullivan-Massuk 6
7/25/17 - Ruben Contreras 7

The amount of loss in the span of about a month has been crippling to say the least. The pure heartache, pain, and sorrow I feel is just the beginning but all of the above I witness each family going through adds to the weight, stress, depression and anxiety. October will be 3 years I've been dressing as spiderman for children in need and never has this much death happened all at once. Usually there's a process. A set of motions I go through before I'm soon finding strength in continuing on for the child who's passed but this time its different. I've been knocked down every time I've attempted to stand up. There's been no room to heal. To breathe. To get up. In between each child passing, I've continued to visit Hospitals, homes and schools for others. I've still been the CEO to Heart Of a Hero. I've continued handling what has to be done responsibility wise in my personal life while trying my best to stay fit and eat healthy. Today, I finally feel the weight of it all and I know that this is not just a fight. It's not just a battle. It's more so a WAR. One im at the center of. A brutal and constant dance between good and evil on a spiritual battlefield. So my prayers are simple. I ask for strength to go on. I ask God to take what I'm carrying so that I may proceed on the front lines spreading more light than ever before. 5 kids, 1 month, all cancer. Please lord send angels. I need back up. God bless world. #HeartOfaHero
#Love #Light #prayers #FiveKids #OneMonth #Cancer #PediatricCancerAwareness #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #MoreThan4 #NotGoodbye #SeeYouLater #GiveMeStrength #Tired #Drained #RiseAgain #Triumph #GoodVs.Evil #Faith #Hope #KeepMeStrong #ZamoraMoon #Melody #RubenContreras #DIPG #DarrylAikens #leukemia #Sebastian

Добрый день 🌞
Я знаю многие также как и мы , родители, с замиранием сердца ждали сегодняшних новостей. В костном мозгу бласты не обнаружены. Это маленькая победа. У врачей остаются некоторые вопросы, которые пока что мне толком не озвучивают. И это верно, нужно располагать полностью информацией. Я покорно жду. Ещё один анализ в работе - его результат будет через неделю. Врачам явно наша ситуация кажется не типичной. Пока что они ничего точно не говорят и ждут этот анализ. Мы в своё время очень волнуемся и ждём этих результатов. К сожалению нейтрофилы снова упали. Гемоглобин держится хорошо и тромбы также. Давайте вместе ждать и молить Господа о наилучших возможных новостях для нас и ни в коем случае не о худших. -----------------------------------------------
💳🇺🇦Украина 4731 1856 0132 2446 Приватбанк Половова Анастасия --
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💳🇰🇿 Казахстан 5307 9600 0103 5272 Ежаков Вадим Банк Астаны ИНН 780213303122 --
💳🇮🇩 Польша Александра Сабадаш 52 1160 2202 0000 0002 7495 3643 --
💸Яндекс кошелёк 410011357578314 --
💸Киви +79824164387 --
💸PayPal: PADhome@yandex.ru

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ENG ⬇️Когда родился Глеб,у меня не было абсолютного ощущения,что "дети-это счастье". Было ощущение родного маленького человечка, о котором я хочу заботится. Любовь пришла ко мне,когда ему исполнилось полгода. С каждым днём это чувство росло вместе с Глебом. Конечно,для каждой мамы ее ребёнок "самый-самый". И я не стала исключением. Поэтому описывать,какой Глеб "умный и классный" не буду. Надеюсь,вы в этом не сомневаетесь😀
Как нам сказали в больнице в Уфе, что лейкемию вылечить можно,но вот космонавтом он уже никогда не станет (намекая на здоровье,подорванное на всю жизнь). И я подумала тогда "да к черту,космонавтом...лишь бы жил". Теперь я думаю "а почему бы не космонавтом?" Вопрос про "будет жить" выпал из моей головы окончательно. Эта мелкая мышь с щеками на половину фото настолько любит жизнь,что я бы рекомендовала его фото и видео в качестве терапии всем, кто страдает от депрессии)
А ещё сегодня ему сегодня исполнилось 2 года!❤️ #шаломглеб #деньрождения #2года #leukemia #fightingcancer When Gleb was just born, I did not quite have that "children are happiness” feeling. I only had a notion that now I have my own little person, whom I want to take care of. Love came to me when he turned six months. Every day this feeling kept growing in me, together with Gleb’s growth. Of course, for every mother her child is "the best". And I was no exception. Therefore, I won’t be babbling on how "smart and cool” Gleb is. I hope you don’t doubt it! :)
In the hospital in Ufa we were told that leukemia can be cured, but he can never become an astronaut (hinting at health issues from side effects he would get for life). Back then I thought "to hell with it, an astronaut … just let him live.” But today I wonder "why not an astronaut?" The question “wether he will live” utterly disappeared from my head. This little mouse with cheeks on half of the screen loves life so much that I would recommend his photo and video as a therapy to all who suffer from depression)
And he turned 2 today!

Meet Evan!
At 20 weeks in utero Evan's parents learned he had multiple heart defects, which includes Coarch of the Aorta, Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), and Bicuspid Aortic Valve. At birth Evan had Open Heart Surgery and another at a couple months old.
However in January of 2017, Evan was then diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. He's currently in treatment for that.
We will be making Evan a HeartPack. We have created a Amazon Wishlist of things Evan likes, you can purchase items here:
(Link also in bio)

We also need a donation of $22.50 for Evan's Bear, you can donate to either links:
paypal.me/blankethugs1 • gofundme.com/blankethugs
You can follow Evan's Journey on FB, Fight like Evan. Thank you 💙

Baseball game with these amazing people! Thanks sooo much @llsgreatersac and @rivercats for having us all at the suite! We all had an awesome time, and it was so fun to get out and do some 'normal' things now that these kids' systems are starting to get stronger and healthier by the day!! They are heroes! #crushcancer #superfritz #taylorleesbutterflies #CatchSomeAir .
#rivercats #sacramentoproud #sacramento #baseball #llsgreatersac #LLS #leukemia #leukemiaandlymphomasociety #beatcancer #childhoodcancerresearch #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancerawareness #cancersucks #stupidcancer #beatcancersbutt #happyasahippo #findhope #FindHopeInEverything #itsnotaboutthedestinationitsabouttheadventure


@Regrann from @bobbynuggz_official - Such an inspiring little girl. I always get emotional seeing children go through this. I'm glad she's finding some releaf in this time of need !
Source:http://www.wcsh6.com/mb/news/local/now/cannabis-helps-10-year-old-from-bethel-fight-back-against-leukemia/460277298; #maine #cannabis #children #leukemia #parentsforpot - #regrann

Kapsul ekstrak tenlung MANGGIS + SIRSAK (MS-MAX'S)
khasiat dan kegunaan :
- membantu mengobati tekanan darah tinggi dan penyakit jantung
- membunuh dan mengatasi sel-sel ganas bagi 12 jenis kanker, antara lain :
Kanker otak, kanker payudara, kanker usus, kanker pita suara, kanker serviks, kanker prostat, kanker paru-paru, kanker hati, kanker darah (leukemia)
- menambah kekebalan tubuh, menyingkirkan radikal bebas, mengeringkan sel kanker dan menguatkan stamina penderita agar tubuh tidak lemah
- mengatasi gangguan pernapasan (asma)
- mengatasi dan menyembuhkan asam urat
- mengobati dan mencegah diabetes
- menurunkan kolesterol
Utk pemesanan hubungi kami di ;
Line : haifa_thalib
WhatsApp : 081914749870
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Stiek Uit 🤙🏼. In aid of my 15yr old cuz who moered Leukemia! and now requires a Double Hip Replacement Operation 🙆🏻‍♂️. Come through it's gna be a jol.. Donations welcome 🙏🏼 tickets at the door too. #party #jol #fundraiser #leukemia #cancer #leukemiasucks #donate #family #linkinbio #thanks #love #friends

For all of you who were curious mom is doing amazingly well. Her treatment has been cut in half from eight weeks to four weeks. She has a break week off to see how she does and if she stays this good she is done for good. Thank you for all the love and support I can't even believe how much support my family has gotten. That being said my mom and dad are still having some financial troubles while mom mom is out of work and in recovery. If anyone has any spare change to donate that would be awesome! Every time a donation comes in my mom cries. She can't believe she is so loved. I try to tell her so but it takes something like this to prove it! Thank you guys and here is sooooo mug love back!!! #gofundme #mom #cancer #cancersucks #donate #charity #leukemia #blood #fbf #likeforlike #mom #mother #daughter #losangeles #seattle #nyc #friday #fridaynight #yas #awesome

My dad is looking good today! Took him for a walk outside and got to enjoy the nice weather with him. Been listening to some great stories from his life. This man has the best attitude about life and what he has been dealt. #kickcancersass #superhero #cancersucks #leukemia #acutelymphoblasticleukemia & #acutemyeloidleukemia

The husband is taking his hair cutting game to the next level. Back to being bald and being twinsies lol ❤️💪😊 #husband #nohairnocare #bald #chemo #chemohair #cancer #cancerfighter #love #myjourney #aml #leukemia #round2 #relapse #memories #makethebestofit #❤️

NEVER a dull moment with my side kick! Haircut, shopping, Chinese food, and pool time. #makingmemories #childhoodcancer #leukemia #ihatecancer #ihatechemo

This time tomorrow we'll all have our dancing shoes on!! #truelove #happilyevardafter#leukemia #cancersucks

Such an inspiring little girl. I always get emotional seeing children go through this. I'm glad she's finding some releaf in this time of need !
Source:http://www.wcsh6.com/mb/news/local/now/cannabis-helps-10-year-old-from-bethel-fight-back-against-leukemia/460277298; #maine #cannabis #children #leukemia #parentsforpot

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