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The rest of the last song I posted! Head on over to Youtube for the full version. #jonathanreidgealt #letyourselffall #musicaltheatre #contemporary

"I'm not sure if it's gunna work at all, oh darling don't let me down, but sometimes you gotta let yourself fall." - @kaitlinbutts #letyourselffall 💕🍃

~ You can't fly unless you let yourself fall ~

#letyourselffall #bonjouraparis #upupinthesky

Let the beauty of nature inspire your human spirit
Let the grandeur of this planet change you in a different dimension
Let the nature not be a place you visit, but a home
For many happy trails and youthful wanders
For more than just a vacation
For a permanent solitude
For wilderness, our only natural state of being.
#letyourselfgo #letyourselffall #wilderness #letschangeforthebetter

You Can't Fly Unless You Let Yourself Fall
#jamaica🇯🇲 #LetYourselfFall


I don't have to change things in order to make him stay - I don't have I pretend to be someone I'm not. I can let myself fall - Noelle ♡ #LetYourselfFall by #JessyHarlow
#book #quote


You spend all your life waiting for it to finally start to change, but when it really does?

Well, you'd think you'd actually be prepared.

You work so hard for this one day to come. The day you really start living, when everything finally seems to work out just like you'd imagined it all along.

You plan every single detail and you feel like nothing can stop you. A solution for any problem that might occur.

But you can't be prepared for those little surprises that life has to offer. Things brighter than your sweetest dream and darker than your biggest nightmare.

What I've learned is this: You can be prepared all you want, but there are always things in life you don't see coming! Things that turn your world upside down, make you feel things you've never felt before! They make you question everything and you realize what's really important in life.

You can't be ready!

They'll sweep you right off your feet.

#LetYourselfFall #JessyHarlow #contemporaryromance #books

In a world where love is more of a myth than anything else – I felt like this book has to be written. In a world where everyone thinks they have to change in order to be accepted – I felt like there has to be something that gives hope again.
We are allowed to seek more. We are allowed to think that we deserve better. Allowed to want someone who will love us no matter what – someone who will be on our side no matter what – who will love us with all our flaws and imperfections.
We all deserve more. Never settle for less than you actually deserve.
Be you. Let Yourself Fall. Love will find you.
Their story is not about finding their way to each other – it’s about finding their way back to themselves. #generalfiction #literotica #erotica #JessyHarlow #LetYourselfFall

Just because some rabbit holes are longer than others, doesn't mean you won't get there 🐰🦋🐛 #letyourselffall#trustthejourney

It's ok to not be ok. Accept your feelings. Be gentle with yourself. Remember that you're human. You're not perfect and that's ok. You're special and you're gorgeous. You're enough and you're brave. You're unique and that's awesome. So let it be. ❤️🙏🏼😘 #itsok #tonotbeokay #letyourselffeel #letyourselfgrow #letyourselffall #letyourselfbe #letyourselfgo #letyoursoulspeak #accepit #embraceit #behappy #beyou

When I met him, I already had given up.

The thing is, when even the one person who's supposed to love you and be there for you no matter what, chooses somebody else before you - how are you supposed to trust anyone else?
In the end, when people find something better or they got what they want, they'll leave you.

So I'd thought - until him.

Loving him was as easy as breathing and taking the risk to trust him something I never had to regret.
I showed him my scars and wounds, shared my darkest secrets and he stayed. He didn't give up on me.

He didn't treat me like I'm something that needs to be fixed.
Being with him made me realize something, I don't have to pretend to be someone I am not to make him stay. I could be myself. I could let myself fall.

Damien didn't change me - he brought me back to life. #LetYourselfFall #novel #JessyHarlow #blurb

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