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All set and ready go! #Delhi what have you got for me this #Diwali ?? Hope you are all having a wonderful Diwali so far... look out for another post from me tonight!
#Letyourlightshine #crackerfreediwali #diwali2017 #saynotocrackers #loveandlight
Thanks @shivanikat for letting me raid your wardrobe!

A refined woman has learned about her heart. 💋 She knows the areas where she’s tender, so she can feel more peaceful when they’re touched.

A refined woman knows her strengths + claims them boldly. She sees her weaknesses as places for others to shine in their strengths.

A refined woman dresses joyfully. She isn’t seeking your approval, only her own.

A refined woman doesn’t flush at tripping down the stairs or having food in her teeth. She’s anchored in her true identity, so she can laugh off things that don’t change her core reality as graceful.

A refined woman can apologize easily because her confidence in who she is, makes her occasional missteps bearable.

A refined woman’s friends tell her everything because there isn’t a hint of judgement or competition to make them pause.

A refined woman isn’t quiet, perfect or demur. She’s secure. Whether that’s in her pink hair or body curves, being an introverted thinker or or a badass, in being a mom or choosing not to have children. She’s secure.

And she helps others around her feel the same. Peace begets peace. A rising tide lifts all boats.

So honored to be FEATURED today on @TheRefinedWoman which inspired the reflection above on who I’m seeking to be. 💋 Photo @TheKatHarris

While we’re all a work in progress, what else does or would make you feel refined? 💋 #ElegantExcellence // PS Tag a friend who this reminds you of!

Happy I was able to take the boys to play basketball with my Greenhills group. (Ro and Cole are aspiring to join the varsity team of Xavier and of course I am here to support them completely!) I always tell them that PRACTICE makes PERFECT but never to forget to have fun in everything that they do. •
#Roantookie #Colebucole #Mathaybros #LuceatLux #Letyourlightshine #AMDG #AdMajoremDeiGloriam_ForthegreatergloryofGod

I love my Charlie Timeless Hat from @tinlidhatco! I also love the fact that when you make a purchase from Tinlid, they plant a tree. 🌳🌲

Do you remember that thing you hated as a kid that you love now?
Eating your vegetables? Taking a bath and going to bed early? Getting clothes for Christmas?
Including all of those things, mine was traveling. I hated everything about uprooting myself and dragging my overpacked bags to see a place that was new and uncomfortable.
After even just over a month of staying put, getting back on the road is the greatest cure for the intense #wanderlust I’ve developed over the last year! I will never take living in the greatest city in the world for granted, but these days, not much brings me as much joy as hopping on a plane and heading out to meet new people and see new sights. I’ve traveled to 20 cities in 3 different countries this year, and the best is yet to come! (Stay tuned - #legallyblondeCHINA)
I’m feeling extra grateful today for this life... and that hotel room natural lighting #amiright? 😂 I pray the chances to see this gorgeous world keep on rolling in. You never know what opportunities will come and change what’s important to you in life. Stay open.

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‪HGPACT #70. Senior Retreat group pic. #letyourlightshine


#WhenInSagada #LetYourLightShine #Shine

"You cannot find you're soul with your mind. You must use your heart" - Gary Zukau
Morning sun pouring through the window onto my mat ☀️ I am so thankful to have this space to practice in 🙏🏼
Thought I'd join #HappyYogiHearts as I am feeling pretty good at the moment 💙 and I really need to open my shoulders and work on my #backbends 🌈
Day 1 #tigerpose
SWIPE ⬅️Day 2 #camelpose .
Wearing Arctic Love by @zen_by_sen and @gymmonkee croptop
And on my @genki_yoga Mat 😍
#yogawithlizzie #findyourflowwithlizzie #morningyoga #openheart #yogachallenge #starteachdaywithagratefulheart #yogachick #practicemakesprogress #sunshinesoul .
Enjoy ✌🏻
⏩October 21-31⏪
💠💠💠Join us for 10 glorious days of #HappyYogiHearts focussing on heart openers, backbends and front body stretching. Each host will share their variation with options for all levels so we would love for you to join us!💠💠💠
❣️ @fit_yoga_girl
❣️ @livinleggings
❣️ @lancuks_yoga
❣️ @kellymarie_yoga
Be sure to follow and tag our sponsors for a chance to win:
💓 @onzie
💓 @radhabeauty 💓 @yogisurprise
💓 @ubefit_uk

The list of poses➡
1 - tiger
2 - camel
3 - wild thing
4 - bound 2 leg dog
5 - standing backbend
6 - forearm wheel pose
7 - bow pose
8 - visvamitrasana/flying warrior
9 - dancer pose
10 - hollowback pincha
To take part, repost this flyer, follow all hosts and sponsors and be sure to tag us in your post each day so we can see your posts ☺️

"I'm thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength." It's so awesome that with slowly overcoming trials it has helped me to be the "stronger person" on the inside. Thanking the good Lord for giving me the strength and to persevere to grow. No matter what happens just know that there is always something better to look forward to...! Have a blessed one...! ☺️✨🌟💛#bethebetterperson #overcomestruggles #believeinyourself #growtobethestrongerperson#bleachhairdontcare #newhighlights #feelingbeautiful #letyourlightshine

Wishing you a bright and beautiful Sunday!!! 🙏🏻✨
📷: @the_moondeck

Masterminds 💡🙌🏼 - yesterday I spent the day with some of my mastermind clients - there's nothing like when women come together to share and grow

Masterminds are one of the quickest routes to accelerate your success and one of the core things Napoleon Hill spoke about in Think and Grow Rich when he studied the habits of the most successful and richest people
Would you like to be part of a mastermind? 🌎

Deciding to put the world behind you is easier said than done, but I have come to realize that when you stay consistant with spending time with the One who made you, it dramatically helps you stay focused on following God & His calling for your life.
It is so easy to get all tied up in daily life struggles that it ends up stressing us all out. Forcunetly, you have the ability to chose what you put your focus on. Is it school or work? Appearances? Instagram likes? Or do you chose to put your focus on God and allow Him to fill your life with peace, joy, and love?
I challenge you this week to spend 5-10 minutes each day filling your heart with the amazing things God has called you to be by reading His Word & listening to Him. TAG your 3 besties to encourage them to do it too! ♡♡♡

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